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The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby (Web Novel)


Shao Qing’s only regret in life is that she blindly fell in love with a worthless man. She gave up everything for him, but in exchange was run over by his conniving mistress when she was close to her delivery date. Fortunately, Heaven left her a way. Crimson rain fell from the sky, the end of the world arrived, she resurrected in the morgue and gave birth to a little monster. Turning into a half human, half zombie freak; her son neither human, nor monster; they have no other choice but to rely on zombies’ crystal nuclei to develop their special abilities and continue living. This debt, she’ll definitely repay that cheating couple!

182 • 2019-04-11 05:21:07


The chapter Addition Time
Volume 2 Chapter 17 Part 22020-01-27
Volume 2 Chapter 17 Fleeing for your life2020-01-27
Chapter 110 - Volume 2 Chapter 16.22020-01-27
Volume 2 Chapter 16 Offering a sacrifice to you2020-01-27
Volume 2 Chapter 16 Offering a sacrifice to you2020-01-07
Volume 2 Chapter 152019-12-11
Volume 2 Chapter 14 The clingy seductor has meat to eat2019-12-11
Volume 2 Chapter 14 The clingy seductor has meat to eat2019-12-09
Volume 2 Chapter 13 What a good Seductor2019-12-03
Volume 2 Chapter 13 What a good Seductor2019-11-25
Volume 2 Chapter 12 Living with the mental case2019-11-15
Volume 2 Chapter 12.2 Living with the mental case2019-11-15
Volume 2 Chapter 12 Living with the mental case2019-11-08
Volume 2 Chapter 11 Part 22019-11-03
Volume 2 Chapter 112019-10-24
Volume 2 Chapter 10 She is actually really gentle2019-10-24
PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 10 Part 12019-10-24
Volume 2 Chapter 9 Part 32019-10-24
Volume 2 Chapter 9 Part 22019-10-24
Volume 2 Chapter 9 Part 12019-10-24
Volume 2 Chapter 8 Her Intuition2019-10-24
Volume 2 Chapter 82019-10-24
Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part 22019-10-24
Volume 2 Chapter 7 The Cute Item brought back2019-08-11
Volume 2 Chapter 6 I am a cruel person2019-08-04
Volume 2 Chapter 5 The Consequence of making a mistake2019-07-24
Volume 2 Chapter 4 Giving the good person card2019-07-06
Volume 2 Chapter 3 Cleaning up scum2019-06-25
Volume 2 Chapter 2 Some people just love courting disasters2019-05-28
Volume 2 Chapter 1 Forced Mission, agreeing to support2019-04-22
Chapter 82 Boiling Blood2019-04-16
Chapter 81 Shao Qing’s Tyranny2019-04-11
Chapter 80 The ways to use spiritual energy2019-04-11
Chapter 79: First impression is the most important2019-04-11
Chapter 78 Shao Qing’s discovery2019-04-11
Chapter 77 The First Meeting2019-04-11
Chapter 76 Other bases coming to visit2019-04-11
Chapter 75 The Return Journey2019-04-11
Chapter 74 Two Women2019-04-11
Chapter 73 Dodder2019-04-11
Chapter 72 Beyond Belief2019-04-11
Chapter 71 The sudden unforeseen event2019-04-11
Chapter 70 Her sound2019-04-11
Chapter 69 Withdrawing2019-04-11
Chapter 68 Search2019-04-11
Chapter 67 Penetrating through the mission grounds2019-04-11
Chapter 66 Fusion2019-04-11
Chapter 65 Arriving at the destination and Requesting to join2019-04-11
Chapter 64 Its last wish2019-04-11
Chapter 63 The sudden crisis2019-04-11
Chapter 62 The perfect partner2019-04-11
Chapter 61 Parting Ways2019-04-11
Chapter 60 Accumulated Anger2019-04-11
Chapter 59 Forming a grudge2019-04-11
Chapter 58 To reach a consensus2019-04-11
Chapter 57 The name creating cripple’s tragedy2019-04-11
Chapter 56 Successfully joining2019-04-11
Chapter 55 Adorkable2019-04-11
Chapter 54 To come to an end of a phase2019-04-11
Chapter 53 Shao Qing’s Guess2019-04-11
Chapter 52 The strange curiosity2019-04-11
Chapter 51 Relatives coming to one’s door2019-04-11
Chapter 50 Destination2019-04-11
Chapter 49 Yan Hanqing wakes up2019-04-11
Chapter 48 The Last Tender Request2019-04-11
Chapter 47 Accumulated wrath2019-04-11
Chapter 46 Revealed Identities2019-04-11
Chapter 45 The Challenging Counterattack2019-04-11
Chapter 44 Monster2019-04-11
Chapter 43 Survivor2019-04-11
Chapter 42 The base that disappeared2019-04-11
Chapter 41 The Breached Base2019-04-11
Chapter 40 The Bizarre Zombie2019-04-11
Chapter 39 Zombies besieging the city2019-04-11
Chapter 38 Bad luck2019-04-11
Chapter 37 Sudden Change2019-04-11
Chapter 36 Full moon?2019-04-11
Chapter 35 Exchange Market2019-04-11
Chapter 34 He is a Siberian Tiger2019-04-11
Chapter 33 A woman’s sorrow2019-04-11
Chapter 32 The New Base2019-04-11
Chapter 31 My cousin2019-04-11
Chapter 30 The Adorkable Er Dai2019-04-11
Chapter 29 Critical Moment2019-04-11
Chapter 28 Zombie Wave2019-04-11
Chapter 27 The Ruthless Road Bandit2019-04-11
Chapter 26 Killing Li Jing2019-04-11
Chapter 25 Please conceal your revealed aggression2019-04-11
Chapter 24 Revenge2019-04-11
Chapter 23 The Debt you owe will be repaid with your life2019-04-11
Chapter 22 Returning to the base2019-04-11
Chapter 21 Advancing in Rank2019-04-11
Chapter 20: Man Eating Flower2019-04-11
Chapter 19: Man Eat Man2019-04-11
Chapter 18: Changed into a zombie2019-04-11
Chapter 17: Strange2019-04-11
Chapter 16: Survivor2019-04-11
Chapter 15: Zombie Variation2019-04-11
Chapter 14 First Investigation2019-04-11
Chapter 13: Good natured man2019-04-11