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The Fantastic Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 231 Zisha’s Parents

Chapter 231 Zisha’s Parents

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She came to her sense in a short while. A happy expression appeared on her face. Judging from Wang Feng’s words, she knew these two must be suckers.

Coming across this kind of people, if she didn’t overcharge, it would be inferior to her present occupation.

Soon she introduced some offices to Wang Feng and Gu Ping eagerly. Her attitude was a few times better than before. She was very passionate.

“Mr. President and Mrs. President, why are you both coming here?” A respectful voice came from the door of the sales department at this moment. Then Wang Feng turned around and saw two well-dressed people coming from outside.

Both of them were in a middle age. The man looked ordinary while the woman was very beautiful. She looked so young and was in a great shape.

If people didn’t know, they might think her as a twenty-year-old girl.

But Wang Feng smiled bitterly, looking at this woman. Because this woman looked like Zisha very much. He could be sure that these two were Zisha’s parents.

No wonder Zisha was so beautiful. She had such a beautiful mother and she was born with a good gene.

“Are they Zisha’s parents?” Gu Ping asked inquiringly at this moment. He knew Zisha was not from Zhu Hai City. But who would think they met a middle-aged beautiful woman looking like Zisha here? He had to think like this.

“Big brother, it’s enough that we know it in our mind. Zisha ran away from her home. We’d better not meddle.” Wang Feng opened his mouth and he didn’t want to tell these two people about Zisha.

Zisha was his woman now. If he told them about her, who knew if they would separate him from Zisha or not?

Besides, Wang Feng was with two women now. This was his biggest concern.

Three people could live together and could live together for their whole life. But Wang Feng needed to marry one of them sooner or later. Because this was an unavoidable thing that he couldn’t escape.

But he had two women now. Who should he marry? The law of Celestial Empire only allowed monogamy, which meant one of them had to be with him without a title.

Every time thinking about this, Wang Feng was very torn in his mind. The law was bullsh*t.

It couldn’t be compared with foreign countries absolutely.

“You guys just do your things. We just want to see how the sales situation is going.” That middle-aged man said in a calm tone. It was obvious that he had experienced a lot.

But to their surprise, the couple should go towards them. Luckily, they went pass by them directly and they didn’t know them.

“How is the sales situation of our buildings going?” The couple asked the sales lady behind Wang Feng at this moment.

“Mr. President, there are still many empty floors because of our high price. But don’t worry. Our location is good. We definitely can sell them all.” The sales lady said with confidence.

Although Qiong Yao City was not a real international city, it was very close. Besides, these buildings located in the center of the city. So, it was impossible that these buildings couldn’t be sold out.

“If the customers think the price is too high, we can adjust the percent point properly. We don’t lack that little money.” The middle-aged man said with a calm face.

“Ok, I understand.” The sales lady nodded with a sweet smile.

Mr. President rarely came here. Who knew what made him come today? If she could make a deep impression on him, it would be good for her development in the future.

“Ok, you just go back to work. We will look around.” Zi Shaoming said in a low voice. Then he was about to see other buildings with his wife.

But the sales lady stopped him before he left. Then she whispered a word in his ear.

Although they were a little far away from him, Wang Feng still heard what the lady said with his good hearing. She told Zi Shaoming that he was looking for their Young Miss.

She sold them out in front of them. It was truly awful.

Wang Feng was not happy in his mind. But he didn’t say anything. Even the look on his face didn’t change. Since he didn’t do anything wrong, he was not afraid of any gossip.

“Which floor does this gentleman like? The price is fully negotiable.” Zi Shaoming turned around and said to Wang Feng with a bright smile.

If people didn’t know, they would think he really wanted to sell the buildings. But Wang Feng knew that he wanted to snoop something from him.

How could they force their daughter to marry someone? Wang Feng also wanted to see how they really were on earth.

“Sorry, for some reasons I don’t want to see your buildings anymore. Goodbye.” After saying that, Wang Feng turned around and left, which made Zi Shaoming’s attitude become cold.

“Stop!” Zi Shaoming shouted, which drew a lot of attention nearby.

“Sir, I want to ask you about something. Of course, if your answer pleases me, I am willing to give you one floor for free.” It seemed that Zi Shaoming felt his tone might be a little bad. So he added in a hurry.

Their daughter had left home for a few months. They almost went through every day in suffering. Zisha was their only child. If they had known that forcing her to marry someone would drive her away, they wouldn’t have dared to do that.

That she married someone else would promote the development of Zi Qiao Industry. But now they didn’t know where their daughter was. What good was it for them to earn more money?

Ultimately, they would be dead someday. After their death, Zisha would have all their money. So, their daughter was more important than business in his mind.

If their daughter could come back, they would not have the slightest complaint to give up all they had.

“Are you serious?” Hearing what Zi Shaoming said, Wang Feng was a little surprised. The price of an office building floor would be more than tens of millions. They should be willing to give him one floor for free just to ask him for some information. It turned out that Zisha was very important to them in their mind.

“What do you want to know?” Wang Feng said. He was in no hurry to go now.

If this man chose the hard way, Wang Feng would leave, no matter what he said. He was the person who could be persuaded by reason, but not be cowed by force.

Even if the securities at the door rushed to him, he could knock them down in seconds with his ability. Nobody could stop him.

“Let’s go to the office and have a talk.” Zi Shaoming said and made a gesture.

Seeing this scene, the informant sales lady’s eyes were wide open. She had thought Mr. President would deal with Wang Feng, and she could never think it would be like this.

She seemed to overreach herself. Thinking about this, she regretted deeply.

“Sir, what’s your relationship with my daughter?”

“Oh, let me introduce myself first. My name is Zi Shaoming. I’m the president of Zi Qiao Industry. The one sitting beside me is my wife.”

“My name is Wang Feng.” They were all polite so that Wang Feng had to behave well. He made a simple self-introduction. Then he said slowly. “My relationship with your daughter is my privacy. I’m sorry I can’t tell you. But I seem to have heard that your daughter was driven away by yourselves. Is it true?”

“Alas.” Hearing what Wang Feng said, the couple sighed continuously. They didn’t think their daughter would run away. Although Zisha was naughty, she had gone for a few months without any information. It was normal for them to worry.

Hearing what Wang Feng said, they regretted in their hearts. But they believed that this young man in front of them might really know where their daughter was.

“It’s true that she was driven away by us. However, after such a long time, we have already regretted it. If we had known she would run away, we wouldn’t have dared to do that. It is all our fault. Alas!” Zi Shaoming sighed and said.

He had no stateliness at this moment. All he had was the concern of a normal father to his daughter. Their daughter had always been their treasure. They adored her a lot since she was little. They were afraid that she got even a little hurt outside.

Because of this kind of reason, their daughter was naughty since she was a kid. Therefore she could do such thing like running away for a few months without coming back.

Talking about this, it was them who pushed Zisha too hard. They didn’t teach her well. If they had known that she didn’t want to get marry, they wouldn’t have arranged this marriage.

Now they couldn’t keep their promise to others. Even they didn’t know where their daughter was.

They had almost searched everywhere in Qiong Yao City. There was no information about Zisha. Even the police couldn’t find her. It seemed that she disappeared from the world.

If Zisha didn’t ask them for money last time, they nearly thought if something bad happened to their daughter.

“That is your problem. You forced her to do something she didn’t want to. If I were her, I would leave, too.” Wang Feng said. He didn’t take it easy on them at all.

“We have recognized our mistakes. If you know some information about our daughter, please tell us. We worry about her and miss her very much.” Zisha’s mother said at this moment, with a worried face.

Of course, Wang Feng could tell at a glance if they were truly worried about their daughter or not. Although Wang Feng hated arranged marriage which the last generation did, they did it for their daughter’s sake. Besides, Wang Feng could believe that they really realized their mistake. So after groaning silently for a while, he said slowly. “To be honest, I won’t tell you where your daughter is because of her. But I can make a call to her for you.”

Wang Feng took out his phone while saying. Anyhow, these two people in front of him were Zisha’s parents. Zisha couldn’t hide herself from them forever. Wang Feng would like them to amend their relationship if possible.

Parents were the dearest people in this world as a child. As an old saying went, there is no hate which can’t be forgotten. Besides the issue between them was not the hate.

“Thank you.” Hearing that Wang Feng would make a call for them, the couple of Zi Shaoming were very excited.

The phone number hadn’t been out of service since Zisha called them to ask for money last time. Apparently, no one used that number.

So since then, they couldn’t get in touch with their daughter anymore. And they didn’t know where she was.

Although they couldn’t see their daughter, it would be a huge consolation for them to hear her voice.

Because they would be at ease if they knew their daughter was safe.

Zisha’s sweet voice came from the phone when the call was put through. “Husband, why do you call me in a sudden? Do you miss me?”

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