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The Favored Son of Heaven (Web Novel)






Action Martial Arts Sci-fi Xuanhuan

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Qin Fen had once been abandoned and broken until, one day, he picked up a liquid metal ball that turned his life upside down.
This is the interplanetary era where Classical and Modern Wushu are competing. Classical Wushu enables followers to grow as powerful as dragons and elephants, whereas Modern Wushu enables followers to freeze monsters or even extinguish erupting volcanoes.
Qin Fen steps onto the stage of both Classical and Modern Wushu while belonging to neither. With the exquisite combination of both Classical Wushu and modern technology, he will pave a way to become a legend.
He is one of a kind, a favored son of heaven.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 564: The Truth – Part 22020-05-27
Chapter 563: The Truth – Part 12020-05-26
Chapter 562: Mutual Defeat2020-05-25
Chapter 561: Super Genius2020-05-24
Chapter 560: Sensational in the Federation2020-05-23
Chapter 559: Tathagata Takes Action2020-05-22
Chapter 558: World Famous2020-05-21
Chapter 557: Terrorist King2020-05-20
Chapter 556: Unique Style2020-05-19
Chapter 555: True Purity2020-05-17
Chapter 554: The Rise of the Killing Intent2020-05-16
Chapter 553: Miss Fiery2020-05-16
Chapter 552: Sky-Piercing Standing Cannon2020-05-15
Chapter 551: Together We Grow2020-05-15
Chapter 550: Stupid Guardian2020-05-14
Chapter 549: Endless Carefreeness2020-05-14
Chapter 548: Ordinary People Are Not Ordinary2020-05-13
Chapter 547: Unable to be Friends2020-05-13
Chapter 546: Weird Founding Society2020-05-12
Chapter 545: Ultimately Powerful2020-05-12
Chapter 544: Deceptions2020-05-11
Chapter 543: Gratitude and Hatred2020-05-11
Chapter 542: The Best Candidate2020-05-10
Chapter 541: Hope, Mystery, Ensemble of Heroes2020-05-10
Chapter 540: The Furthest Distance in the World2020-05-09
Chapter 539: The Devil Gentleman2020-05-09
Chapter 538: Accident2020-05-08
Chapter 537: Clean Punch2020-05-07
Chapter 536: Invincible2020-05-07
Chapter 535: A Sigh and Everything Goes Silent!2020-05-06
Chapter 534: Taking Out Secret Arts One After Another!2020-05-05
Chapter 533: One in Three Hundred Billion2020-05-03
Chapter 532: Beheaded!2020-05-02
Chapter 531: Optimus2020-05-01
Chapter 530: Invincible2020-04-30
Chapter 529: Powerful2020-04-30
Chapter 528: All Eight of You Immortals Can Come At Me Together2020-04-29
Chapter 527: Instant Kill2020-04-29
Chapter 526: Cut Into Pieces2020-04-28
Chapter 525: Battle Mortality Rate2020-04-28
Chapter 524: Gathering of Experts in the Cemetery2020-04-27
Chapter 523: Surprise Attack in the Cemetery2020-04-27
Chapter 522: Brewing Storm2020-04-27
Chapter 521: New Energy Source! New Metal!2020-04-27
Chapter 520: Fierce Dragon Crosses the River2020-04-27
Chapter 519: Inferno Yaksha2020-04-24
Chapter 518: Arrogance2020-04-24
Chapter 517: Great Dragon; Local Tyrant2020-04-23
Chapter 516: Enter Saturn2020-04-23
Chapter 515: Entering Ground Aura Shield2020-04-22
Chapter 514: Lonely Fist; Invincible Loneliness2020-04-22
Chapter 513: Breakthrough toward Ground Aura Shield2020-04-21
Chapter 512: The World Under My Feet! Qin Fen’s Strength Has Peaked!2020-04-20
Chapter 511: Super Godfather2020-04-19
Chapter 510: Touch of a New Life! Blissfulness2020-04-19
Chapter 509: The Battle of Qin Fen and Xue Tian2020-04-18
Chapter 508: Arhat Worships Buddha! Thousands Buddha Greets! Clear as Ice and Pure as Jade!2020-04-18
Chapter 507: Step Aside2020-04-17
Chapter 506: Elysium’s Invitation2020-04-17
Chapter 505: Gang War After Half a Year2020-04-16
Chapter 504: Strong Rise2020-04-15
Chapter 503: Going Separate Ways2020-04-14
Chapter 502: Hunting (End)2020-04-13
Chapter 501: Hunting (Part 5)2020-04-12
Chapter 500: Hunting (Part 4)2020-04-11
Chapter 499: Hunting (Part 3)2020-04-11
Chapter 498: Hunting (Part 2)2020-04-10
Chapter 497: Hunting (Part 1)2020-04-10
Chapter 496: Crazy Like Tiger When Heart-broken2020-04-09
Chapter 495: Beat Them Up Till They Cried2020-04-09
Chapter 494: Howling Wind and Torrential Rain2020-04-08
Chapter 493: Tyrant Fist – Du Zun2020-04-08
Chapter 492: Madness. Unexpected Result.2020-04-07
Chapter 491: It Looked Beautiful, but in Reality…2020-04-07
Chapter 490: Only I Could Kill, No One Could Kill Me.2020-04-07
Chapter 489: True Madman2020-04-05
Chapter 488: A Formidable Person? Formidable Madman?2020-04-05
Chapter 487: Not Everyone Can Sit on this Chair2020-04-04
Chapter 486: Never Compromise! Audacious to the Extreme!2020-04-04
Chapter 485: Gaining the Initiative2020-04-03
Chapter 484: A Man’s Decisiveness2020-04-03
Chapter 483: Forward, Forward, Forward!2020-04-02
Chapter 482: Conquer the Whole World (D)2020-04-01
Chapter 481: Conquer the Whole World (C)2020-03-31
Chapter 480: Conquer the Whole World (B)2020-03-31
Chapter 479: Conquer the Whole World (A)2020-03-31
Chapter 478: One Must Not Forget His Origin2020-03-29
Chapter 477: Don’t Worship Me Like an Idol, Anyone Can Become a Legend2020-03-28
Chapter 476: A Familiar Name Triggering a Great Fortune2020-03-28
Chapter 475: Striking at the Roots2020-03-26
Chapter 474: Another Test2020-03-25
Chapter 473: Setting a Precedent! Meeting That Girl Again!2020-03-25
Chapter 472: First Test, Glorious Tradition, Chop Off Your Dick If You Are So Capable2020-03-24
Chapter 471: Secret Weapon2020-03-24
Chapter 470: As Easy As Killing Ants2020-03-23
Chapter 469: Wipeout! Annihilation!2020-03-23
Chapter 468: Elopement2020-03-22
Chapter 467: In A Mere Single Move!2020-03-22
Chapter 466: Furinkazan2020-03-21
Chapter 465: The Unity of Man and Nature; Entering the Sixteen-star Level!2020-03-21