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The Favored Son of Heaven (Web Novel)






Action Martial Arts Sci-fi Xuanhuan

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Qin Fen had once been abandoned and broken until, one day, he picked up a liquid metal ball that turned his life upside down.
This is the interplanetary era where Classical and Modern Wushu are competing. Classical Wushu enables followers to grow as powerful as dragons and elephants, whereas Modern Wushu enables followers to freeze monsters or even extinguish erupting volcanoes.
Qin Fen steps onto the stage of both Classical and Modern Wushu while belonging to neither. With the exquisite combination of both Classical Wushu and modern technology, he will pave a way to become a legend.
He is one of a kind, a favored son of heaven.

42 • 2019-09-07 09:26:11


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 122: A Wild Gang and the Roar of Heavy Metal2019-09-07
Chapter 121: Flirting Above the Concert—a Beautiful Female Sniper Appears2019-09-07
Chapter 120: Call for Heroes2019-09-07
Chapter 119: Busted Tooting One’s Horn2019-09-07
Chapter 118: Shocking Discerning Ability2019-09-07
Chapter 117: Conquer Her, and Listen to Her Pant as She Yells ‘Master’2019-09-07
Chapter 116: Attack of the Scimitar—Child Soldiers2019-09-07
Chapter 115: Status Is Also a Type of Strength—Fiancée2019-09-07
Chapter 114: The New Direction for the Ultimate Skill—Heightening2019-09-07
Chapter 113: New Ultimate Skill from the Vile King2019-09-07
Chapter 112: Qin Fen’s Impulse2019-09-07
Chapter 111: How Did the Rookie Qin Fen Prevail over the Sage of Love?2019-09-07
Chapter 110: A Victorious Return2019-09-07
Chapter 109: I Must Declare That I’m Really No Robber2019-09-07
Chapter 108: A Battle That Didn’t Even Last a Second2019-09-07
Chapter 107: The Most Humiliating Way to Die2019-09-07
Chapter 106: Challenge from the Champions2019-09-07
Chapter 105: Not Letting Any Chance Go2019-09-07
Chapter 104: Anything Qin Fen Uses Is Shocking2019-09-07
Chapter 103: An Unexpected Encounter2019-09-07
Chapter 102: People Must Have Dreams!2019-09-07
Chapter 101: The Final Gun’s Unleashed Might2019-09-07
Chapter 100: The Biochemical Beast’s Superpower2019-09-07
Chapter 99: Blood-Filled Slaughter2019-09-07
Chapter 98: The Four-Star Defeats the Five-Star2019-09-07
Chapter 97: One Palm Four Styles!2019-09-07
Chapter 96: A Show of Strength and a Counter Show of Strength2019-09-07
Chapter 95: Crazy Special Training2019-09-07
Chapter 94: The Dragon Hall of Hell and the Sect-Challenge!2019-09-07
Chapter 93: A Fight Between Two of the Strongest2019-09-07
Chapter 92: A True Expert of an Opponent, Possessing a Battle Record of a Hundred and Thirty Two Wins out of a Hundred and Thirty Two Battles2019-09-07
Chapter 91: An Attack That Shocks the Soul2019-09-07
Chapter 90: The First Fight to Start the Dragon Hall Sect2019-09-07
Chapter 89: The Mysterious Azure Dragon and an Odd Oath2019-09-07
Chapter 88: Establishing a Sect2019-09-07
Chapter 87: Finishing Move—Skyfall2019-09-07
Chapter 86: A Challenge from a Neo Sumo Wrestler2019-09-07
Chapter 85: Biochemical Beast2019-09-07
Chapter 84: The Heart for Battle Awakens2019-09-07
Chapter 83: A Proud Dragon and a Fierce Tiger2019-09-07
Chapter 82: A Fury That Surges the Sky, Turning to a Desire to do Battle2019-09-07
Chapter 81: Unyielding Spirits!2019-09-07
Chapter 80: Breaking Through to Four-Star2019-09-07
Chapter 79: Qin Fen’s More of a Monster Than Qin Zhan2019-09-07
Chapter 78: The Results of Squad Leader Hao’s Special Training2019-09-07
Chapter 77: A Super Nutritious Meal2019-09-07
Chapter 76: First Encounter with Park Jong-Hwan2019-09-07
Chapter 75: Increased Training2019-09-07
Chapter 74: Big… Big… Big Sister…..2019-09-07
Chapter 73: Sister-In-Law2019-09-07
Chapter 72: Miss Crazy2019-09-07
Chapter 71: Squad Leader Hao’s Ultimate Skill2019-09-07
Chapter 70: Metal Storm2019-09-07
Chapter 69: I’m Sorry, I Have a Girlfriend2019-09-07
Chapter 68: A Super Master2019-09-07
Chapter 67: Too Simple2019-09-07
Chapter 66: Pay up If You Want to Fight, This Is My Principle2019-09-07
Chapter 65: One Versus Ten2019-09-07
Chapter 64: Hunting First Place2019-09-07
Chapter 63: A Bet Between the Top Ten2019-09-07
Chapter 62: Entering the Top Ten2019-09-07
Chapter 61: Addictive Battles in the Wargod Arena2019-09-07
Chapter 60: Got the Wrong Person2019-09-07
Chapter 59: Trash Squadron2019-09-07
Chapter 58: Might of the Raging Tide2019-09-07
Chapter 57: Another Fight With Butcher2019-09-07
Chapter 56: The Vile King2019-09-07
Chapter 55: Gunner Senses2019-09-07
Chapter 54: Gun King’s Instruction2019-09-07
Chapter 53: A Tangled Mess2019-09-07
Chapter 52: Lord Turbulence2019-09-07
Chapter 51: Limit Codex (Part 2/2)2019-09-07
Chapter 50: Limit Codex (Part 1/2)2019-09-07
Chapter 49: Something Unexpected Brought About By A Tiger Roar2019-09-07
Chapter 48: The All-Rounder Super Recruit2019-09-07
Chapter 47: The Gun Freak2019-09-07
Chapter 46: The Butcher2019-09-07
Chapter 45: Qin Fen’s No Idiot2019-09-07
Chapter 44: The Company Commander’s Reaction to the Fight2019-09-07
Chapter 43: Disciple of the Autonomous State of Korea’s Number One Martial God2019-09-07
Chapter 42: Contention in the Canteen2019-09-07
Chapter 41: The Entire Squad Goes Mad2019-09-07
Chapter 40: You Carry Him, Then I Carry Him!2019-09-07
Chapter 39: Last Place and First Place2019-09-07
Chapter 38: Aerial Combat King2019-09-07
Chapter 37: Information About Brother2019-09-07
Chapter 36: A Rookie Turned Killer2019-09-07
Chapter 35: First Time Flying an Aircraft2019-09-07
Chapter 34: A Bed Problem2019-09-07
Chapter 33: A Show of Strength (Part 3/3)2019-09-07
Chapter 32: A Show of Strength (Part 2/3)2019-09-07
Chapter 31: A Show of Strength (Part 1/3)2019-09-07
Chapter 30: A Toast to Our Friendship!2019-09-07
Chapter 29: Gift (Part 2/2)2019-09-07
Chapter 28: Gift (Part 1/2)2019-09-07
Chapter 27: Empathetic (2)2019-09-07
Chapter 26: Empathetic2019-09-07
Chapter 25: Girlfriend2019-09-07
Chapter 24: A Secret Crush2019-09-07
Chapter 23: Invincible Among Two-Stars2019-09-07