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The First Order (Web Novel)




Action Fantasy Mature Sci-fi

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This is a brand new story.

Survive the darkness, see the light

There is no right or wrong, it just depends on which side you are standing on.

To be a god, or to be a man.

To be good, or to be evil.

Just what is…the highest order of weapon that humanity has?


After a great catastrophe struck, the world was set back many years and humanity started living in anarchy.

With time, society started building up again and people were now living in walled strongholds and fringe towns across the land.

Humans have also become distrustful and ruthless in an unforgiving society where the strong survive and the weak are eliminated.

Growing up in such an era, Ren Xiaosu had to fend for himself.

After an incident, he gained supernatural powers…

785 • 2019-11-11 19:40:14


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 534 Doctor of the black marke2020-09-18
Chapter 533 A dark and stormy nigh2020-09-17
Chapter 532 Pyro and Riders2020-09-16
Chapter 531 Dawn of a mutation2020-09-15
Chapter 530 The disappearing Experimentals2020-09-14
Chapter 529 - Savior2020-09-13
Chapter 528 - Catfigh2020-09-13
Chapter 527 An accident in the wilderness2020-09-12
Chapter 526 Forcefully stealing a mission2020-09-12
Chapter 525 A new A-rank mission2020-09-11
Chapter 524 Setting off2020-09-10
Chapter 523 - A knock on the door at nigh2020-09-09
Chapter 522 Gaudy2020-09-08
Chapter 521 - An arrogant employer2020-09-07
Chapter 520 A pack of lies2020-09-07
Chapter 519 The wild world2020-09-06
Chapter 518 Rich overnigh2020-09-05
Chapter 517 The world outside2020-09-05
Chapter 516 Master, let“s call it a day2020-09-04
Chapter 515 Kidnapping2020-09-03
Chapter 514 Uninvited guest2020-09-02
Chapter 513 At least one of them is single2020-09-02
Chapter 512 - Zhou Yingxue“s superpower advancemen2020-08-31
Chapter 511 Luo Lan“s new friend2020-08-31
Chapter 510 Don“t worry, I“ll definitely be there2020-08-30
Chapter 509 No, you must leave!2020-08-29
Chapter 508 The informan2020-08-29
Chapter 507 Master, save me!2020-08-28
Chapter 506 To shoot or no2020-08-27
Chapter 505 - Liberation Park2020-08-26
Chapter 504 - A black swan even2020-08-25
Chapter 503 - Stirring up the biggest trouble in Stronghold 732020-08-24
Chapter 502 Zhou Yingxue“s suppressive fire2020-08-23
Chapter 501 80/20 spli2020-08-23
Chapter 500 - Revenge2020-08-22
Chapter 499 Ren Xiaosu“s problem-solving method2020-08-22
Chapter 498 - A new mission2020-08-21
Chapter 497 Social Learning class2020-08-20
Chapter 496 The Riders organization2020-08-19
Chapter 495 - The guy I like has never led a pampered life2020-08-18
Chapter 494 A new world2020-08-17
Chapter 493 Hostage and railroad2020-08-16
Chapter 492 Black marke2020-08-16
Chapter 491 The girl I like is much prettier than you2020-08-15
Chapter 490 The mystery of the mission assignments2020-08-15
Chapter 489 Reacquainted with Zhou Yingxue!2020-08-14
Chapter 488 Inclined towards certain subjects2020-08-13
Chapter 487 - A mysterious hitman2020-08-12
Chapter 486 Leaving with a flick of his robes after the deed is done, / Deeply hiding his glory and fame.2020-08-11
Chapter 485 No more running!2020-08-10
Chapter 484 Breaking free from fate!2020-08-09
Chapter 483 What“s with the posturing?2020-08-09
Chapter 482 - The more chaotic, the merrier2020-08-08
Chapter 481 - A-rank mission2020-08-08
Chapter 480 The boss2020-08-07
Chapter 479 The paper crane appears again2020-08-06
Chapter 478 - Path of the Hitman  2020-08-06
Chapter 477 - First come, first served  2020-08-06
Chapter 476 Please don“t send pictures of lamb stew again2020-08-06
Chapter 475 - Lamb stew  2020-08-06
Chapter 474 - A cell phone  2020-08-06
Chapter 473 - Listener  2020-08-06
Chapter 472 - Robbery  2020-08-06
Chapter 471 - White paper crane2020-07-31
Chapter 470 The Anjing House2020-07-30
Chapter 469 Alliance2020-07-30
Chapter 468 - Zong Ying“s death  2020-07-29
Chapter 467 - Zong Cheng“s death  2020-07-29
Chapter 466 - Total strength: 184, present strength: 1832020-07-29
Chapter 465 - Tears of humiliation2020-07-29
Chapter 464 - A surprise attack by the armored brigade  2020-07-29
Chapter 464 - A surprise attack by the armored brigade  2020-07-29
Chapter 463 - Comrades  2020-07-29
Chapter 462 - A surprise attack  2020-07-29
Chapter 461 A spent force2020-07-23
Chapter 460 Proxy murder2020-07-23
Chapter 459 - Destroying the formation2020-07-21
Chapter 458 Killing spree2020-07-20
Chapter 457 - Restoring the armor2020-07-20
Chapter 456 - Breakthrough!2020-07-20
Chapter 456 - Breakthrough!2020-07-20
Chapter 455 - Sneaking into the Zong Consortium“s military base2020-07-20
Chapter 455 - Sneaking into the Zong Consortium“s military base2020-07-20
Chapter 454 - I can“t say2020-07-20
Chapter 453 - A potential estrangemen2020-07-20
Chapter 452 - Strategies revealed!2020-07-20
Chapter 451 The spy in the sewers2020-07-19
Chapter 450 A citywide search!2020-07-19
Chapter 449 A spy in Fortress 1782020-07-18
Chapter 448 A bloody calamity2020-07-18
Chapter 447 The fortune teller2020-07-17
Chapter 446 Lone operation2020-07-16
Chapter 445 A precarious situation2020-07-16
Chapter 444 The Zong Consortium’s plans2020-07-15
Chapter 443 Raiding Stronghold 144!2020-07-15
Chapter 442 The deputy regimental commander helps clear things up2020-07-13
Chapter 441 Idiotic2020-07-12
Chapter 440 Are you a sore loser?!2020-07-12
Chapter 439 A brief reorganization2020-07-11
Chapter 438 The deputy commander makes a run for it2020-07-11
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