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The First Order (Web Novel)




Action Fantasy Mature Sci-fi

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This is a brand new story.

Survive the darkness, see the light

There is no right or wrong, it just depends on which side you are standing on.

To be a god, or to be a man.

To be good, or to be evil.

Just what is…the highest order of weapon that humanity has?


After a great catastrophe struck, the world was set back many years and humanity started living in anarchy.

With time, society started building up again and people were now living in walled strongholds and fringe towns across the land.

Humans have also become distrustful and ruthless in an unforgiving society where the strong survive and the weak are eliminated.

Growing up in such an era, Ren Xiaosu had to fend for himself.

After an incident, he gained supernatural powers…

195 • 2019-11-11 19:40:14


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 210 Trade complete2020-02-24
Chapter 209 Returning the favor2020-02-24
Chapter 208 Don’t believe in superstitions2020-02-24
Chapter 207 Birth of the Lord of Wolves2020-02-23
Chapter 206 Middle of nowhere2020-02-23
Chapter 205 The outpost’s new recruit, Ren Xiaosu2020-02-22
Chapter 204 Master, don’t get too upset2020-02-21
Chapter 203 Exemption from military service2020-02-21
Chapter 202 The Li Consortium’s army2020-02-21
Chapter 201 Escapees form cliques2020-02-21
Chapter 200 It wasn’t my fault2020-02-21
Chapter 199 Jiang Wu turns superhuman!2020-02-19
Chapter 198 The escapees attempt robbery2020-02-17
Chapter 197 The Wolf King’s act of goodwill2020-02-17
Chapter 196 Stealing bicycles2020-02-16
Chapter 195 Respect the old and care for the young2020-02-16
Chapter 194 Zixia2020-02-16
Chapter 193 Parting ways2020-02-16
Chapter 192 I’m giving you an out2020-02-16
Chapter 191 Look at how big and round this cauldron is2020-02-16
Chapter 190 The Mountain Obliterator2020-02-16
Chapter 189 The gratitude tokens that disappeared2020-02-16
Chapter 188 Experimentals in the sewers2020-02-16
Chapter 187 I’ll carry you2020-02-16
Chapter 186: An unfinished quest2020-02-16
Chapter 185: Exposing each other2020-02-16
Chapter 184: Rescuing Yang Xiaojin2020-02-14
Chapter 183: Running out of time!2020-02-13
Chapter 182: Against the current2020-02-13
Chapter 181: Wait for me2020-02-12
Chapter 180: They’re all guilty2020-02-11
Chapter 179: The ratlike Qing Consortium2020-02-11
Chapter 178: Li Shentan’s present2020-02-10
Chapter 177: New neighbor, Yang Xiaojin2020-02-09
Chapter 176: Getting ready to flee2020-02-09
Chapter 175: A new item in the palace!2020-02-08
Chapter 174: Qing Zhen’s defection2020-02-08
Chapter 173: The disappearing Experimentals2020-02-07
Chapter 172: Rules of the wilderness!2020-02-06
Chapter 171: There’s no such place as Heaven in this world2020-02-06
Chapter 170: Straight-A student, Yang Xiaojin2020-02-05
Chapter 169: Reforming Dong Funan2020-02-04
Chapter 168: Gaining a new understanding of Ren Xiaosu2020-02-04
Chapter 167: Dead end2020-02-04
Chapter 166: The price of freedom2020-02-02
Chapter 165: Ren Xiaosu, you’re a good guy2020-02-02
Chapter 164: The Qing Consortium is too petty!2020-02-01
Chapter 163: A series of strange happenings2020-02-01
Chapter 162: Rebuilding Stronghold 1132020-01-31
Chapter 161: Li Shentan, the abandoned son of the Li Consortium2020-01-30
Chapter 160: Tiger and pig2020-01-30
Chapter 159: Hypnosis2020-01-29
Chapter 158: Three battles with the White Bone Specter2020-01-28
Chapter 157: Dong Funan has issues!2020-01-28
Chapter 156: That’s such a miracle2020-01-27
Chapter 155: A seedy shop selling black medicine2020-01-26
Chapter 154: Research results2020-01-26
Chapter 153: Copy! Shadow Door!2020-01-25
Chapter 152: The two Ren Xiaosus2020-01-25
Chapter 151: You don’t seem like a good person2020-01-24
Chapter 150: Lunatic2020-01-23
Chapter 149: A brewing storm2020-01-23
Chapter 148: Unrest in the stronghold2020-01-22
Chapter 147: Switching classes2020-01-21
Chapter 146: Helping out a classmate2020-01-21
Chapter 145: Bicycle2020-01-20
Chapter 144: Each other’s secret2020-01-19
Chapter 143: Perverse2020-01-19
Chapter 142: Transfer student, Ren Xiaosu2020-01-18
Chapter 141: Silencing witnesses2020-01-18
Chapter 140: In the name of justice2020-01-17
Chapter 139: Leaving an escape route2020-01-16
Chapter 138: Pyro2020-01-16
Chapter 137: Obsessed with fame and fortune2020-01-15
Chapter 136: Xu Xianchu is here!2020-01-15
Chapter 135: Contamination2020-01-14
Chapter 134: Encountering Yang Xiaojin again!2020-01-13
Chapter 133: Where has Senior Apprentice Brother gone?2020-01-12
Chapter 132: Going to school!2020-01-12
Chapter 131: Inside the stronghold!2020-01-11
Chapter 130: A brush with death2020-01-10
Chapter 129: Instigating Chen Wudi’s defection2020-01-10
Chapter 128: Headache spell2020-01-10
Chapter 127: Gaining legal resident status in the stronghold!2020-01-10
Chapter 126: A lunatic wouldn’t admit they’re crazy2020-01-10
Chapter 125: Forced by circumstances2020-01-10
Chapter 124: 10,000 years from now!2020-01-10
Chapter 123: Someone must be sacrificed2020-01-10
Chapter 1222020-01-08
Chapter 121: Stupid or just playing dumb?2020-01-08
Chapter 120: House arrest2020-01-07
Chapter 119: Where is the Western Paradise?2020-01-06
Chapter 118: Epidemic2020-01-06
Chapter 117: You have to go!2020-01-06
Chapter 116: 72 Transformations2020-01-06
Chapter 115: It’s you2020-01-05
Chapter 114: The Great Sage Equal to Heaven2020-01-05
Chapter 113: A balanced state of mind2020-01-03
Chapter 112: Wild vegetables2020-01-02
Chapter 111: Liu Bu’s elder brother2020-01-02


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