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The First Order (Web Novel)




Action Fantasy Mature Sci-fi

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This is a brand new story.

Survive the darkness, see the light

There is no right or wrong, it just depends on which side you are standing on.

To be a god, or to be a man.

To be good, or to be evil.

Just what is…the highest order of weapon that humanity has?


After a great catastrophe struck, the world was set back many years and humanity started living in anarchy.

With time, society started building up again and people were now living in walled strongholds and fringe towns across the land.

Humans have also become distrustful and ruthless in an unforgiving society where the strong survive and the weak are eliminated.

Growing up in such an era, Ren Xiaosu had to fend for himself.

After an incident, he gained supernatural powers…

46 • 2019-11-11 19:40:14


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 72: Ghost2019-12-12
Chapter 71: Ren Xiaosu’s perfect skill2019-12-11
Chapter 70: Storage rights2019-12-11
Chapter 69: Got what they deserved2019-12-10
Chapter 68: Master Skill Duplication Scroll2019-12-10
Chapter 67: It’s not like you have nothing left2019-12-09
Chapter 66: A businessman2019-12-08
Chapter 65: Withdrawal symptoms2019-12-08
Chapter 64: Satellites2019-12-07
Chapter 63: All of them have disappeared2019-12-07
Chapter 62: Preserve your dignity2019-12-06
Chapter 61: Attitude changes faster than flipping through a book!2019-12-05
Chapter 60: I like you2019-12-05
Chapter 59: A boar runs into a tree2019-12-04
Chapter 58: I brought money!2019-12-03
Chapter 57: Supernatural being!2019-12-03
Chapter 56: A new skill2019-12-03
Chapter 55: A temporary alliance2019-12-02
Chapter 54: The escape2019-12-01
Chapter 53: A clear conscience2019-12-01
Chapter 52: Face bugs2019-11-30
Chapter 51: It’s only reasonable2019-11-30
Chapter 50: The horror in the canyon2019-11-29
Chapter 49: Stop here, ye who live2019-11-29
Chapter 48: All human behavior and motivation stems from the fear of death2019-11-29
Chapter 47: Eerie woods2019-11-29
Chapter 46: A mysterious death2019-11-28
Chapter 45: What kind of doctor are you?2019-11-28
Chapter 44: Just two bites2019-11-27
Chapter 43: First time in his life2019-11-27
Chapter 42: Losing one’s home2019-11-26
Chapter 41: Resolve it by yourself2019-11-26
Chapter 40: I want to be with my crackers!2019-11-25
Chapter 39: Yang Xiaojin2019-11-25
Chapter 38: Negotiating the terms2019-11-24
Chapter 37: The outside world2019-11-24
Chapter 36: Parents watching their children die2019-11-23
Chapter 35: Maxing out on gratitude tokens!2019-11-23
Chapter 34: The misfortune of others2019-11-22
Chapter 33: What are you waiting for?2019-11-22
Chapter 32: Dreams are always the opposite of reality2019-11-21
Chapter 31: A new opportunity2019-11-21
Chapter 30: Ren Xiaosu, that guy who’s sick in the head2019-11-20
Chapter 29: The sorrows of our era2019-11-20
Chapter 28: Caught off guard2019-11-20
Chapter 27: Giving in to temptation2019-11-20
Chapter 26: Save the mother or the baby?2019-11-18
Chapter 25: A banner2019-11-17
Chapter 24: Ren Xiaosu, the drug dealer2019-11-17
Chapter 23: Boss Luo2019-11-17
Chapter 22: Guns!2019-11-17
Chapter 21: Family standing2019-11-17
Chapter 20: Wolf pack2019-11-16
Chapter 19: Why didn’t you run faster then?2019-11-16
Chapter 18: It’s quite simple2019-11-15
Chapter 17: Totally unexpected2019-11-15
Chapter 16: I’ll make it cheaper for you2019-11-14
Chapter 15: Promoting your own product2019-11-13
Chapter 14: Deception2019-11-13
Chapter 13: This is reality2019-11-13
Chapter 12: A grateful heart, thankful to you2019-11-12
Chapter 11: Easily worth millions2019-11-12
Chapter 10: Side quest2019-11-11
Chapter 9: Ask me if there’s anything you don’t understand2019-11-11
Chapter 8: Something really is wrong with his head2019-11-11
Chapter 7: Substitute teacher2019-11-11
Chapter 6: Walls and science2019-11-11
Chapter 5: The school2019-11-11
Chapter 4: Luck is a type of skill too2019-11-11
Chapter 3: A palace2019-11-11
Chapter 2: This world has never trusted tears2019-11-11
Chapter 1: A sickness in the head2019-11-11


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