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The Former Wife of Invisible Wealthy Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 22.2 : Compensation Part 2

Chapter 22.2 : Compensation Part 2

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Ye Sui said in a trembling voice, her words almost indiscernible, “Hu-husband.” Ye Sui didn’t want to, but she accidentally spoke the words of the oath of command.

In the darkness, Ye Sui seemed to hear that Chen Shu had laughed a little. In her frightful state, such a subtle sound was clearly captured by Ye Sui. Dazed, she looked into his eyes.

Chen Shu’s eyes were extremely focused. Even in the dim light, the outline was so clear. The corners of his mouth were raised slightly.

“Why are you so afraid? Do you want me to hold you?”

Chen Shu suddenly moved and stretched out his hand in front of Ye Sui. It was apparent that he was taking the initiative to hold her.

Ye Sui’s heart, which was beating wildly just now, became quiet. But her heartbeat remained typical for a mere few seconds. While staring into his eyes, her heart beat faster and faster.

Before she had time to put her hand in his, Ye Sui noticed that the ghost was focusing on her, so she stopped. She stepped on her long black hair, which had spread all over the floor.


The ghost let out a scream. The next second, she rolled down the stairs.

Yan Gui had deliberately stopped the elevator and waited in the stairwell for several minutes to frighten Ye Sui. However, she failed and rolled to the foot of Ye Sui in just one second.

Ye Sui was surprised by this sudden turn of events. Her originally outstretched hand was suspended in mid-air, and Chen Shu’s hand was only a few inches apart.

Before the ghost could get up from the ground, Chen Shu raised his hand and his slender, warm fingers passed through the fingers of Ye Sui.

This was the first time that they were holding hands in a sober state.

Chen Shu was holding Ye Sui’s hand at this time. The shadow at the feet disappeared, and the surroundings became quiet as the moonlight sprinkled in from outside.

Chen Shu found that Ye Sui’s palm was covered with a fine layer of cold sweat, seemingly scared. He gripped Ye Sui’s hand and pulled her to move ahead.

In the dark, people’s fears will be heightened several times, not to mention Ye Sui could see strange things that she shouldn’t have been seeing originally.

But when Chen Shu took Ye Sui’s hand, he stood close to her. Their shoulders were nearly touching each other. She felt that Chen Shu’s hand possessed a burning temperature.

Ye Sui was not scared at all.

Although Chen Shu was holding Ye Sui and the dumbstruck ghost had disappeared, and in addition, her fear also almost vanished, she did not speak a word to Chen Shu, nor did she let go of his hand.

The stairwell was quiet; only the shallow breathing sounds of Chen Shu and Ye Sui, as well as the subtle sound of their footsteps could be heard.

Chen Shu held Ye Sui’s hand until they got home. While letting go, Ye Sui spoke awkwardly, “Thank you.”

After that, Ye Sui quickly ran back to her room.

She lay in bed and was ready to go to sleep, but then she unconsciously put out her hand and looked carefully, thinking that Chen Shu’s hand seemed much bigger than hers.


Previously, Ye Sui had broken Chen Shu’s vase, and she promised Chen Shu to give him 8-10 vases when she got her paycheck.

Ye Sui hadn’t gone to the mall because the vases there were expensive, and Chen Shu’s vase looked a bit out of date. She would try her luck in the antique market.

Ye Sui didn’t know that the vase she broke was pricey. She believed that Chen Shu only bought that thing because he liked it.

After the last day of filming, Ye Sui received her payment from her shooting, so she went to the antique market. She had just reached the antique market and was stopped by the owner of a shop.

The shopkeeper was old and didn’t know any stars.

Ye Sui was beautiful and young. At first glance, he knew that she was not an expert. This kind of person was the best to trick, so the shopkeeper targeted Ye Sui as soon as she appeared.

The shopkeeper was very enthusiastic. “Are you going to buy antiques? Many people buy from here, saying that the merchandise here is genuine.”

Ye Sui naturally didn’t believe his words. She waved her hand and was ready to look elsewhere.

She looked around, and suddenly, a kind voice sounded beside her. It seemed very warm, “Little lady, you came here to see antiques?”

Ye Sui thought it was someone who wanted to sell their goods. She wanted to say “Yes” subconsciously, but when she saw the scene next to her, she almost threw the vase on the ground.

Standing next to her was an old man in Zhongshan clothes with a pale face. It appeared quite common, but one of his hands and one of his feet were broken, and blood was trickling down.

‘This, this, this, this, this is not a person talking to her: it is a ghost!’

Ye Sui and the old ghost looked at each other for a few seconds. Although she was petrified, she still pretended as if she hadn’t seen him. She gripped her clothes a little while shivering, “Why is it a bit cold today?”

The ghost was successfully deceived by Ye Sui. He did not know that she could see him.

However, the old man ghost seemed to be eyeing her. Whichever store Ye Sui went to, he followed her in.

Ye Sui picked up a vase in silence, paid the bill, and walked out of the store. She went to another shop, but the ghost still followed her.

When Ye Sui bought a plain vase, the antique ghost said, “Little lady, you have such beautiful eyes. Why did you choose so badly?”

Ye Sui: ‘…Are you praising me or sneering at me?’

To be continue….

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