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The Former Wife of Invisible Wealthy Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 22 : Compensation Part 3

Chapter 22 : Compensation Part 3

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Ye Sui: ‘…Are you praising me or sneering at me?’

Ye Sui bought another vase, and the antique ghost said, “You are too ignorant of the goods. How can you select a fake item?”

Ye Sui: ‘…’

Ye Sui’s ears were battered by the antique ghost all the way. She was holding three vases in her hand when she passed by a shop. The shopkeeper who had stopped Ye Sui before saw her coming back, and his eyes lit up.

He uttered in private, “I am telling you that I have checked this vase thoroughly. I specially invited a master to see it. After buying this vase, Bodhisattva will bless you.”

The shopkeeper said nicely, but the antique ghost didn’t care, “Checked it? Did you invite a master? Will bodhisattva bless you when you die?”

Because of the shop owner’s words, he made the antique ghost despise him.

Ye Sui became dizzy by their conduct. All she wanted was to go home early. Ye Sui hurriedly glanced at him, pointed at several vases, and said, “These vases, help me wrap them up.”

In the next sentence, she almost yelled out, “Please pack them as soon as possible. I will give you all the money!”

The shopkeeper’s eyes lit up. He already wanted to double the price. In his heart, it wasn’t so easy to find a sucker. If he didn’t rip her off, it would be doing himself an injustice.

He raised a finger and pointed towards the expensive figure.

The antique ghost was not happy. He floated to the shop owner’s head, blowing his beard and staring into his eyes. Then the ghost stretched out his hand and smacked the shopkeeper on the forehead.

“This is fake, but you are still selling it at such a high price. Don’t you lie; don’t you lie.”

Although the slap was invisible, the owner still felt his scalp hurt. He only thought that he had slept poorly last night, which could be a blow. He shook his head and wanted to continue talking.

When the owner covered his eyes, the ghost lifted up his butt again and pushed the owner aside. His back suddenly hit the shelf.

The shopkeeper, clutching his waist, shouted, “Oh, my old waist.” The antique ghost stood aside, proudly blowing his beard.

After playing a trick on the shopkeeper, the ghost turned to Ye Sui again. Saddened, he said, “Little girl, in the entire antique market, only the top vase is worth the price.”

“You must believe me. I never tell lies.”

He had done so much; in fact, he just wanted her to buy that vase. Ye Sui thought for a moment, pointed to a direction, and said, “Can I have a look at that top vase?”

The shopkeeper endured his low back pain and looked in the direction of Ye Sui’s finger. That was a vase that nobody wanted. There was already a layer of dust on it.

Seeing that Ye Sui has already bought so much, the shopkeeper, who was seldom so kind, reminded her, “This vase has been there for a long time because it is not genuine.”

The antique man ghost got angry again, “What do you know? You can tell the truth at a glance. Do you want to reincarnate into a baby to see if you really have a pig brain.”(T/N: mocking the shop owner)

The owner had no idea that he was being cursed by an old ghost. He even said, “You can buy other things better than this.”

The ghost turned speechless. He urged from the side, “Little lady, this person is an idiot. Don’t be stupid with him. You should just buy it!”

Ye Sui followed the antique ghost’s advice and said, “Nothing else. I only like that.”

Unable to persuade her, the shopkeeper climbed the ladder, took down the vase, and handed it over to Ye Sui. The shopkeeper generously gave her a 50% discount, which was equivalent to freebies to Ye Sui.

The shopkeeper felt that he was making a lot of money. The ghost held his arm and smiled mockingly, “Fool.”

After Ye Sui decided to buy the real vase, the antique ghost didn’t speak again. He just stayed reticent until she paid him the money.

“Little lady, keep this vase. Its value will only be higher in the future.”

In this way, the nine vases Ye Sui bought before were all fakes, but she unexpectedly bought the real one at the lowest price.

Ye Sui took the vase and went home. She stared at it and thought that she must place it in the most conspicuous place so that Chen Shu could see it at a glance.

In the evening, Chen Shu went home. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Ye Sui running in front of him. She had a smile on her face and sparkling eyes. “You’re back.”

Chen Shu felt she was acting a bit strange. Whenever he came home at ordinary times, Ye Sui never had such a reaction. He gathered his thoughts and mumbled, “Mmm.”

Ye Sui: “Come and have a look. I have something for you.”

Chen Shu vaguely guessed something, but he didn’t speak, striding forward with long steps. His eyes swept forward and settled at the front.

The black table was neatly filled with ten vases of various shapes and heights. Chen Shu almost thought he had entered the antique market.

Ye Sui patted the table boldly. “Take a look. These are the vases I’m gifting to you.”

She looked forward to it while seemingly saying: look, I really kept my promise and bought ten vases for my husband.

Ye Sui’s pointed out the vases one by one and said earnestly, “Short, fat, tall, slender, flowery, simple, and elegant…”

“I don’t know what type of vase you like, so I bought one each.” Practically everything should be here for him to choose.

Chen Shu looked at his little wife’s innocent expression and suddenly felt that his life was becoming more exciting.

End of Chapter

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