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The Former Wife of Invisible Wealthy Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 57: Director Xi Zhao (2)

Chapter 57: Director Xi Zhao (2)

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Ye Sui shook her head. “After eating breakfast, do it again. Taking a bath on an empty stomach is not very good for your health. And remember to bathe in warm water. Without breakfast, blood sugar is low, causing a person to faint easily.”

Chen Shu, who had taken two cold baths just now, seemed a little guilty. He ate breakfast at a much slower pace and did not dare to look up at Ye Sui.

Ye Sui didn’t think much. She decided not to mention last night’s affair; after all, it was his personal matter.


On the 5th death anniversary of Ning Ling, the most famous movie star in the Chinese film industry, there was a special exhibition of her movie at the film festival. In addition, all the media was excited to see the appearance of director Xi Zhao.

Xi Zhao was a famous international director, and Ning Ling was his renowned actress and wife. After years of marriage, Xi Zhao had gradually faded out of the movie circle since she left this world.

In other words, director Xi Zhao had not made a movie for five years.

This time at the film festival, director Xi Zhao unexpectedly revealed his latest film plan, a biography of Ning Ling.

When the news came out, various A-list celebrities and unpopular celebrities were stirred into action. If they could act in a film directed by Xi Zhao, they could participate in the International Film Festival and leave a mark on the entertainment world.

If someone wanted to play Ning Ling well, they must meet the following requirements: excellent skill, stunning appearance, and refined temperament.

Director Xi Zhao would personally screen the actors. As everyone knew, he had a bad temper. Relying on his talent and arrogance, he only chose actors he recognized and never accepted investors.

At that time, many actors intended to please Xi Zhao.

Before Xi Zhao faded out of the movie circle, Pei Ning had once acted as an extra in one of his films.

Pei Ning felt that compared to other female stars in the entertainment circle, she and Xi Zhao could be considered friends. Therefore, she had a better chance of winning the role than the others.

After arranging a call to director Xi Zhao through her agent, she said, “Hello, Director Xi.”

Over the past few days, Xi Zhao’s phone was almost always ringing. Understandably, his tone was cold. “Who’s this?”

Pei Ning: “Director Xi, I’m Pei Ning. I used to make guest appearances in your movies—”

Pei Ning’s words were not even finished before the phone was hung up. She didn’t expect her first sentence to poke into the place Xi Zhao hated the most. He didn’t like others calling favors on their relationship; on top of that, this relationship was nothing.

When Pei Ning called again, Xi Zhao stopped answering her phone.

Soon, there were already rumors flying around, stating that acclaimed frontline actress Pei Ning volunteered to play Ning Ling but was rejected by the director.

Chang Ying also knew about director Xi Zhao’s biography. Although she was a well-known actress now, the movie was still top-notch.

If she wanted to be a world-famous actress, she must receive an appropriate movie to play. Obviously, now was a good opportunity, a potential big break for her.

When Chang Ying heard that Pei Ning called to ask for the role, but Xi Zhao refused, she knew that Pei Ning was not sincere enough. What if she were to meet him in person with limited edition Blu-ray discs of all the movies by his wife, Ning Ling?

Was that sincere enough?

Chang Ying also contacted the media and asked them to take photos when she went to Xi Zhao’s house. If he agreed to let her star in this movie, the news would first spread to the Internet.

Even if Xi Zhao did not agree to give her the role, the media presence would also put pressure on him in disguise. She was going to get this role the hard way if that was what it took.

Chang Ying came to Xi Zhao’s residence. This street was originally very prosperous, but now, it was deserted, with only a few residents.

Director Xi Zhao’s house stood in the middle, appearing eerily silent.

At this moment, a sudden gust of wind blew, and the leaves on the tree fell. They were withered and yellow, indicating the arrival of late autumn.

Chang Ying couldn’t help recalling the rumors about here. It was said that Xi Zhao’s house was haunted?

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