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The Former Wife of Invisible Wealthy Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 63: New Agency (2)

Chapter 63: New Agency (2)

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“This should be the reason why Ye Sui suddenly became so beautiful, and all kinds of activities and red carpets produced brilliant press releases. It turns out she had plastic surgery.”

“Chang Ying is pure and natural. What’s more, Ye Sui’s plastic surgery can’t compete with Chang Ying in the first place, evident by her title of the little flower. Do other actresses also want to fix their faces like Ye Sui?”

“Ye Sui obviously did makeup, and the facial features have not changed at all. Who cares about her title as little flower now? What matters the most is who goes further in the future.”

“Ye Sui’s fans, be happy for now. A pure, natural look certainly lasts longer than plastic surgery. I’m waiting for the day when Ye Sui’s face collapses.”

The press release on Ye Sui’s facelift was done by Chang Ying’s team, just because Ye Sui had received two good movie offers one after another, which were beyond the reach of the little flower.

If Ye Sui continued to develop like this, the status of Chang Ying was already at stake. The plan devised by her team was to smear Ye Sui’s reputation.

Not to mention that other teams would soon follow suit. Ye Sui’s momentum was just too strong. She had become the shooting star of the entertainment circle.

In a short time, the news of Ye Sui’s plastic surgery spread all over the internet.

When Ye Sui took part in the recording of the program “Infinite Happiness”, the news had not yet been clarified, and the netizens were still scolding her for cosmetic surgery.

The host introduced the guests of this issue, starting with the person with the largest fan base, Ji Xian, Zhuang Jin, Ye Sui…

After participating in the afternoon program, Qi Xian had to rush back for the concert’s rehearsal. He was still in a good mood, though, not looking sleepy at all. Rather, he had an infectious smile.

When the anchor introduced Ye Sui, there was a deep meaning in his words. “This is the first time I’m seeing Ye Sui. And I must say, the real person is truly wonderful.”

Ye Sui couldn’t answer this at all. She could only say, “It’s all makeup.”

It was unknown whether the program group had deliberately arranged it, but in the game phase of this issue, there was a segment that allowed guests to behave ugly.

The guests would stick their faces on the plastic wrap and make different expressions than usual. Only with the approval of the audience could they pass the trial.

This was not Ye Sui’s illusion. The program team had designed this segment solely for her.

Zhuang Jin, who had lost the game last time, started first. Her attitude was very twitchy. She didn’t expect to come to the program today and still endure this thing.

Zhuang Jin’s face was pasted with plastic wrapper. She painstakingly worked out the image of the goddess of ancient costume and was torn down by this program.

After a burst of laughter, the host’s eyes fell on Ye Sui. Suddenly, Qi Xian uttered, “I’ll go first.”

Qi Xian’s remarks aroused a scream from the fans. He smiled at the audience and calmed the crowd.

Qi Xian took the initiative to walk to the stall the production team had set up without any temper. He just made the atmosphere of the scene alive with all his heart.

“It’s Ye Sui’s turn.” When Qi Xian came down, he happened to pass Ye Sui. He whispered and said, “Good luck.”

The rumors circulating online these days were related to Ye Sui’s new image. Anyone could guess that the crew wanted to make it difficult for her, a new and popular artist.

Ye Sui froze for a moment, turning her head to look at Qi Xian. However, he said nothing, his eyes full of encouragement.

In the entertainment industry, it was common for small artists to be bullied. In the future, the more popular Ye Sui was, the more troubles she would encounter.

Ye Sui nodded slightly to Qi Xian and thanked him. The two of them had met on this variety show for the first time, yet Qi Xian still considered her feelings.

Fan Sister ghost was not wrong; her beloved idol indeed had a good character.

The host and the audience were waiting for this scene all this while, and the camera was also aimed at Ye Sui’s face. If she dared to do any little tricks, the audience would definitely ask her to do it again.

In the audience stands, Ye Sui saw a small group of her fans holding her name. Even though there were only a few, their voice was loud and clear.

“Come on, Ye Sui!”

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