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The General’s Genius Daughter (Web Novel) - Chapter 258 Pain

Chapter 258 Pain

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Ji Jing kicked Princess Qianyang on the ground. Unfortunately, the latter was still motionless. Her lips were tightly pressed, and little vitality could be seen from her face.

Tianci was not Ji Jing’s adopted son, but she liked him a lot. Furthermore, Yun Shimo was a perfect man in her heart. Although his betrayal had tarnished his image, he had managed to restore it to its former perfection by exploding to stop Princess Qianyang.

Ji Jing abruptly raised the dagger in her hand and was about to thrust at the princess, but she heard Ji Feng’s cry. “No, Jing. Look over there…”

Ji Jing paused and suddenly felt a glow on her left side.

Holding Hua Qiyue, Ji Feng stared blankly at the Primordial Spirit Sword emerging from the ground.

Huangfu Xuan was covered in wounds. When Hua Qiyue held Tianci, he and Ji Feng rushed over, so they were injured by the purple light as well. He was now bathed in blood, which proved that the power of the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead was terrifying.

But the sight of the Primordial Spirit Sword suddenly emerging from the ground gave hope to all.

“Mo-er…” A wisp of expectation flashed across Yun Xuan’s pale face, and the moisture in his eyes had not dispersed.

He walked trembling toward the Primordial Spirit Sword. Only five steps remained before he stopped.

The Primordial Spirit Sword was neither small nor big. It was absorbing the anima energy around it and gradually getting bigger.

A yellowish light ball drifted out of the sword.

The crowd gawked at this miraculous change.

The wind died down, and the night cleared up.

The yellow light ball, nourished by the glow of the Primordial Spirit Sword, grew larger and larger. Although the crowd did not know what it was, there was a wisp of expectation in their eyes.

The Primordial Spirit Sword was a divine item that could suppress the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead. What could it be growing under its halo?

“Mo-er… It must be Mo-er!”

Yun Xuan, however, looked ecstatically at the yellow light ball, which was growing larger and larger, with watery eyes.

Ji Feng and the others were shocked. Without a doubt, Yun Shimo had exploded just now, and his body had already turned into a mist of blood blown away by the wind, but why…

At this critical juncture, of course, they would not question closely what they did not understand.

The Primordial Spirit Sword frantically absorbed the anima energy around it.

The bigger the Primordial Spirit Sword, the bigger the yellow light ball.

Finally, the yellow light ball slowly turned into a human shape, with a hazy outline. But the crowd could see that it was Yun Shimo’s body!

“Brother Yun!”

“Brother Yun!”

“Yun Shimo!”

Ji Feng, Ji Jing, and Huangfu Xuan all cried out in surprise. They felt nothing but shocked.

Perhaps rebirth was the only thing that could be seen every million years in the world.

After all, it was a forbidden art. But it wasn’t the first time they had seen this. Previously, Yun Xuan was a corpse with a damaged soul, but he could still be reborn.

It all depended on Yun Shimo’s medicine pellets.

And now Yun Shimo could be born again. Was it because he had secretly made some preparations to meet contingencies?

Everyone couldn’t help but gasp. Was it true that Yun Shimo could face any mighty enemies with this kind of ability?

Everyone stared at the scene quietly.

Yun Shimo’s feet slowly appeared from the yellow figure. His flesh and blood were regenerating. Dimly, everyone felt that Yun Shimo was suffering from explosion and rebirth.

It was like a person who cut off his flesh alive or whose body had turned into blood, then his body slowly reassembled. How many people could bear this pain?

Yun Xuan looked nervous. What Yun Shimo used was, indeed, a forbidden art. But if there were any mistake, perhaps all his previous efforts would be wasted, and his soul would break up!

Holding Tianci, Huangfu Xuan felt that his body was slowly cooling.

He looked down and saw Tianci’s pale, colorless, and lifeless face.

Huangfu Xuan, too, was anxious. “As time goes by, can Tianci still be alive?”

Thinking of this, Huangfu Xuan gritted his teeth and took a small white bottle out from his Space Ring.

“Huangfu, what are you doing?”

The eyes of Ji Feng and Ji Jing were drawn to Huangfu Xuan as he opened a small white bottle.

“Tianci… is not breathing. I’m trying to save him with the blood of the divine phoenix!” said Huangfu Xuan gravely. The blood of the divine phoenix was the treasure of Huangfu Family. Later, when Huangfu Xuan was determined to get out of the city to find Hua Qiyue, Prince Jin had to give him the precious blood.

The fantastic usages of the blood were that it could make the user’s body ten times stronger and bring the dead back to life in a pinch. But when the victim died for more than two hours, it became ineffective.

Prince Jin was afraid that his only son would be hurt, so he especially gave him the blood. But it was a good thing to experience outside, so Prince Jin did not deliberately stop Huangfu Xuan from leaving.

Ji Feng lowered Hua Qiyue carefully and hastened to force open Tianci’s mouth.

Ji Jing looked from one to the other, and then back at the yellow light, and felt utterly confused. The fear of separation in life and death made her want to cry.

If Yun Shimo died and Tianci passed away…

Hua Qiyue would suffer a heavier blow.

After Huangfu Xuan fed Tianci the blood, his little face slowly turned pink, but he did not wake up.

At this moment, Yun Shimo was in the painful process of remaking his body.

For Yun Shimo, every moment meant unforgettable pain and suffering.

His cells were dividing and recombining. Only with the nourishment of the Primordial Spirit Sword, he would not feel exhausted and suffer heart failure.

His feet grew out, then his upper body…

Before Ji Jing could see that, Ji Feng stopped her. “Jing, take Qiyue back to the log cabin, and we’ll guard Tianci here.”

Ji Jing blushed. She knew Ji Feng was afraid that she would see Yun Shimo naked.

Nevertheless, Yun Xuan sensed the embarrassment of the crowd as well. He waved his hand, and then a cloak was immediately hung on a tree nearby, just large enough to hide Yun Shimo.

Ji Jing was a Qi Artist, after all, so it wasn’t hard for her to take Hua Qiyue back to the log cabin.

Tianci lay quietly in Huangfu Xuan’s arms. At last, he had a faint breath, which seemed to disappear at any moment.

“What shall we do now? Tianci still does not wake up, and the blood of the divine phoenix is not as useful as it sounds.”

Huangfu Xuan frowned and stroked Tianci’s small face carefully. “Tianci, wake up, wake up… Go and see your mom. She’s hurt,” Huangfu Xuan whispered.

Tianci, however, seemed to be fast asleep and did not react at all.

Huangfu Xuan felt exhausted. He sat down, leaning against a tree, waiting for Yun Shimo’s rebirth. Ji Feng sat aside and looked at Princess Qianyang not far away. What had just happened seemed like a dream.

“Hold on, Mo-er… This process is vital!” Yun Xuan whispered in his heart. Although Yun Shimo could not hear him, he believed that he must be able to sense the concern from his senior.

Yun Shimo’s shadowy face twitched in pain. But the bigger the Primordial Spirit Sword got, the faster he recovered. Soon, he managed to be reborn. But after the Primordial Spirit Sword went into his body, he sat down feebly.

“Mo-er!” Yun Xuan was overjoyed and rushed over with Madame Yun in his arms.

Yun Shimo’s face was ghastly pale, and large drops of cold sweat were dripping from his forehead.

“Dad… I’m okay…”

Yun Shimo breathed a sigh of relief. This was the most dangerous method. If he failed, he would explode again, but he would have no chance of rebirth.

Tears glistened in Yun Xuan’s eyes. “It seems dad was right to nourish the Primordial Spirit Sword via your body. Now the Primordial Spirit Sword grows strong, and your strength has returned to its highest level…”

Hearing that, everyone present immediately felt that Yun Shimo’s aura had skyrocketed to the medium level of Holy God!

They were speechless because they did not expect Yun Shimo to profit from a disaster.

Yun Shimo shot a glance at Princess Qianyang lying on the ground. “Get her back… into the cave first. Even if she wakes up, she’ll lose all her anima energy,” Yun Shimo said softly.

Yun Xuan nodded. He sent his wife back to the cave first and then dealt with Princess Qianyang.

Ji Feng and Huangfu Xuan walked over. “Tianci hasn’t got any sign of waking up yet. Could anything have happened to him?”

Yun Shimo shook his head. “Don’t worry… I’ll save him.”

Yun Xuan’s heart throbbed, and he looked back at Yun Shimo. But he quietly sent Madame Yun back. Yun Shimo was reborn, and his strength was a level higher than before, but he didn’t feel so good…

As Yun Xuan’s figure faded from the woods, Yun Shimo felt a surge of blood in his chest, and the sharp pain spread. He gave a muffled noise and fainted again. He could hear the screams of Ji Feng and Huangfu Xuan near his ear…


Hua Qiyue felt that she had slept for a long time.

After gods knew how long, she felt very dazzling and something was shining on her eyes.

She struggled to open her eyes and saw a vast expanse of white.

“Where am I?”

She blinked, held out her hand, and saw a pale color.

“Am I still alive?”

She closed her eyes again, and all was quiet except for the chirping of birds and insects.

She remembered what had happened before she fainted. Yun Shimo absorbed all the purple light in Tianci’s body, and finally, Tianci lay silent in her arms.

The little body stopped shaking and looked lifeless.

She held his cooling body in her arms, feeling hopeless and bitter.

Yes, what would she have lived for without him?

She opened her eyes bitterly. If this was hell, she might as well ask for meeting him?

“Sister Qiyue, are you awake?”

A brisk voice sounded in her ear.

With difficulty, she fixed her eyes. The white light before her eyes vanished, and Ji Jing appeared with a worried and happy face. “You wake up at last. You have been lying in bed for three days and nights. Come and have some soup.”

After finishing speaking, Ji Jing bent down and lifted Hua Qiyue up. Then she brought the soup from the table on one side to her lips.

Hua Qiyue licked her dry lips, saying, “Tianci… He…”

All she wanted to know now was the news about Tianci.

Ji Jing’s face changed slightly. As Hua Qiyue noticed that, her heart sank rapidly and the heartache almost choked her. “Be quick… Tell me!”

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