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The General’s Genius Daughter (Web Novel) - Chapter 260 To Be Alive

Chapter 260 To Be Alive

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Hua Qiyue felt like her throat was stuffed with cotton. She wanted to call Tianci, but she could not make a sound.

When she came to where Yun Shimo and Tianci were, she stood motionless in front of the bed, looking at the two on it.

One child and one adult.

They lay peacefully on the bed as if they were asleep.

Hua Qiyue saw that Tianci’s little face distinctly regained color, and his eyelashes twitched twice. As she saw his lips move, she was so surprised and excited that she shed tears.

She looked away slowly and fell her eyes on Yun Shimo.

Yun Shimo’s face was calm, but also very pale. There was not even a bloodstain on his robes, but he lay quietly on the bed, without any breathing.

Hua Qiyue threw herself at him.

Ji Feng and Ji Jing came here, too. They watched in silence as Hua Qiyue grabbed Yun Shimo’s shoulders and channeled spiritual energy into his body.

Seeing his face, which seemed that he was sleeping, Hua Qiyue was in a panic. She didn’t want to find out who was right or wrong. She just wanted him to open his eyes and see her.

“Mom…” Tianci called her in a low voice as she was channeling her anima energy to Yun Shimo.

She paused for a moment. She had very little spiritual energy inside her, so she was even weaker at present.

The hare jumped up and said, “Get out of the way. Leave it to me.”

“No need. He’s all right.” Yun Xuan’s voice came from behind. At last, Hua Qiyue’s suspended heart fell. At that moment, she could not tell what her feelings were. She just bent down and hugged Tianci tightly, her tears flowing silently.

She just wanted to cry to her heart’s content.

Ji Feng and Ji Jing looked at each other with relief.

Pale-faced, Yun Xuan stood not far away, sighed softly, and turned to go deeper into the cave.

Since Yun Shimo didn’t have sufficient spiritual energy just now, Yun Xuan had no choice but to channel his spiritual energy to him. He found that Yun Shimo’s aura was weak, but he had a strong desire for survival.

So he fed Yun Shimo the Top-grade Magic Pellet, which he had prepared long ago. After all, he was an alchemist himself, an outstanding one thirty years ago.

It was just that he had seldom taken part in competitions or something that he was not famous, but his abilities were second to none.

“Mom, I’m so hungry… What happened to dad?” Tianci felt Hua Qiyue’s tears on his back, soaking through his robes.

Hua Qiyue hastily let go of Tianci, looking him up and down. She was relieved to see that he was not hurt, and then she shot a glance at Yun Shimo, who was lying still in bed.

“Dad’s fine… You can dine with your grandmother first,” Hua Qiyue whispered.

Everyone had no idea when Madame Yun stood aside as well, but she dared not come near.

Yun Shimo was her dearest son, but she was afraid to see him lose his breath.

When she heard what Hua Qiyue said, she looked blankly at Tianci.

“Madame Yun, he is all right. You and Tianci go to dine first,” Hua Qiyue whispered.

Madame Yun nodded tremblingly, and her eyes sparkled with tears. “Oaky. If anything happens… call me.”

Hua Qiyue nodded in silence.

The hare shot Hua Qiyue a glance and turned away in silence.

Hua Qiyue opened her mouth, planning to ask the hare about Yun Shimo. But seeing it leave as well, she had to abandon the idea.

Yun Xuan was Yun Shimo’s father, after all. He wouldn’t lie.

Ji Jing and Ji Feng glanced at each other and all left in silence.

Hua Qiyue and Yun Shimo were the only ones left.

Hua Qiyue sat down on the bed and looked at Yun Shimo’s pale face. He seemed lifeless.

There was a slight change in Hua Qiyue’s heart. She felt pain and discomfort, so she put out her hand to feel Yun Shimo’s breath.

His breath was gone.

Hua Qiyue’s pupils dilated immediately. She cried in a low, frightened voice, seizing Yun Shimo by the shoulder, “Yun Shimo… Yun Shimo… Wake up, you bastard! You can’t lie to me and betray me again and again.”

Hua Qiyue patted his face again, but Yun Shimo remained as still as a log.

Hua Qiyue stopped and stared blankly at Yun Shimo, lying in bed.

Many a time in her memory, Yun Shimo had been the first to slip into her boudoir or bath. It was as if those erotic scenes had just happened yesterday.

But suddenly, Hua Qiyue felt that everything was so far away. Yun Shimo’s face was cold, and his hands were cold as well.

She reached out and took his hands in a firm clasp.

Hua Qiyue leaned weakly against the wall of the cave. The cave walls here seemed to have a layer of white jade, cold as snow.

A tear, like a pearl, slid down and fell on Yun Shimo’s face.

Yun Shimo’s eyelashes trembled. After the tear dropped, he began to show signs of life.

“I… What did I lie to you about?”

Like sleep-talking, a feeble voice came to her, as faint as if it were from the sky.

Hua Qiyue’s eyes widened suddenly, and she looked down in disbelief.

She saw that Yun Shimo had opened his eyes, and there was a strange light in his dark, ink-like pupils. There was a playful smile on his lips, so graceful and natural.

He didn’t look like he had just survived, though his spiritual energy had not yet recovered to the previous level, and his face was as ghastly pale as if he had lost a great deal of blood.

But all of a sudden, Yun Shimo made Hua Qiyue feel like they were deep in love.

Yun Shimo took Hua Qiyue’s hand with difficulty and wiped the tear from his face.

He was glad that he was still alive. From now on, nothing and nobody could possibly stop him from being with her.

Hua Qiyue froze. Looking at the familiar face and the tender eyes, she felt that a lump came into her throat, and she had a sense of relief that he had survived the disaster.

For a moment, she did not know what to say or where to begin.

It would be foolish of her not to feel his good intention now.

Now she realized that Yun Shimo must have a reason to take Tianci and the green jade gourd away. She felt terrible, and so did he.

After all, he had been misunderstood by her. When he learned that she had other pursuers, he was jealous, but he could only watch in silence.

The pain of missing her made him pine away and lose his mind.

Fortunately, he was all right now.

“Good to know you’re not dead.” It was a long, long time before Hua Qiyue uttered the words.

Yun Shimo sighed softly and stroked the back of her cold hand. “I know you can’t say anything sentimental, and I won’t ask you to. Now I… I want dinner. Will you bring me dinner?”

His voice was soft. Hua Qiyue bit her lip tightly, trying to cry but trying to hold back. Tears, however, came crashing out of her eyes.

She cried with a smile and said, “Damn you! Do you take me as your servant? I am injured too!”

Yun Shimo twitched the corners of his mouth and felt as if he had gone back to the time when they had had so much fun.

“All right, I’ll go myself… By the way, I’ll bring the supper of my beloved wife here, too.” Yun Shimo raised his lips. His fine outline, in the light of the luminous night pearl, seemed so tender and charming.

Hua Qiyue’s heart shivered. She held him and wept silently.

Yun Shimo reached out and gently wiped the tears from her face.

Hua Qiyue simply lay down. The two embraced each other in silence.

Yun Shimo caressed her tearful face. “Stop crying, or your face will be… dirty. When Tianci sees it, he will feel sorry for you.”

Hua Qiyue bit her lips and asked, “Where is Princess Qianyang?”

Yun Shimo gasped and asked in reply, “Why are you asking about her now? Pity her?”

Hua Qiyue fell silent. As the saying went, a person’s poor situation can always attribute to his own fault. She did not pity Princess Qianyang, because she controlled the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead inside her, trying to snatch that of Tianci.

“Yun Shimo was wrong first, but…”

“Don’t feel guilty. The Purple Primordial Chaos Bead wasn’t hers. Her grandfather snatched it and fed it to her,” Yun Shimo said flatly.

Little by little, the anima energy seemed to return to him.

Hua Qiyue wiped the cold sweat off her head. She was really worried that Yun Shimo would be badly injured and die.

“I voluntarily gave the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead to Tianci, and I have the Primordial Spirit Sword inside me, so in general, I don’t get hurt too much,” Yun Shimo answered all her doubts, as if he had read her mind.

Hua Qiyue blushed with shame. She thought he would be like Princess Qianyang, who seemed dead after her purple energy was absorbed forcibly by others…

The two remained silent.

After gods knew how long, Hua Qiyue moved and stared straight at the bright wall of the cave.

Hua Qiyue hurriedly sat up as Tianci shouted outside. Perhaps in an hour or so, Hua Qiyue would be able to jump again.

Yun Shimo frowned. He did not expect that the slightest movement would make his whole body ache terribly. He said blandly to Hua Qiyue, “For the moment… I can’t get out of bed. I can only bother you to bring me dinner.”

Hua Qiyue paused, and her black eyes were shining with a strange light. She noticed that Yun Shimo had no strength when he spoke, so she nodded silently.

She had misunderstood him for so long that, once the misunderstanding was resolved, she did not know what to say.

The blame, hatred, and complain were no longer in her mind.

When Hua Qiyue came out, Tianci jumped out, smiling, and clasped her hand. “Mom, Brother Ji said my stomach wouldn’t hurt anymore. Is that true?”

Hua Qiyue’s eyes filled with tears again as she looked at Tianci’s little face, which had returned to normal.

She squatted down and kissed Tianci’s little face gently. “Yes, he’s right. Daddy cured you, and you’ll be all right. No one will ever bully you again.”

When Tianci heard this, he was so happy that he ran out with Hua Qiyue excitedly. They all had dinner in the same place. Hua Qiyue asked Yun Xuan in a low voice after she asked Tianci to bring Yun Shimo some food after the former had eaten enough.

“Lord Yun, Shimo… Is it true that he’s all right now? Is he really as fit as ever?”

Yun Xuan looked at Hua Qiyue’s puzzled face. Ji Feng and Ji Jing were equally confused.

Madame Yun had a worried look. Hua Qiyue had a feeling that even if Yun Shimo didn’t die, nothing good would happen to him.

“He has transferred the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead inside him to Tianci, but there’s some primordial energy of the bead left in his body. The Chaos Bead inside Tianci will not absorb the primordial energy automatically, so it will remain in his body… The residual primordial energy will do no good to mankind,” Yun Xuan said flatly. He couldn’t keep it secret anyway, so he’d better tell them the truth first.

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