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The General’s Little Peasant Wife (Web Novel)


She transmigrated into an orphan, thinking that she still had her boyfriend with her, yet in an instant, her world crashed. For the position of heir, he said, “Yao’er, why don’t you become my second wife?” A sentence destroyed her wishful thinking, causing her to end their relationship of two lives cruelly. Leaving the hustle bustle, she then lived in a forest, wanting to find an honest man to spend the rest of her life with. But not long after getting married, she realized that the honest man she married was a bit dishonest.

“Are you not an ordinary hunter?” she stared at the man pretending to be innocent in a furious manner. Is the ending going to be this way? Of course not, the story had just begun from the moment she changed her future.

139 • 2020-02-20 13:17:39


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 288: Marriage Alliance Intention2020-04-09
Chapter 287: Sounds Of The Zither That Attracted Many Birds2020-04-09
Chapter 286: Finding Trouble2020-04-09
Chapter 285: Envoys From Every Empire2020-04-07
Chapter 284: Who Dares To Touch2020-04-07
Chapter 283: Threatening In Public2020-04-07
Chapter 282: That Same Expression2020-04-06
Chapter 281: Catalyst2020-04-06
Chapter 280: Ill-Behaved Irrespective Of The Occasion2020-04-06
Chapter 279: Farce At The Palace Front2020-04-06
Chapter 278: Mid-Autumn Banquet2020-04-06
Chapter 277: Something Wrong With Your Head2020-04-06
Chapter 276: Desired Result2020-04-04
Chapter 275: An Apology2020-04-04
Chapter 274: Argument2020-04-04
Chapter 273: A Need To Apologize2020-04-03
Chapter 272: Gloat2020-04-03
Chapter 271: There Are High-Quality Items Everywhere2020-04-03
Chapter 270: Acting Pretentious2020-04-02
Chapter 269: Must Bring That Person Back2020-04-02
Chapter 268: Look Like Someone2020-04-02
Chapter 267: Add A Catty Of Chinese Goldthread2020-04-02
Chapter 266: Nangong Che Visiting2020-04-02
Chapter 265: Coming For Sister-In-Law2020-04-02
Chapter 264: Rather Be A Fool2020-04-02
Chapter 263: Frustrating Allergies2020-04-02
Chapter 262: Payment For The Recipe2020-04-02
Chapter 261: Beheaded Together2020-03-30
Chapter 260: Disaster On The Execution Ground2020-03-30
Chapter 259: Murder To Silence2020-03-30
Chapter 258: If A Representative breaks the law, his citizens are equally As guilty2020-03-29
Chapter 257: A Pig As A Teammate2020-03-29
Chapter 256: Busy Body2020-03-29
Chapter 255: A Good Life2020-03-29
Chapter 254: Robbery2020-03-29
 Chapter 253: It’s Home Wherever You Are2020-03-29
Chapter 252: All Things Are Impermanent2020-03-27
Chapter 251: Beat Them To Death2020-03-27
Chapter 250: Won’t Die2020-03-27
Chapter 249: A Little Progress2020-03-26
Chapter 248: Well Aware2020-03-26
Chapter 247: Blood Related2020-03-26
Chapter 246: I Have Something to Ask You2020-03-25
Chapter 245: a moon-shaped birthmark2020-03-25
Chapter 244: Return My Child2020-03-25
Chapter 243: One Came First, Then Came Another2020-03-24
Chapter 242: consider the time that we’ve been together2020-03-24
Chapter 241: You Don’t Have The Final Say2020-03-24
Chapter 240: To the Great General’s Residence2020-03-24
Chapter 239: Still useful2020-03-24
Chapter 238: Support2020-03-24
Chapter 237: House Arrest2020-03-22
Chapter 236: Who is unreasonable2020-03-22
Chapter 235: She is the Great General’s wife2020-03-22
Chapter 234: Place righteousness above family2020-03-21
Chapter 233: Sentencing2020-03-21
Chapter 231: Nothing Left2020-03-21
Chapter 230: This is just the beginning2020-03-21
Chapter 229: Scare them To Madness2020-03-21
Chapter 228: Returning the body2020-03-20
Chapter 227: Do I look Easy To Be Bullied?2020-03-20
Chapter 226: No need to intervene2020-03-20
Chapter 225: Walk straight into the trap2020-03-18
Chapter 224: Seeking a Countermeasure2020-03-18
Chapter 223: Qiao Zheng Hong’s Worry2020-03-18
Chapter 222: Snatch them over2020-03-18
Chapter 221: Depend on Oneself rather than the others2020-03-18
Chapter 220: wife and child above all Else2020-03-18
Chapter 219: Only Fear2020-03-17
Chapter 218: A slip of the tongue2020-03-17
Chapter 217: Throw out2020-03-17
Chapter 216: This is the end of him2020-03-17
Chapter 215: Have a taste of that pain2020-03-17
Chapter 214: Investigation2020-03-17
Chapter 213: Suspicion2020-03-17
Chapter 212: Concealing the truth2020-03-17
Chapter 211: What is Going On?2020-03-17
Chapter 210: Awake2020-03-14
Chapter 209: The baby is gone2020-03-14
Chapter 208: A Step Too Late2020-03-14
Chapter 207: Captured2020-03-14
Chapter 206: Attack2020-03-11
Chapter 205: They Are Here.2020-03-11
Chapter 204: Refuse to Collaborate2020-03-10
Chapter 203: Don’t Want to Be Controlled2020-03-10
Chapter 202: Qiao Tian Yu has arrived2020-03-09
Chapter 201: How much for 500g of your skin?2020-03-09
Chapter 200: Can You Get Pregnant?2020-03-08
Chapter 199: The end of Yang Cui2020-03-08
Chapter 198: Can’t afford to get into trouble2020-03-07
Chapter 197: Brain Didn’t Go Bad2020-03-07
Chapter 196: Yang Cui’s Jealousy2020-03-06
Chapter 195: Get Tortured Slowly2020-03-06
Chapter 194: Newly-weds At Night2020-03-05
Chapter 193: Wedding2020-03-05
Chapter 192: Acquaintance2020-03-04
Chapter 191: You Don’t Seem Like One2020-03-04
Chapter 190: Using Her Life to Test Me2020-03-03
Chapter 189: Before Wedding2020-03-03
Chapter 188: Demoted to Concubine2020-03-03