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The Glory After Rebirth (Web Novel)


A letter to break off the engagement leads Ling Family in Tangyang to endless doom. And he, Ling Zhang, is tortured to death after his legs are cruelly broken.

This time after rebirth, he swears to restore glory to his family and to seek revenge. The very first he should do is to break the engagement himself!

Yuewen Family? Far in the capital enjoying high privilege and glory?

I simply don’t care.

You think yourself some delicious cake that everyone crazes to grab a bite?

Bah! Too hard that it hurts my teeth!

Yet never has Ling Zhang expected that this ‘hard cake’ would promise him a life of glory after rebirth.

160 • 2020-06-15 08:33:58


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 287: A Return Visit to Tongguan Town2020-07-05
Chapter 286: More Lucid Moments2020-07-04
Chapter 285: Secrets? You’re a Real Character2020-07-03
Chapter 284: Growing Trust2020-07-02
Chapter 283: We Could Also Use Them a Little2020-07-01
Chapter 282: Consent and Terms2020-06-30
Chapter 279: The Leader of the Millennium Pavilion2020-06-29
Chapter 278: The Two Big Brothers Are Kissing2020-06-28
Chapter 277: These Roast Pheasants Smell So Good!2020-06-27
Chapter 276: Arrival at the Millennium Pavilion2020-06-26
Chapter 275: Departure for the Millennium Pavilion2020-06-25
Chapter 274: The Oncoming Return to the Capital City of the Team2020-06-24
Chapter 273: An Invitation From the King Yu2020-06-23
Chapter 272: Zheng Shi’s Death2020-06-22
Chapter 271: The Command of Half of the Troops2020-06-21
Chapter 270: A Farcical Search2020-06-20
Chapter 269: Siege of the Residential Compound by Palace Guards2020-06-19
Chapter 268: Wild Fantasies? Intrigues?2020-06-18
Chapter 267: The Discovery of Nanny Zhong’s Intentions2020-06-17
Chapter 266: Be a Good Boy and Stay Still2020-06-16
Chapter 265: An Apology from Zheng Shi?2020-06-15
Chapter 264: Yuwen Qi’s Poisoning & a Pill from a Miracle-Working Physician2020-06-15
Chapter 263: A Letter2020-06-15
Chapter 262: The Delivery of Dowries & A Pair of Wild Geese2020-06-15
Chapter 261: I Hunger for Your Compliment, Young Master2020-06-15
Chapter 260: Bagged into a Sack2020-06-15
Chapter 259: I’m Getting Greedier2020-06-15
Chapter 258: Scarce Herbs2020-06-15
Chapter 257: This Kid’s Got a Lot of Tricks Up His Sleeve2020-06-15
Chapter 256: I Can’t Wait2020-06-15
Chapter 255: Equally Eager2020-06-15
Chapter 254: Ascertainment of the Reason for the Rebirth?2020-06-15
Chapter 253: Stay with Grandfather for Two Days2020-06-15
Chapter 252: A Warning from Yuwen Tong2020-06-15
Chapter 251: A Rich and Generous Grandfather2020-06-15
Chapter 250: The Taibai Tavern Was the Bane of Us?2020-06-15
Chapter 249: Unromantic2020-06-15
Chapter 248: A Word of Warning from Jiang Yu2020-06-15
Chapter 247: A Sequel of the Riot in Xiang City2020-06-15
Chapter 246: The Death of Su Zhi2020-06-15
Chapter 245: Counter-attack2020-06-15
Chapter 244: Rumors2020-06-15
Chapter 243: The Grand Opening of the Drugstore2020-06-15
Chapter 242: Application of Ointment2020-06-15
Chapter 241: A Hint of Jealousy2020-06-15
Chapter 240: Watching the Falling Rain in a Pavilion with a Happy Marshal2020-06-15
Chapter 239: Till Death Do Us Apart2020-06-15
Chapter 238: A Stay in the Summer House, the Trade Caravan’s Entry into the City2020-06-15
Chapter 237: Just the Two of Us2020-06-15
Chapter 236: The King Hui’s Failure2020-06-15
Chapter 235: The Day of the Hunt Meeting2020-06-15
Chapter 234: The Forthcoming Hunt Meeting2020-06-15
Chapter 233: Give Them a Hand2020-06-15
Chapter 232: A Premonitory Dream?2020-06-15
Chapter 231: Figure Out a Way to Kill Them2020-06-15
Chapter 230: Pointers from His Grandfather and a Real Eye-opener2020-06-15
Chapter 229: Wang Deguang2020-06-15
Chapter 228: A Clue2020-06-15
Chapter 227: A Set of Interlocking Stratagems2020-06-15
Chapter 226: A Groom2020-06-15
Chapter 225: A Second Draw2020-06-15
Chapter 224: A Gratitude Visit from Jiang Changfeng2020-06-15
Chapter 223: That Ling Zhang Guy Saved You?2020-06-15
Chapter 222: Horses on the Rampage, an Emergency on the Back Hill2020-06-15
Chapter 221: A Pre-emptive Strike2020-06-15
Chapter 220: An Unsuccessful Hunt2020-06-15
Chapter 219: A Direction? Yuwen Tong’s Conjecture2020-06-15
Chapter 218: Complicated and Confusing Circumstances2020-06-15
Chapter 217: The Official Horse Race and a Short Bolt2020-06-15
Chapter 216: Before the Horse Race Started2020-06-15
Chapter 215: Another Encounter with Jiang Yu2020-06-15
Chapter 214: Snowflake2020-06-15
Chapter 213: A Frank and Straight Talk2020-06-15
Chapter 212: A Horse Race2020-06-15
Chapter 211: Yuwen Tong’s Effort to Straighten Ling Zhang Up2020-06-15
Chapter 210: An Unquiet Mind2020-06-15
Chapter 209: I’m Your Maternal Grandfather2020-06-15
Chapter 208: Were You the One Who Did This?2020-06-15
Chapter 207: A Second Meeting with the Old Man and the Impeachment of Jiang Family2020-06-15
Chapter 206: A Stroll After Lunch2020-06-15
Chapter 205: A Gathering2020-06-15
Chapter 204: An Invitation2020-06-15
Chapter 203: Punishment Must Be Meted Out According to Regulations2020-06-15
Chapter 202: A Threat of Expulsion from the Imperial College2020-06-15
Chapter 201: For a Beauty2020-06-15
Chapter 200: A Confrontation with Jiang Yu2020-06-15
Chapter 199: A Provocation on the First Day of School2020-06-15
Chapter 198: I’ll Let You Play a Dirty Trick First2020-06-15
Chapter 197: Sparking Public Debate2020-06-15
Chapter 196: A Test2020-06-15
Chapter 195: First Arrival at the Imperial College2020-06-15
Chapter 194: Going to the Imperial College2020-06-15
Chapter 193: Missing Him2020-06-15
Chapter 192: The First Layer of the Mental Cultivation Method2020-06-15
Chapter 191: Fence-sitting of Other Sides2020-06-15
Chapter 190: A Surging Yearning2020-06-15
Chapter 189: Successful Comprehension of the Mental Method2020-06-15
Chapter 188: An Honest Disclosure of Some Secrets2020-06-15
Chapter 187: Yuwen Zhi’s Choice2020-06-15
Chapter 186: Choices Offered by Yuwen Tong2020-06-15