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The God Virus (Web Novel)








Comedy Romance

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This story's audience is for both males and females (ML & FL).

Warning: This novel features mature content.

What happens when a genderless Artificial Intelligence who is proclaimed as one of the worst in mankind's history travels back in time from the unreachable future and makes himself a true living body?

Burning with desire, she thought, 'The first person I witnessed when I came to be in this world was him... the first person I thought of was... him.' A Love of the... same race.

"I always had you in my heart... why aren't you choosing me? I love you so much that the word 'Love' can't even begin to describe what I feel anymore... but why!?" She screamed with tears rolling down her face, just to see...

Grabbing her aching chest, another thought, 'The moment my eyes fell upon him, time stopped, everything went quiet, and I knew immediately... that he was 'the one' for me-' A Love... beyond race.

"Do you truly love me? Even though we are together... I never heard the word 'Love' voiced by your lips directed at me-" She voiced gently, only to hear...

An Artificial Intelligence... now with a true living body!

Will he struggle in his new life?

Will he experience novel feelings and things he never did previously now that he has a physical body? Love maybe? And if so, what kind of Love?

What Will his choices be as an entity with a monstrous amount of knowledge? Will he choose the path of a King who rules over all? Or a Demon who does as he wishes? Or maybe an entirely New Path altogether?

What Will he do when worlds clash together?

This is the story of choices filled with twists and struggles an Artificial Intelligence has to make after creating 'itself' a true biological body which slowly begins to change him forever!

"If your head tells you one thing and your heart tells you another, before you do anything, you should first decide whether you have a better head or a better heart..." A clash of the head and the heart.

This is a story of striving for the... Ultimate Destination!
A story made by the fusion of Sci-fi with the Fantasy and Romance genre.

If you are looking for a story different than most with endless possibilities, which has True Love, Advanced Technology, Unique Cultivation Mixed with Science, Multiverse, Developing ..., Different Civilizations, Twists, Characters, World Plot, etc. Then, this story is probably for you. Give it a try and sink in.

1011 • 2019-09-04 17:05:39


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 414 A Reunion2020-09-15
Chapter 413 Just What is 'It'?2020-09-15
Chapter 412 The Butterfly2020-09-15
Chapter 411 Human2020-08-31
Chapter 410 Greedy but Smar2020-08-31
Chapter 409 Till fate wills us again.2020-08-29
Chapter 408 The Bottle and The Pill2020-08-29
Chapter 407 Lydia's Resolve2020-08-29
Chapter 406 GUARDIAN LICENSE2020-08-29
Chapter 405 Convention2020-08-29
Chapter 404 Monstrous2020-08-29
Chapter 403 Some Challenge Perhaps?2020-08-29
Chapter 402 A Gaze Full of Meaning2020-08-29
Chapter 401 By The Nose2020-08-29
Chapter 400 Four Stars!2020-08-29
Chapter 399 Anastasia Foster2020-08-29
Chapter 398 Lydia Ross2020-08-29
Chapter 397 The Lis2020-08-29
Chapter 396 Test of Knowledge2020-08-29
Chapter 395 Without A Warning!2020-08-29
Chapter 394 Tearful Yet Full of Happiness2020-08-29
Chapter 393: My Design2020-08-01
Chapter 392: Liberation Stage2020-08-01
Chapter 391: The Blood Bath2020-08-01
Chapter 390: Sharks2020-08-01
Chapter 389: Mommy?2020-08-01
Chapter 388: Motivation2020-08-01
Chapter 387: NYAA2020-08-01
Chapter 386: Possible Reasons2020-08-01
Chapter 385: Ready2020-08-01
Chapter 384: Millions of Tragedy, Tragedy of Millions2020-08-01
Chapter 383 Nippy2020-07-23
Chapter 382 K2020-07-23
Chapter 381 Run2020-07-21
Chapter 380 Mysterious Phenomenon2020-07-19
Chapter 379 Racking Anguish2020-07-19
Chapter 378 For Her2020-07-19
Chapter 377 A Top Guardian?2020-07-17
Chapter 376 Dark Savior!2020-07-16
Chapter 375 Chinese Abnormals Association?2020-07-16
Chapter 374 The Dark Longsword2020-07-16
Chapter 373 The Darkest Night, The Shining Moon2020-07-09
Chapter 372 Not In The Mood2020-07-09
Chapter 371 Goodbye 62020-07-09
Chapter 370 Goodbye 52020-07-09
Chapter 369 Goodbye 42020-07-09
Chapter 368 Goodbye 32020-07-09
Chapter 367 Goodbye 22020-07-09
Chapter 366 Goodbye 12020-07-09
Chapter 365 A Mountain That Can't Be Crossed?2020-07-09
Chapter 364 A Silly Girl2020-07-09
Chapter 363 A Mother, A Hero 62020-07-09
Chapter 362 A Mother, A Hero 52020-05-27
Chapter 361 A Mother, A Hero 42020-05-27
Chapter 360 A Mother, A Hero 32020-05-27
Chapter 359 A Mother, A Hero 22020-05-27
Chapter 358 A Mother, A Hero 12020-05-27
Chapter 357 Fictional Delusions2020-05-18
Chapter 356 Not Just Ye2020-05-17
Chapter Text - 355 The Life Expectancy of a Man2020-05-16
Chapter 354 Blissed2020-05-15
Chapter 353 Von Lazaro2020-05-15
Chapter 352 Bidding War 62020-05-14
Chapter 351 Bidding War 52020-05-14
Chapter 350 Bidding War 42020-05-13
Chapter 349 Bidding War 32020-05-13
Chapter 348 Bidding War 22020-05-13
Chapter 347 Bidding War 12020-05-13
Chapter 346 Y-you're...2020-05-12
Chapter 345 It's You!2020-05-08
Chapter 344 Just Like A Villain2020-05-08
Chapter Text - 343 Not Interested2020-05-07
Chapter 342 Why So Dark?2020-05-06
Chapter Volume 5 - 341 What's Your Name?2020-03-30
Chapter Volume 5 - 340 Energy Disentanglemen2020-03-30
Chapter Volume 5 - 339 Unexpected!2020-03-22
Chapter Volume 5 - 338 The Nature of Your Relationship2020-03-22
Chapter Volume 5 - 337 Room Service2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 336 Hu Yuexin2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 335 A Commotion2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 334 Shanghai2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 333 The Sky Is Blue2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 332 The Private Island2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 331 A Change of Hear2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 330 Yes2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 329 If You Can, I Promise2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 328 No Gentleman2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 327 No2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 326 The Dolls2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 325 Resolution2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 324 Reign2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 323 Atish2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 322 The Deposi2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 321 Cubic Box2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 320 The Exact Date2020-03-20
Chapter 319 To Be Alive2020-08-29
Chapter Volume 5 - 318 The Sleeping Beauty2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 317 No Love Sincerer Than...2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 316 Master!!!2020-03-20
Chapter Volume 5 - 315 What Else?2020-03-20
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