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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 2459: Absolute Armed Forces (1)

Chapter 2459: Absolute Armed Forces (1)

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The Lord is in a very good mood. This was what The Rising Sun City residents all over the city felt during

this period of time.

What surprised them even more, and they had no clue when it started, was that there was one more handsome man, whose beauty surpassed even that of a woman, by her side. And the interaction between the two of them…

It really smelt of a love aair!

As the lord of the Barren Land, Shen Yanxiao not only had a ghting strength great enough to receive the worship of men, but she also had a peerless and stunning beauty that made all women bow down in defeat. Being unrivalled in these two aspects, all the people of the Barren Land had subconsciously drawn an equal sign between their lord and a Godly existence. No matter how bold a man might be, there was absolutely no one that dared to peep into Shen Yanxiao’s beauty.

In fact, people had even subconsciously ignored Shen Yanxiao’s gender. The only impression left on the people here was that she was an extremely lofty and sacred existence.

However, no one would have thought that a handsome man would quietly appear in The Rising Sun City, entering and leaving the City Lord Residence together with Shen Yanxiao all day long. Even though they only saw quite a few verbal conversations between them, their lords’ occasional smiles were lled with the happiness of a young lady.

The curiosity of the citizens of The Rising Sun City had been greatly expanded, and they involuntarily began to guess the origin of the mysterious, handsome man.

All sorts of fantastic rumors spread quickly.

As for the demons living in the underground city, when the rumors from the city residents came to their ears, it only attracted a burst of contempt.

That person was clearly a superior god, the Lord War God! What elf? What dragon? What merman? Such unreliable speculations. How could those inferior creatures be comparable to Lord Xiu in their hearts?

They didn’t even deserve to carry his shoes!

Although there were dierent opinions, all citizens of The Rising Sun City had a common understanding that their lord had found the right person. Both of them had peerless and stunning looks!

With their beautiful lord and handsome lord “husband”, The Rising Sun City felt that the aesthetic view had taken another qualitative leap.

On the third day after Shen Yanxiao’s return, she summoned the Seven Wolves into the City Lord Residence.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps was one of the most primary forces of Shen Yanxiao. While her illustrious companions were still not back, Shen Yanxiao resolutely used this time to build sacred tools for the Seven Wolves.

“Sacred tool? Lord, are you kidding us?” Mild Wolf looked at Shen Yanxiao in shock. He knew that their lord was powerful, but… she had only left for about two years and had been seeking allies everywhere during that period. How could she suddenly be able to build sacred tools for them after she came back?

Sacred tool! That was a legendary treasure, ah.

“Do I look like I’m joking?” Shen Yanxiao took out rare metals from her storage ring and selected the raw materials suitable for each of the seven wolves.

“…” Mild Wolf looked at Shen Yanxiao and then at Du Lang.

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in Shen Yanxiao’s strength, but… sacred tools or whatnot had long been lost. Although their lord was capable of practicing magic, dou qi, enchantment and making potions; sacred tools, this sort of thing… shouldn’t it rely on alchemy? If Yang Xi said that he would build them sacred tools, Mild wolf thought it might be more believable.

It wasn’t only Mild Wolf, the other members of the Seven Wolves also thought this way.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the tangled Seven Wolves and slightly raised an eyebrow. Did they have to look so solemnly doubtful?

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