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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 2461: Absolute Armed Forces (3)

Chapter 2461: Absolute Armed Forces (3)

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During the whole alchemy process, the Seven Wolves did not take their eyes o Shen Yanxiao by half an

inch. Although they did not know what she was doing, such a forging technique they had never seen

before really refreshed their world view.

Because of their pre-war preparations, the Seven Wolves often went to the Azure Dragon Clan to watch the forging of weapons. Even for the most powerful forgemen, it was impossible to burn a piece of extremely hard metal and melt it directly with their bare hands alone, without any equipment like Shen Yanxiao. Furthermore, the metal that had melted into liquid actually oated above the ame just like that, without any sign of owing.

Such a magical scene really amazed the Seven Wolves that they wanted to prostrate themselves in admiration. They shut their mouths tight and quietly watched Shen Yanxiao’s operation. The magical and ingenious technique reminded them subconsciously of the alchemy that had long been lost among mankind.

Only alchemy could control the ame and metal as one wished.

Quenching, fusion…

The Seven Wolves had been completely convinced by Shen Yanxiao’s superb alchemy. They had no mind to think about anything else.

It was not until nightfall that Shen Yanxiao nally completed the whole process of making the sacred tool.

At this moment, a red armlet appeared in her hand.

“It’s done.” Shen Yanxiao took the armlet and handed it to Du Lang.

Du Lang swallowed his saliva and looked at the exquisite armlet on his palm. He could still vaguely feel the heat on the armlet.

That was it… Really?

“This… this is… a sacred tool?” Du Lang, who had always been stable, stammered at this instant.

Sacred tool! That was a treasure that could only be heard of in legends, ah! Du Lang never dreamed that he would have the chance to get such a precious thing in his life.

“Mm.” Shen Yanxiao nodded her head.

“I… I… I…” For a while, Du Lang was tongue-tied. He had a lot to say but he was so dazzled that he was unable to speak properly and just kept on repeating the word “I” several times.

Shen Yanxiao couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“Don’t just stutter on me. Find a place to try its eects. If there is anything inappropriate, I’ll help you adjust it.” Du Lang and Tang Nazhi were similar, but also dierent. Both of them were Swordsmen, but Du Lang had just broken through the second stage of the profession while Tang Nazhi was already on the verge of breaking through the realm of a Saint. Dierent strengths required dierent sacred tools. Shen Yanxiao had to control the strength of the sacred tool of Du Lang. Otherwise, he would not be able to control the weapon that was too strong for him and it would instead become burdensome.

Such worries would never occur among the members of the Phantom. Shen Yanxiao believed that none of her little friends would fall behind. The sacred tool Shen Yanxiao had built for Tang Nazhi was the most powerful sacred tool, in accordance with the standards of Saint Professionals. After several battles, Tang Nazhi was already very adept at using it, and there was not any discomfort.

“I’ll go now!!!” Du Lang was suddenly in high spirits. What stable? What mature? All of those had been washed away by ecstasy. He was like a child who got a new toy; holding the sacred tool, he ran away feeling jubilant.

The remaining six wolves exchanged glances with one another, and almost could not wait to squeeze to Shen Yanxiao’s side.

“Great Lord! Make me one, too!!!”

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