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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm (Web Novel)


Action Fantasy Sci-fi

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In the tenth year after the new era, the world finally came to an end. Zhang Mu truefully waited for his death, but unexpectedly found that he had returned to ten years ago. With his memory about the future, he swore that he would change the calamitous history, saving the earth from being destroyed! Walking dead, zergs, evolvers, and various mutated animals… nothing can stop him! The first step is to retrieve his identity as an era merchant , then find all the treasures he can remember to enhance himself!

501 • 2019-04-27 17:23:08


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 161: Inspection2019-12-30
Chapter 160: Revisiting The Coal City2019-12-23
Chapter 159: Big Crisis2019-12-21
Chapter 158: The Weak Will Be Eliminated2019-12-17
Chapter 157: Little Black’s Tricks2019-12-16
Chapter 156: Caught In Their Own Trap2019-12-14
Chapter 155: Thrilling Moment2019-12-10
Chapter 154: Bestowed with Great Responsibility2019-12-08
Chapter 153: The Old Tricks Strike Again2019-12-07
Chapter 152: A Comeback2019-12-05
Chapter 151: Barely Escaped2019-12-03
Chapter 150: Thrilling Moment2019-12-01
Chapter 149: The Truth2019-11-30
Chapter 148: Delivered in Advance2019-11-29
Chapter 147: Teaming Up For The Fight2019-11-28
Chapter 146: Crushed From All Sides2019-11-27
Chapter 145: Catastrophe Matrix2019-11-26
Chapter 144: The Abandoned Factory2019-11-24
Chapter 143: Wait And See2019-11-19
Chapter 142: Snooping Secretly2019-11-16
Chapter 141: Snooping Secretly2019-11-14
Chapter 140: Psychic Barrier2019-11-11
Chapter 139: New Ability2019-11-07
Chapter 138: Real Slap in the Face2019-10-30
Chapter 137: Quantity and Quality Changes2019-10-26
Chapter 136: Soul Crystals2019-10-24
Chapter 135: The Beginning of the Awakening2019-10-17
Chapter 134: Little Black Explodes2019-10-14
Chapter 133: The Fight Against Psychic Creatures2019-10-12
Chapter 132: Woke up with a start2019-10-10
Chapter 131: Awakening2019-10-08
Chapter 130: Returning To The Roots2019-10-05
Chapter 129: Beautiful Bubbles2019-10-03
Chapter 128: Eden’s World2019-09-29
Chapter 127: Broken Body with Strong Determination2019-09-28
Chapter 126: Sneaking Into The City2019-09-26
Chapter 125: Still not dead yet2019-09-23
Chapter 124: The Overlord Underwater2019-09-22
Chapter 123: Nowhere To Go2019-09-22
Chapter 122: Got Into A Trouble2019-09-19
Chapter 121: A Makeover2019-09-16
Chapter 120: A Dream that Defies Time2019-09-14
Chapter 119: Terror In The Village2019-09-12
Chapter 118: Leaving Secretly2019-09-09
Chapter 117: Little Black Woke Up2019-09-07
Chapter 116: Do It Personally2019-09-05
Chapter 115: The Heart Is In A Mess2019-09-03
Chapter 114: Hopeless2019-09-01
Chapter 113: How Weak Humanity Was2019-08-30
Chapter 112: The Power of Obsidian Beetle2019-08-26
Chapter 111: Trying His Hand2019-08-24
Chapter 110: Entering The East City Again2019-08-23
Chapter 109: Returning To Poverty2019-08-19
Chapter 108: Nothing Left2019-08-17
Chapter 107: Remaking the Weapon2019-08-12
Chapter 106: Pick Bones In An Egg2019-08-04
Chapter 105: Burning Morale2019-07-29
Chapter 104: The Final Tabulation2019-07-29
Chapter 103: Another Harvest2019-07-20
Chapter 102: Things Get Complicated2019-07-15
Chapter 101: Advance Trading2019-07-11
Chapter 100: Finding The Solution2019-07-10
Chapter 99: Finally Falling Into the Trap2019-07-03
Chapter 98: Era Merchant Shop2019-06-30
Chapter 97: A Success2019-06-24
Chapter 96: Master Of Lies2019-06-21
Chapter 95: The True Intention2019-06-16
Chapter 94: Self Delusion2019-06-13
Chapter 93: The Source Of Avarice2019-06-11
Chapter 92: The Truth2019-06-09
Chapter 91: Attacked By Everyone2019-06-07
Chapter 90: Dragging The Time2019-06-03
Chapter 89: Underestimated2019-06-03
Chapter 88: Hell2019-05-30
Chapter 87: Infiltrating The North City2019-05-26
Chapter 86: Ending What I Started2019-05-23
Chapter 85: Power of North City2019-05-20
Chapter 84: The Smell Of Blood2019-05-18
Chapter 83: Without Stopping2019-05-16
Chapter 82: The Enticement Of Huge Rewards2019-05-14
Chapter 81: Temptation2019-05-12
Chapter 80: Strategic Retreat2019-05-09
Chapter 79: Come And Bite Me2019-05-06
Chapter 78: The cost of assumption2019-05-03
Chapter 77: Tough Fight With The Brown-Tailed Tiger2019-05-03
Chapter 76: Dine ‘n’ Dash2019-04-27
Chapter 75: Great harvest?2019-04-27
Chapter 74: Erode2019-04-27
Chapter 73: Let the Hunt Begin2019-04-27
Chapter 72: Running Around Trying Everything2019-04-27
Chapter 71: Uproar Over Some Tasks2019-04-27
Chapter 70: Become Frenzied2019-04-27
Chapter 69: Cocooning2019-04-27
Chapter 68: Solve One After Another2019-04-27
Chapter 67: Ten Tons of Rice2019-04-27
Chapter 66: That Explains the Matter2019-04-27
Chapter 65: Done With the Deal2019-04-27
Chapter 64: Identity Revealed2019-04-27
Chapter 63: Seeing Wang Liang Again2019-04-27
Chapter 62: Luoyang City’s Change2019-04-27
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