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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm (Web Novel) - Chapter 129: Beautiful Bubbles

Chapter 129: Beautiful Bubbles

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Zhang Mu gently placed the mutated pork meat on the center of the courtyard and pressed something at a specific spot on the stone bench. After that, he looked at the thick stone wall while waiting quietly for the recipient to arrive.

After a long time, Zhang Mu was still waiting for them. Well, it’s a good thing that Zhang Mu was used to it since he knew that these people with high standard, would not bother to spare their time to deal with him.

From the moment Zhang Mu entered, he had been waiting for about half an hour before the tightly sealed door finally opened with a creak.

A boy-toy like man, with slick haired wearing a floral shirt pattern poked his head outside the stone door and looked at the mutated pork meat that Zhang Mu placed in the middle of the courtyard. Using his sleeves to cover his nose in a feminine way, he called out a few burly men behind him with a high-pitch voice, “You guys move this to the kitchen. Milord is about to arrive soon and had ordered this pork meat to eat. Be quick.”

The burly men behind him seem to be second-ranked at the least, but they did not dare to voice out in front of the sissy as they carefully lifted up the pork meat with one person at each end.

When they passed by the person in charge wearing the floral shirt, he subconsciously hid away, fearing that something dirty would contaminate his clothes.

At this moment, he seems to notice Zhang Mu sitting on the stone bench. He glanced at his missing left arm with a complicated expression, then without saying a word, he threw a small cloth bag over.

Zhang Mu sat up immediately, grabbing the bag with one hand as he looked at the person in charge.

However, the other party ignored him directly. Only when he walked far away, there was a sharp voice speaking, “A total of five third-ranked crystals. Count it yourself. Do not complain about us when you found out that there was a shortage. When the time comes, no one would deal with you if you come knocking at our door.”

Even though what he told Zhang Mu was correct, but the departure footsteps of the person in charge never stop.

Zhang Mu never spoke and simply watched the stone door closed slowly. This business was not his main objective for entering the city, so there was no need for him to argue with this neither man nor woman human being. Anyway, it was not his first time seeing this disgusting face.

He specially picked a small alley to enter. In the darkness, he kept on increasing his speed until he found an inconspicuous hotel.

When Zhang Mu flipped out from the hotel’s back window once again, he already changed into the figure of his human skin mask.

Covered in a veil, Zhang Mu walked into the bustling street after cleaning himself up. He never bothers about the crowd of women chattering together as he straightly went ahead to his destination, which was the Shan Xi city’s era merchant shop.

The location of the era merchant shop was quite remoted and required Zhang Mu to turn left and right numerous time before entering. This pathway had been cleared by the first sub-merchant. Hence, no one dares to snoop around anymore.

Even though the first sub-merchants in every city were the strongest, they worked alone and was the city’s hidden card. Hence, only the sub-merchants worked closely with the base now.

Zhang Mu wore the veil and turned into a small pathway leading to the era merchant shop, quietly with no presence made.

There was a stark contrast when compared to the bustling city outside as the place was extremely deserted. Under the guidance of his merchant ring, he went into the space of the era merchant shop.

Because his number was at the bottom, and he was just a fifth sub-merchant, Zhang Mu was not surprised if he had to wait for a long time before there was a mechanical voice to welcome him.

After waiting for a minute, the familiar noise of the era list sounded, surprising Zhang Mu.

“No. 337, Luoyang city’s fifth sub-merchant. Please choose the type of trading to proceed.”

The voice of every era merchant shop was similar, even if you were kind to it, it would not give any preferential treatment. Zhang Mu replied right away, “Era local goods trading.”

“Please choose, sell or purchase.”

“Sell!” Once Zhang Mu had spoken the words, the mechanical list projected a ray of a luminous beam which intersected with the merchant ring on Zhang Mu’s hand. It went on for a while before it extinguished.

The mechanical list reported to Zhang Mu in a monotone voice, “Every era local goods on No. 337 has been confirmed. Luoyang Peony Bud, a total of 11 golden leaves; Yellow River Craps a total of 3.5 golden leaves. A sum of 14.5 golden leaves.”

14.5! Zhang Mu had betted correctly this time. As expected, in the same month, if the purchasing price had increased drastically, then the profit from selling would be very impressive too. In other words, Zhang Mu only need to gain another profit of 0.5 golden leaves on his next trading for him to complete his task. It was very likely that he would be able to earn a large sum of golden leaves too. In that case, increasing to the third-rank would not be impossible anymore.

As the gap between the second-rank and third-rank would not have to be compensated by any amount of crystals, as long as he enters the third rank, he, Zhang Mu, was out of the category of being a low-ranked evolver.

Zhang Mu shouted anxiously, “Carry out the purchasing transaction.”

Currently, he was in a state of great excitement. How could he remain calm when he was about to achieve the final step of his goal?

After this hurdle, he would be able to delay for another year. The hope for his life was in front of his eye, and he could not calm down his emotion.

But at this moment, a word from the mechanical list sent Zhang Mu a shock of his life. He never ever thought that the mechanical list could sound so cold.

“There are zero goods remaining for the era local goods this month. Please come back next time.”

“Zero goods remaining?”

Zhang Mu repeated the words from the mechanical list, showing that he was unable to accept this result. Ever since someone broke through the authority for an intermediate merchant, under normal circumstances, there wasn’t a case whereby the goods became zero in the middle of the month at the era merchant shop. Unless, there was one or a few sub-merchants had engulfed the huge intermediate goods before Zhang Mu or else there should be goods remaining to look after these bunch of people’s needs and tasks.

Did I really encounter such a situation, that was said to be unlikely to occur?

Therefore, this meant that for the next twenty days, Zhang Mu could either go to other city and brought a batch of goods to return to Luoyang city or wait for the next Shan Xi city’s era local goods to be restocked on the next month.

But no matter which option, it was impossible for the current Zhang Mu.

As the time that the merchant ring gave to him, was not enough.

Zhang Mu to quiet down entirely as the moment he had full of hope, he fell straight to the bottom.

So I still had to die? I had already struggled between life and death for such a long time, giving me hope again and again. Yet, it had stripped all the possibility to live on now.

This beautiful bubbles, had popped.

Zhang Mu’s mind slowly begins to crumble apart. He felt nothing even when he was pushed out from the space because of the time limit.


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