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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 1465 - Evolve

Chapter 1465 - Evolve

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At a back mountain in the Nine Nether Bird Clan. Mu Chen sat on an azure stone. He remained in the Nine Nether Bird Clan after leaving the Phoenix Clan. He did not return to the Mu Abode, but came to the Nine Nether Bird Clan with Nine Nether.

That’s because Nine Nether had to absorb the Quasi-Saint Peak Blood Essence to complete her evolution, so he naturally had to protect her.

Naturally, he also needed a safe location to absorb 60% of the Quasi-Saint Peak Blood Essence.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked at the distant mountain that had no lifeforms on it. It was bald with a blazing temperature that emanated from the mountain, it was where Nine Nether was currently undergoing her evolution.

“Nine Nether has started her closed-door cultivation. I hope that she succeeds.” Tian Huang was standing beside Mu Chen as he looked at the massive mountain. Although his gaze was indifferent, there was a hint of nervousness.

“Don’t worry. She will succeed.” Mu Chen comforted.

Nodding his head, Tian Huang turned to Mu Chen and smiled. “You can also go into closed-door cultivation here for the time being. I have already issued an order that a hundred thousand miles in the radius are closed off, and no one is allowed in. So you won’t be disturbed.”

When Mu Chen and company arrived in the Nine Nether Bird Clan, the news they brought made the entire clan excited. They were all feeling depressed when Huang Xuanzhi was lusting over Nine Nether’s bloodline. It was so much so that they even felt helpless.

They initially thought that Nine Nether wouldn’t be able to escape from this fate, but who could’ve expected that Mu Chen would suddenly interfere in this matter and, even more shockingly… he defeated Huang Xuanzhi…

Amongst the Divine Beast Clans, especially amongst the aerial clans, Huang Xuanzhi had a resounding name. But who could’ve expected that even he would be defeated by Mu Chen?

When the news got back to the Nine Nether Bird Clan, Mu Chen instantly became the idol of many younger generations. The moment Mu Chen showed himself before the Nine Nether Bird Clan, he would immediately attract everyone’s attention, making him feel a little uneasy.

Hearing Tian Huang’s words, Mu Chen also felt inwardly relieved. “Then I will have to trouble Patriarch Tian Huang.”

Waving his hand, Tian Huang turned to look at the mountain where Nine Nether was having her closed-door cultivation. “Then, I will not bother you anymore. We will pay attention to the movements here, so you can let us know if you need anything.”

Nodding his head, Mu Chen smiled.

Tian Huang turned into a streak of light and left.

When Tian Huang departed, Mu Chen’s expression gradually turned grave before he took a deep breath, and three pellets flew out from his sleeve.

There were runes on the pellets. Mu Chen had sealed them to prevent any leakage.

Although it was in a sealed state, they still caused the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits in his body to be restless with greedy roars and cries resounding from them.

“How impatient…” Mu Chen helplessly smiled before his hands joined together. His body trembled before the tattoos of the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits appeared on his body.

When the two silhouettes charged, they flew from Mu Chen’s body and expanded into a massive dragon and phoenix that wandered above Mu Chen.

The dragon and phoenix were golden in color, as if their bodies were made of gold, looking noble.

These were the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits, but their bodies were somewhat illusory at this moment without the ability to form a true body. However, the Spiritual Energy fluctuation on them has already reached the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.

“Let’s hope that this Quasi-Saint Peak Blood Essence won’t disappoint me.” Mu Chen muttered as he flicked his finger. The seals on the three pellets instantly disappeared and a torrential bloodline aura swept out, dying this entire heavens in red.

The True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits instantly emanated a greedy roar and cry, respectively, before they started to devour the bloodline aura into their bodies.

Before the True Dragon and Phoenix’s devouring, the three pellets were like bottomless pits as they constantly gushed out bloodline auras, allowing the two spirits to devour without any signs of weakening.

As the two spirits endlessly devoured, the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits started to change. Their dazzling bodies started to turn deep, and there were even ancient runes spreading out on the dragon scales and phoenix feathers…

It was as if their physical bodies were being formed at this moment.

Mu Chen smiled at this scene, but he knew that it was just the beginning. If he really wanted the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits to evolve, they would need a massive amount of bloodline aura. Fortunately, 60% of the Quasi-Saint Peak Blood Essence was sufficient.

“Now, it’s just a waiting game…” Mu Chen muttered as his eyes closed and entered a cultivation state.

This entire process lasted for a month with the mountain here being practically covered in a torrential bloodline aura that had formed into a dense crimson cloud in the sky. This scene was terrifying, but fortunately, Patriarch Tian Huang had already issued an order to forbid everyone from entering.

When Mu Chen opened his eyes, he couldn’t see the dragon and phoenix anymore. As the dense layer of crimson cloud steadily gathered, it had formed into two massive crimson eggs, and even the three pellets before Mu Chen had shrunk down by half.

A smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face. He could sense that there were two dominant lifeforms brewing in the eggs.

Looking down from the crimson cloud, Mu Chen was briefly stunned. There were black flames constantly gushing from the bald mountain.

Under the black flames, the entire mountain even showed signs of melting.

There seemed to be something breaking out of a cocoon deep within the mountain, along with a mysterious fluctuation.

“Looks like Nine Nether’s evolution has reached the last phase…” Mu Chen was a little excited. If Nine Nether successfully evolved, then she would be ranked amongst the Supreme Divine Beasts as a Heavenly Sovereign.

“Seems like I can’t lag behind…” Mu Chen’s seals changed and the bloodline aura from the three pellets grew denser, then Mu Chen closed his eyes.

When Mu Chen opened his eyes again, he was startled by a rumbling cry before he witnessed the thunderclouds gathering over Nine Nether’s mountain with destructive lightning.

“Lightning Tribulation!” Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed. It was just like how humans would encounter a barrier when breaking into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm; Divine Beasts would also attract a tribulation.

If the Lightning Tribulation was here, that meant that Nine Nether was only a step away from success.

Looking at the dense thunderclouds, Mu Chen suddenly sensed a Spiritual Energy fluctuation. Turning his gaze, he saw Patriarch Tian Huang and the Elders of the Nine Nether Bird Clan gathering over, nervously looking at the dense clouds.

It was at that moment, the thunderclouds split open and a massive pillar of lightning descended from the heavens that even permeated a burning smell in the atmosphere.

However, when that pillar was about to strike the black flames within the mountain, a pillar of black flames soared into the sky and clashed with that lightning pillar.

When the flames and lightning clashed, the entire heavens and earth trembled and the two forces briefly held their position before dissipating together.

But the lightning tribulation wouldn’t be that simple. Soon after, thunderclouds rolled. Tian Huang and company felt their scalps going numb as silver pillars of lightning constantly descended from the sky towards that mountain. It was as if the heavens were trying to destroy whatever was in there.

Facing those ferocious attacks, torrential black flames also gushed out from the mountain, forming into a barrier.

Along with the strikes of lightning turning more ferocious, the barrier also started to weaken before it ultimately shattered.

Suddenly the clouds in the sky gathered together and a bolt of colossal lightning dropped from the sky onto the mountain.

Shock covered the faces of Tian Huang and company. They saw that the mountain was starting to melt and was instantly leveled to the ground.

But it was also at this moment, a massive pillar of black flames soared into the sky and flapped its wings. Opening its mouth that was akin to a black hole, it devoured the lightning along with a cry that resounded throughout the heavens and earth.

Everyone raised their heads and saw a black phoenix shrouded in black flames as it permeated an ancient and noble aura.

Looking at the black phoenix, Mu Chen couldn’t help taking a deep breath with deep admiration in his eyes.

At this moment, Nine Nether had completed her evolution. Shredding the body of a Divine Beast into a Supreme Divine Beast — the Undying Bird!

While Mu Chen was feeling joy for Nine Nether’s successful evolution, his eyes suddenly squinted as he looked at the crimson cloud that he was covered in. In the next moment, the lifeforms brewing had finally reached the limit…

“Finally coming out now?”

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