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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 1466 - True Dragon, True Phoenix

Chapter 1466 - True Dragon, True Phoenix

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“Success?!” Tian Huang and the Elders all looked at the black phoenix with joy on their faces as their bodies trembled. They could sense the noble pressure that came from their bloodline.

Their Nine Nether Bird Clan possessed a trace of the Undying Bird’s Bloodline, to begin with. It was just that not many people could awaken that bloodline, and it was even rarer for anyone to evolve into the Undying Bird.

So when Nine Nether evolved into the Undying Bird, everyone here felt a trace of pressure from their bloodline.

“Elder Lu, Nine Nether has stepped into the Heavenly Sovereign Realm now?” Patriarch Tian Huang asked with excitement. He could roughly sense Nine Nether’s strength, but he couldn’t understand the exact level.

After a brief sense, Elder Lu’s face was covered in shock. “Nine Nether has probably reached the Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm!”

Human and Divine Beasts weren’t the same. While humans take it step-by-step to climb, a Divine Beast wouldn’t even experience any rise for years. But the moment they made a breakthrough, their strength would fly towards an unimaginable height.

That meant that the current Nine Nether was stronger than Mu Chen, in terms of cultivation.

“Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign!” Tian Huang and the other Elders immediately rejoiced. In the past, the Nine Nether Bird Clan could only rely on Elder Lu, the sole Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, to squeeze into the ranks of Divine Beast Clans. However, they also had to face challenges at all times, especially since Elder Lu was getting on in his age. Thus, he couldn't advance any further in his cultivation.

However, Nine Nether’s evolution allowed them to get out of their desperate straits. She had evolved into the Supreme Divine Beast, the Undying Bird. In terms of strength, it could be ranked amongst the top three.

With Nine Nether’s existence, not to mention those Divine Beast Clans, but even those Supreme Divine Beast Clans would be fearful of their Nine Nether Bird Clan.

While they were rejoicing, they suddenly heard rumbling noises from the sky and their faces immediately changed. “Why is there another lightning tribulation?!”

They could see a gathering of dense thunderclouds, along with a terrifying fluctuation.

“It’s not directed at Nine Nether!” Elder Lu narrowed his eyes.

Elder Tian Huang was stunned by his words. If it’s not directed at Nine Nether, then who was it directed at? But before they could respond, they immediately looked at Mu Chen’s direction. They could see two massive eggs above Mu Chen that permeated terrifying fluctuations.

“What’s in those crimson eggs? Why are they so terrifying?!” Tian Huang exclaimed. Even he felt fearful about those eggs. Not even Elder Lu had any idea what was brewing in those eggs.

Violent thunder constantly rumbled, attracting Mu Chen’s attention as he narrowed his eyes at the black thunderclouds and knitted his brows. He realised that the power brewing in the thunderclouds was even stronger than what attacked Nine Nether.

But he soon realised that the True Dragon and Phoenix were existences that weren’t inferior to the Undying Bird. So with the two of them being formed, it was natural for the thunderclouds to be more terrifying.

“I hope that they can withstand this.” Mu Chen stared at the two eggs. They couldn’t depend on external factors for the Lightning Tribulation, and the True Dragon and Phoenix could only rely on themselves.

While Mu Chen muttered to himself, the dense black thunderclouds had been brewed to the limit and the entire region has turned dark. Two black bolts of lightning that were akin to the claws of a huge dragon struck the eggs.

The entire sky trembled as the two eggs fluctuated and appeared to have devoured a part of them.

The lightning tribulation started to become violent. It rumbled with black bolts of lightning violently crashing down from the sky, making even Elder Lu’s scalp go numb.

Along with the violent barrage of lightning, the crimson eggs had also started to shrink in size…

Mu Chen’s hands joined together and the three fist-sized Peak Blood Essences exploded with torrential bloodline aura gushing into the two eggs.

With the support of boundless bloodline aura, the eggs also slowly recovered…

But it was clearly just temporary. The crimson egg continued to shrink in size from the lightning before they became about a thousand feet in size.

This scene made Tian Huang and the rest a little worried. Although they had no idea what Mu Chen was doing, they felt that the two crimson eggs couldn’t last much longer.

But compared to their worries, Mu Chen’s expression gradually relaxed. He could sense that the lifeform fluctuations from the two eggs were slowly forming.

As black thunderclouds continued to compress, it had formed into a funnel with traces of lightning flickers gathering that formed into a massive pillar of lightning.

When the pillar descended, it suddenly tore apart and formed into a black lightning dragon and phoenix with a might that it could level the entire mountain if it fell.

But it was also at this moment that the two crimson eggs cracked and the roar of a dragon and cry of a phoenix resounded throughout the sky.

Suddenly, a radiant light soared into the sky that left Tian Huang and the Elders dumbfounded. A massive dragon and phoenix had spread their bodies out.

The dragon was golden in color, with a mysterious luster on its scales that contained destructive prowess. The scales were also engraved with ancient runes that seemed extremely mysterious.

The phoenix was also golden in color, looking noble with golden magma dripping from its wings, causing space to distort.

In a nutshell, two terrifying pressures spread out across the sky, causing everyone's faces to change.

“That’s… the True Dragon and True Phoenix?!” Exclamations resounded as Tian Huang and the rest showed disbelief on their faces. As someone from a Divine Beast Clan, they could naturally sense the suppression from the two superior beings.

Furthermore, the True Dragon and True Phoenix have actual physiques, they weren’t illusions!

“How is this possible?!” Elder Lu exclaimed, “How did Mu Chen produce a True Dragon and Phoenix?!”

One must know that the True Phoenix and Dragon were Emperors of their respective clans with noble bloodlines. Even in the individual clans, it's tough for even one of them to be born. But Mu Chen actually produced both of them?!

They looked at the True Dragon and Phoenix with disbelief as they clashed with the lightning dragon and phoenix.

As the heavens and earth trembled, lightning splattered across the sky, sweeping out a shock wave. As the True Dragon and Phoenix unleashed a roar and cry, those bolts of lightning couldn’t do anything to them.

Furthermore, the Spiritual Energy fluctuations from their bodies was also frantically rising.

In just ten-odd breaths, they had broken through realms and reached the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm!

“Hiss!” Elder Lu sucked in a cold breath and exclaimed, “The True Dragon and Phoenix managed to reach the Initial Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm!”

Tian Huang and the rest exchanged a look. They were shocked beyond words. Who could’ve expected that not only did Mu Chen produce a True Dragon and Phoenix, he even raised them to the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“They actually reached the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm…” Mu Chen was shocked as well. He initially thought that they would reach the Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm. However, he never imagined that the True Dragon and Phoenix would reach the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm, becoming even stronger than him.


He knitted as he looked at the True Dragon and Phoenix. He could sense that those two beings did not have their own consciousness. Up to a certain degree, the True Dragon and Phoenix were akin to the clones that he has cultivated.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t too bothered because the True Dragon and Phoenix originated from him, so it was somewhat impossible for them to possess their own consciousness.

Waving his hand, the True Dragon and Phoenix unleashed a roar and cry across the horizon as they descended. The True Dragon turned into a tiny snake that burrowed into Mu Chen’s sleeve, while the True Phoenix turned into a little bird that stood on Mu Chen’s shoulder.

Sensing the link he had with them, Mu Chen couldn’t help smiling. He had finally nurtured them after so much hard work.

The black phoenix had also descended and turned into a slender silhouette.

When everyone looked at that silhouette, even Mu Chen had shock in his eyes.

Nine Nether had undergone a complete change. A black dress was wrapped around her body with her hair draped down. There was even a mysterious and noble aura on her face and her pupils were akin to the black flames of an abyss that would suck people in.

In the past, Nine Nether was filled with wildness. But at this moment, she had a mysterious charm and the aura of a noble bloodline that would repel others.

Sensing Mu Chen’s gaze, Nine Nether turned over and smiled.

Looking at her smile, Mu Chen returned a smile. Regardless of her changes, she was still that Nine Nether that once protected him…

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