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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 1467 - Mu Abode’s Situation

Chapter 1467 - Mu Abode’s Situation

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Greatlaw Continent, the Mu Abode’s Headquarter in the Northern Region

Mu Chen sat behind the table. He had a headache from all the documents on the table. They were all tributes from the various forces beneath the Mu Abode.

*Sigh* After going through them for half a day, Mu Chen felt exhausted. He placed a document down and looked at Mandala, who was gloating and gave a wry smile. “I don’t think you need to come to me for these things, right?”

Curling her lips, Mandala replied, “You are, after all, the Mu Abode’s Ruler. So you have to understand some reports regarding the Mu Abode.”

Mu Chen sighed. He had returned to the Mu Abode half a month ago. He initially thought that he would have some peace, but he never expected that Mandala would dump all this work on him.

This half-month felt even more exhausting than fighting with Huang Xuanzhi…

“Alright, I know that you don’t have it easy.” Mu Chen raised his hands in defeat. He knew that Mandala was doing this on purpose, to teach him a lesson. After all, he had never been bothered with the Mu Abode’s matters since its establishment.

When Nine Nether and the Profound Sky Ancestor saw this, they couldn’t help smiling. No one would expect that the genius of Great Thousand World would admit defeat.

Mu Chen’s battle with Huang Xuanzhi had been spread throughout the Great Thousand World, and this had also raised Mu Chen’s fame. After all, everyone knew that Huang Xuanzhi had once slaughtered a Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign…

With the defeat of the Phoenix Clan’s pride, that meant that Mu Chen was stronger than Huang Xuanzhi.

But shockingly, Mu Chen was still only in the Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign. That meant that he would probably be invincible beneath the Saint Heavenly Sovereign Realm upon reaching Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm…

Seeing that Mu Chen had admitted defeat, Mandala’s expression loosened up, before she gently snorted and stretched out to retrieve a scroll from the mess of documents. “The Mu Abode received a total of 1,900,000,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquids for the past year.”

“1,900,000,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquids…” Mu Chen smacked his lips at this amount. The former Great Havenlaw Domain was only barely able to get 100,000,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquids a year.

“You think that it’s a lot?” Seeing Mu Chen’s astonished face, Mandala rolled her eyes.

“Isn’t it?” Mu Chen smiled in embarrassment. He wasn’t too clear about the in-depth information.

“Out of 1,900,000,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquids, you’re taking 700,000,000 for your own cultivation, and Elder Profound Sky takes 400,000,000 a year. Now that Nine Nether has reached the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, she will be taking 400,000,000 as well. So there are only 400,000,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquids for other matters. Do you know how many mouths there are to feed in the Mu Abode?” Mandala snorted.

Mu Chen was stunned, before he felt a little guilty. Evidently, he never expected that he alone would take ⅓ of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquids. Now that he had reached the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, he required a massive amount of resources. But if he didn’t have any resources, his cultivation efficiency would significantly decrease.

This was also why many Heavenly Sovereigns would establish their own forces, since they needed a power to support them in their cultivation expenses.

“I don’t need so much of it.” Nine Nether never expected that she would obtain this amount upon reaching the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

Shaking her head, Mandala replied, “This is the rules. Every Heavenly Sovereign is a pillar of a supreme force, and if the Mu Abode can’t even give such treatment, how will there be any Heavenly Sovereigns who want to join us in the future?”

Turning to Mu Chen, Mandala continued, “But the Mu Abode can only support you three Heavenly Sovereigns with our territories. If there’s another one, we won’t be able to support them.”

Mu Chen’s heart turned grave at those words. This had clearly affected the Mu Abode’s development. After all, Heavenly Sovereigns are the foundation of any force, and the quantity of them represented their strength.

“Then what should we do now?” Mu Chen asked.

“Maintain this state for the time being and slowly devour more territories to expand the Mu Abode.” Mandala replied.

“But there are many forces in the Greatlaw Continent on alert of our Mu Abode. So we didn’t manage to expand too much in the past year, or it would cause them to retaliate.”

After a brief consideration, Mu Chen asked, “Have you checked the supreme forces behind those forces in the Greatlaw Continent?”

Nodding her head, Mandala took out a scroll and handed it over to Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen open it up, five names entered his eyes. These five forces were famous, even in the Great Thousand World.

Pellet Sun Mountain - Pellet Sun Ancestor

Profound Nether City - Profound Nether City Lord

Violet Thunder Celestial Sect - Venerable Violet Thunder

White Tiger Valley - White Tiger King.

Spiritual Ghost Gate - Ghost Emperor

The first four supreme forces have reached the Initial Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm, while the Ghost Emperor had already stepped into the Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“The Greatlaw Continent is truly a supercontinent with complicated strings. There were even a total of five supreme forces.” Mu Chen squinted his eyes.

“In the past, no Heavenly Sovereign interfered due to the unspoken rules in the Greatlaw Continent, but they only supported forces to represent them. Who could’ve imagined that the Mu Abode would have a monster like you in just a few years and break the situation in the Greatlaw Continent?” Mandala smiled.

“The moment our Mu Abode united the Northern Region, those five supreme forces had warned us not to interfere in the other territories of the Greatlaw Continent. At the same time, they’re also obstructing our expansion.”

“But after the news of your deed in the Ancient Buddha Clan, those five supreme forces became fearful and stopped obstructing us.” Mu Chen nodded his head. He knew that those five forces would be fearful after knowing that his mother was a Saint Rank Spiritual Array Ancestor. Furthermore, she’s also the Grand Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan.

However, the current situation was truly troublesome. Although the Mu Abode was filled with momentum, they were contained in the Northern Region by those five forces. If they forced their way, then they would force the five supreme forces to join together and deal with them, which would threaten the Mu Abode.

After all, Mu Chen's mother couldn't come out and annihilate those fellows… The Mu Abode was his home ground, so he had to rely on himself to grow stronger.

But if the Mu Abode wanted to grow stronger now and step into the pinnacle supreme force of the Great Thousand World, they would have to dominate the entire Greatlaw Continent, making use of the resources to rise.

It wasn’t because Mu Chen was ambitious, but he knew that if the Mu Abode continued to grow stronger, they would undoubtedly have to fight with the five supreme forces.

According to his estimation, if it wasn’t for Qing Yanjing becoming the Grand Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan, those five supreme forces would have made their move against the Mu Abode.

In their view, the Mu Abode was a threat that continually grew stronger.

“No rush.” Mu Chen briefly pondered before he continued, “The current situation in the Mu Abode can last for a period, and I will make them leave the Greatlaw Continent in fear.”

Facing those forces, he just needed sufficient time to step into the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm, and those supreme forces would know what to do.

At that moment, Mu Chen wouldn’t even need to exhaust a troop to dominate the entire Greatlaw Continent.

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, Mandala sighed, “I’m afraid that they do not intend to give you the time.”

“What do you mean?” Mu Chen narrowed his eyes.

Mandala’s face turned solemn as she explained, “I’ve received news that those five supreme forces have made an alliance, the Greatlaw Alliance…

“I’m worrying that the Greatlaw Alliance is targeted us.” Mu Chen knitted his brows. He never expected that those five supreme forces would be so decisive to make an alliance to obstruct their Mu Abode.

As Mu Chen went into silence, the hall had also gone quiet.

Suddenly, a light flew in, which was grabbed by Mandala, since she briefly sensed it, and her face changed.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Chen’s brows raised.

Mandala’s voice turned cold, “There is news that the five heads of the Greatlaw Alliance are going to hold a banquet in the Greatlaw City, and they’re inviting you.”

“Banquet?” The Profound Sky Ancestor asked.

“What should we do?” Mandala said as she looked at Mu Chen.

Caressing the desk, Mu Chen’s face was reflected in the light as he smiled. A cold light started to gather in his black pupils. “They’re courageous. I initially wanted to wait a little longer so that they would retreat by themselves, and I never expected that they would be so anxious to fight with me…

“Since that’s the case, then we’ll fulfill their wish.”

When he finished speaking, a torrential aura burst out from Mu Chen and his clothes fluttered from the momentum, looking like a tyrant.

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