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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 1468 - Greatlaw Alliance

Chapter 1468 - Greatlaw Alliance

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Spiritual Energy roared within the hall and resounded throughout the air.

The explosive Spiritual Energy fluctuation from Mu Chen’s body made even the Profound Sky Ancestor’s face change. Mu Chen was even more horrifying at this moment. If he fought with Mu Chen now, he probably wouldn’t even last ten moves.

Mandala’s face was also cold as she snorted, “Why would the Greatlaw Alliance challenge you? They were fearful of you in the past.”

Mu Chen squinted his eyes. It was truly somewhat abnormal. After all, his mother was a Saint Rank Spiritual Array Ancestor. Although Mu Chen had never brought his backing out, it was still something that could leave the five Heavenly Sovereigns fearful.

So now that they’re going to deal with him, they were no longer afraid of his mother?

“Investigate this matter. I must know the Greatlaw Alliance’s motive.” Mu Chen gently knocked on the desk. Although he wasn’t afraid of the other party, he wasn’t a rash person. After all, know thy enemy, know thyself.

Mandala gently nodded her head.

The investigation soon bore results. There was a large amount of information before Mu Chen after a day. After he carefully read through them, Mu Chen’s expression calmed down after an incense’s time.

“I was just wondering why they were suddenly so bold. It turns out that they have someone backing them up.” Mu Chen said.

“Who?” Nine Nether asked.

“According to the information, someone from the Ancient Maha Clan went looking for the five supreme forces a month ago.” Mu Chen’s gaze coldly flickered.

“The Ancient Maha Clan?” Hearing that name, Mandala, Nine Nether, and Profound Sky Ancestor’s faces instantly changed. They never imagined that the Ancient Maha Clan would be behind this.

“We have no grudges with the Ancient Maha Clan, so why are they suddenly targeting you?” Mandala asked in puzzlement.

Squinting his eyes, Mu Chen smiled. “The Primordial Immortal Assembly is starting in half a year.”

Hearing that term, the faces of Mandala’s group of three had surprised looks. They had no idea why that was related to the Mu Abode.

“The Ancient Maha Clan holds the Primordial Immortal Body, and this assembly is for it to find its owner.” Mu Chen calmly replied before he continued, “The Primordial Immortal Body is something that the Immortal Emperor left in the Ancient Maha Clan for safekeeping. But they are ambitious and have treated it as their property.

“I’ve heard from my mother that the Ancient Maha Clan would investigate outstanding talents that have cultivated the Immortal Golden Body and use all sorts of means to prevent them from attending the Primordial Immortal Assembly.

“I believe that my fame must have been rising recently, which was why they shifted their attention towards me. But due to my mother, they do not dare to make a move against me in the open, so they’re trying to use the Greatlaw Alliance to obstruct me.”

“That’s despicable!” Nine Nether raged in a cold voice.

The means of the Ancient Maha Clan was detestable. The Immortal Emperor had left the Primordial Immortal Body to them for safekeeping, and disclosed the cultivation techniques for the Great Solar Undying Body and Immortal Golden Body. He wanted to find a suitable successor, but who could’ve thought that the Ancient Maha Clan would treat it as one of their properties. Not only had they failed the Immortal Emperor, they even resorted to underhanded means to obstruct participants. That was simply despicable!

Mandala’s face had also turned cold as she mocked, “The Primordial Immortal Body is one of the five Primal Celestial Bodies in the Great Thousand World, and it had once created the Immortal Emperor, the strongest existence. It is no wonder that the Ancient Maha Clan would resort to underhanded means against this temptation.”

“What should we do now? I’m afraid that the Greatlaw Banquet won’t be simple.” Even the Profound Sky Ancestor spoke in a worried tone.

Sharpness flickered in Mu Chen’s eyes as he smiled. “Since we’ve accepted the Greatlaw Alliance’s invitation, our reputation would be destroyed if we refuse to go.”

Suddenly, his face turned cold. He initially wanted a peaceful period till he reached the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm to persuade the rest to leave. Since they’re so impatient, then he couldn’t be blamed…

“Spread the news, the Mu Abode will attend the banquet in two days.” Mu Chen slowly closed his eyes with a cold voice. Since the other party wanted to challenge him, then he could only push forth his plan to dominate the Greatlaw Continent.

When the news of the Greatlaw Alliance hosting a banquet and invited the Mu Abode’s ruler spread, it instantly blazed throughout the Greatlaw Continent.

Everyone could tell that along with Mu Chen’s fame growing stronger in the Great Thousand World, the status of the Mu Abode had also gained momentum.

Facing the Mu Abode that’s growing daily, even those supreme forces who were supporting their own representatives in the Greatlaw Continent couldn’t hold back anymore and formed the Greatlaw Alliance. In this manner, they would dominate ¾ of the territories in the Greatlaw Continent to pressure the Mu Abode.

This made those forces that initially wanted to join the Mu Abode to hold their thoughts, since they were fearful of being suppressed by the Greatlaw Alliance.

Thus, the news had practically attracted everyone’s attention, since they knew that this banquet would determine the Overlord of the Greatlaw Continent.

This was the most significant event in the past tens of thousands of years in the Great Thousand World, since it represented that the Greatlaw Continent might be united.

However, who the Overlord would be would have to be determined between the Greatlaw Alliance and Mu Abode…

No matter what, this was something in the Greatlaw Continent that everyone had to direct their attention towards.

In Greatlaw City, the headquarters of the Greatlaw Alliance

A palace stood in the center of the Greatlaw City with a round table, where five silhouettes have gathered. Although there wasn’t any Spiritual Energy circulating around them, there was a terrifying pressure that permeated, causing space to show signs of distortion.

“That Mu Abode’s Mu Chen had accepted the invitation…” A purple-robed elder spoke up and knitted his brows as he hesitated, “That Mu Chen is a ruthless fellow, and he defeated even Huang Xuanzhi of the Phoenix Clan. Are we really going to provoke him?”

“Pellet Sun Ancestor, you’re an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign. Why are you afraid of a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign runt?” A middle-aged man with lightning flickering in his eyes said.

Sweeping him a glance, the purple-robed elder sneered, “Spirit Heavenly Sovereign runt? Why don’t you go and fight him? If you’re able to retreat successfully, I won’t speak a single word.”

Hearing his words, the middle-aged man was briefly stunned before he snorted. Mu Chen had defeated even Huang Xuanzhi, so everyone could tell how powerful Mu Chen was. Venerable Violet Thunder knew his level, and he knew that he wasn’t Mu Chen’s opponent.

“Okay, stop fighting.” An eerie voice resounded that instantly caused the temperature in the room to drop. Hearing that voice, the Pellet Sun Ancestor and Venerable Violet Thunder stopped their argument and looked at the source of the voice.

Enveloped under an eerie aura, a black-robed man with a pale face and grey pupils emanated an aura of death.

This black-robed man was the Ghost Emperor of the Spiritual Ghost Gate, whose strength has reached the Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm, the strongest amongst the five.

The Ghost Emperor swept a glance at the four people there and said, “You guys know the Mu Abode’s attitude. Mu Chen is clearly aiming for the Greatlaw Continent’s Overlord position, so if we don’t shatter his ambitions now, we won’t have a say in the Greatlaw Continent anymore.”

Hearing his words, everyone else nodded their heads with grave expressions.

“But Mu Chen’s mother is the Grand Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan…” Pellet Sun Ancestor commented.

“Don’t worry. The Ancient Maha Clan said that they won’t allow the Ancient Buddha Clan to interfere in this matter. With the support of the ancient Maha Clan, we won’t have to be concerned about that.”

The Ghost Emperor continued, “Furthermore, we have no intention of killing Mu Chen. As long as he dares to come, we will injure him and let him rest for half a year, accomplishing our task. After that, the Ancient Maha Clan will aid us in ruling the Greatlaw Continent.”

When the four of them heard that, there was a fire in their eyes. They wanted to rule the Greatlaw Continent for a long time. So if they obtained the support of the Ancient Buddha Clan, then they would be able to shut the mouths of the other supreme forces within the Greatlaw Continent.

“Since that’s the case, then we’ll do it!” The four of them exchanged a glance and solemnly said.

After all, they weren’t too worried about the Mu Abode and Mu Chen. After all, the entire Mu Abode relied on Mu Chen, and even if Mu Chen was powerful, they refused to believe that he could compete against five supreme forces!

“Hmph, if you want to blame someone, then blame yourself for being too ambitious. The Greatlaw Continent isn’t a place for you to dip your fingers in!”

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