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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 1469 - Fight for Authority

Chapter 1469 - Fight for Authority

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The Greatlaw Continent, Greatlaw City

The massive city was located at the center of the Greatlaw Continent, and it was known as the capital of the Greatlaw Continent because this city was a unique emblem. Thus, it had never been controlled by a force in the past. It was something co-managed by all the supreme forces on the Greatlaw Continent.

Now that the Greatlaw Alliance was formed, it was a combined power of five supreme forces. Thus, they naturally had the qualifications, which was the reason why they determined it as their headquarters on the second day it was formed.

No one had any opinion with regards to the Greatlaw Alliance’s tyrannical declaration, since the five supreme forces were too shocking to them.

In the past, the five supreme forces had viewed each other as competitors, which was the reason why there wasn’t a tyrant force in the Greatlaw continent. But with the rise of the Mu Abode, the five supreme forces felt threatened. Thus, they had joined together in an alliance and established a colossal being in the Greatlaw Continent.

As long as they held the upper hand in the Greatlaw Banquet, no one would doubt that they might become the rulers of this entire continent.

Thus, everyone’s attention was directed over, and two days passed in the blink of an eye.

When sunshine tore through the clouds and shone onto this city, the entire city was bustling with vitality.

Countless silhouettes were making their way over, looking like a group of locusts moving towards the city.

Greatlaw City had now become the focus of attention in the Greatlaw Continent. Thus, practically everyone had gathered here, since they knew that this Greatlaw Banquet might determine a true Overlord…

Along with the rise of the Mu Abode, Mu Chen has achieved miracles again and again. On the other hand, the Greatlaw Alliance was powerful, with five supreme forces joining together, which attracted everyone’s attention in the Great Thousand World.

Once the two dominant forces in the Greatlaw Continent clash together, there would definitely be a result in this battle, and the Greatlaw Continent would also calm down and welcome their Overlord.

This was a grand matter for the Greatlaw continent in the past thousands of years!

While the city was bustling with vitality, a massive jade plaza attracted everyone’s attention…

A multitude of silhouettes descended on the plaza. Everyone that could appear here were all top-tiered forces in the Greatlaw Continent.

However, those forces that were so popular in the past were dim. Everyone knew that the two protagonists of this event were the two powerful forces…

Countless gazes were directed at the plaza, where they saw five golden thrones flickering with golden radiance. There were five silhouettes on those thrones with boundless Spiritual Energy spreading out from their bodies, causing the entire heavens and earth to tremble.

They were five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns!

This formation could be considered as an extremely powerful force, even in the Great Thousand World, and placing it in the Greatlaw Continent, it’s stunning.

In the past, the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns were practically the backing of their own representatives in the Greatlaw continent. But with Mu Chen’s appearance, those powerful figures had no choice but to show up…

“Five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns… How terrifying. In the past, I never knew that there would be such terrifying figures hidden in our Greatlaw Continent.” All sorts of respectful gazes looked at the five silhouettes as they sighed.

“Looks like the Greatlaw Alliance is going to clash with the Mu Abode today.”

“The Mu Abode rose too swiftly, and that Mu Abode’s Ruler is ferocious. It is said that he has even defeated Huang Xuanzhi of the Phoenix Clan.”

“That Mu Abode’s Ruler is Mu Chen, right? In the past, he was just an executive of the Great Havenlaw Domain. I never expected that he would grow so swiftly in just a few years.”

“I wonder who will hold the upper hand in this fight?”

“I believe it’s the Greatlaw Alliance. They have a total of five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns!”

“That Mu Chen isn’t simple, either. Those achievements of his are practically speechless.”

“No matter what, this Greatlaw Banquet will be interesting…”


Whispers resounded throughout the city. Everyone could tell that the Greatlaw Alliance wasn’t just inviting the Mu Abode to a banquet. They’re intending to obtain the Overlord position in the Greatlaw Continent.

That Mu Abode’s ruler was a genius with marvelous achievements. So how could he be someone to lower his head? Thus, there would undoubtedly be sparks from the confrontation today.

With regards to those whispers, the five silhouettes on the thrones closed their eyes, ignoring those discussions. But when occasionally they opened their eyes, they would cause space to fluctuate around.

Time gradually passed under this atmosphere and the sun had risen into the sky…

Suddenly, a phoenix cry echoed throughout the heavens and earth.

It had practically drawn all the attention and everyone could feel a terrifying pressure spreading out.

It was so much so that even the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns had opened their eyes and narrowed them.

Swiftly, a black dot appeared in the distant horizon, and in a few flickers, it rapidly expanded into a massive black phoenix.

As the phoenix flapped its wings, it was shrouded in black flames as it approached the city. Instantly, it unleashed a bloodline pressure that caused many people’s faces to change.

“This… what is that Divine Beast?!”

“What a terrifying pressure. It’s practically on the same level as the Phoenix and Dragon Clans!”

Everyone in the city became a little anxious as they looked at the massive being in the sky. They felt their hearts turning cold from the pressure.

The five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns had also knitted their brows as they exchanged a glance with astonishment.

“Is that… the legendary Undying Bird?” As Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns, they were naturally more knowledgeable than the rest. Thus, they instantly figured out the origin of that black phoenix after a brief shock and narrowed their eyes.

They could sense that the Undying Bird’s strength had reached the Late Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

“Since Mu Chen of the Mu Abode is here, then show yourself.” The Ghost Emperor’s grey pupils looked at the black phoenix and his cold voice resounded.

Instantly, everyone followed his gaze and saw a silhouette standing on the head of that black phoenix. It was a young face that emanated an endless pressure.

Hearing the Ghost Emperor’s words, that youthful silhouette smiled and took a step out. In the next instant, everyone saw a silhouette suddenly appear at the center of the plaza.

After that, the black phoenix unleashed a cry before it started shrinking and turned into a slender silhouette that stood beside Mu Chen.

At the same time, whistling sounds of wind resounded as more people appeared behind Mu Chen and Nine Nether.

Standing at the front was the Profound Sky Ancestor and Mandala. Evidently, practically all the experts of the Mu Abode have turned up this time.

When they appeared, the entire city turned silent with many curious gazes gathering onto the Mu Abode’s party.

Standing with his hands behind his back, that youthful figure had a faint smile without showing any weakness against the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns.

“Mu Abode’s Mu Chen is truly a talent to reach this height at such a young age.” The Ghost Emperor looked at Mu Chen as he initiated a speech.

Hearing his words, Mu Chen smiled. “Don’t bother with those conventional greetings. For your Greatlaw Alliance to invite me with such a great formation shouldn’t be just for a banquet, right?”

As the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns exchanged a look, the Pellet Sun Ancestor chuckled, “We naturally have something to discuss with you…”

After a brief pause, his facial expression became honest. “You should know that we, the five supreme forces, have spent a great amount of effort in the Greatlaw Continent. So we’ve decided to end the fight in the Greatlaw Continent, and we hope that you can give up on fighting for the Greatlaw Continent.”

“Naturally, we will give you compensation. After our discussions, we have decided to give the Heavenly Python Continent to the Mu Abode as your land.”

When the Pellet Sun Ancestor’s voice resounded, the entire heavens and earth turned silent as everyone took in a cold breath. The Greatlaw Alliance was truly ruthless without any politeness…

Many people knew about the Heavenly Python Continent. It was something not too far away from the Greatlaw Continent, but it’s only a small-scale continent with limited resources. Compared to the Greatlaw Continent, it was a difference between heaven and earth.

The faces on the experts of the Mu Abode turned cold. Giving up on the Greatlaw Continent for the Heavenly Python Continent, did the Greatlaw Alliance really think that they could devour the Mu Abode?

Countless gazes looked at Mu Chen, which the latter remained silent. After the Pellet Sun Ancestor finished his speech, he smiled.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked at the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns and shook his head. “I’m giving all of you a day to get lost from the Greatlaw Continent, and I will not pursue this matter any further.”

His words instantly caused everyone to be silent and they were drenched in cold sweat. Although the Greatlaw Alliance was ruthless with their words, they had still given Mu Chen face. However, Mu Chen had directly fallen out…

Now, there wouldn’t be a peaceful discussion anymore.

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