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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 1470 - Greatlaw Alliance VS Mu Abode

Chapter 1470 - Greatlaw Alliance VS Mu Abode

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When Mu Chen’s words resounded throughout the plaza, it had instantly caused the entire city to be silent. Everyone was looking at that youth and gulped down a mouthful of saliva. They never expected that even when facing the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns of the Greatlaw Alliance, Mu Chen would show no signs of retreat and even rebuked them.

Instantly, the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns’ faces turned grim with a cold light flickering in their eyes.

“Impudent!” The five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns’ faces turned cold, and a holler resounded. Three silhouettes suddenly appeared; they were three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns.

Those three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns were executives of the Greatlaw Alliance, and when they saw how fearless Mu Chen was, they couldn’t hold back. However, it was also something that the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns ordered, since they wanted those three to test out the Mu Abode.

“A puny Mu Abode dares to contend with our Greatlaw Alliance? Such impudence!” The three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns sneered and pushed their palms forth. Three boundless Spiritual Energies instantly pierced through space and enveloped in the direction of the Mu Abode.

With the three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns making their moves, Mu Chen did not even turn his gaze over, but looked at the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns with indifference.

However, Nine Nether’s gaze instantly turned cold and she breathed out black flames that instantly incinerated those three powerful Spiritual Energy attacks.

When those three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns saw this scene, their faces instantly changed. They never expected that Nine Nether would so easily resolve their attacks.

At this moment, the three of them felt that Nine Nether wasn’t an easy opponent and wanted to retreat.

But how could Nine Nether allow them to retreat? She would make use of this opportunity to show the might of their Mu Abode.

Her body trembled and phoenix wings of black flames spread out from behind her. With a flap, she disappeared.

When Nine Nether disappeared, the three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns instantly felt something was amiss, so they circulated their Spiritual Energy, and their bodies emanated luster. They had immediately brought out their Spiritual Physiques.

Nine Nether had mysteriously appeared behind the three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns and the phoenix wings slashed out, tearing space apart from their sharpness.

That black flames seemed like they could incinerate everything. After a black streak flashed, three mournful cries resounded.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they saw three silhouettes falling from the sky. They saw a sinister wound across the chest of the three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns of the Greatlaw Alliance with fresh blood flowing from them. Black flames were burning their injuries, causing their injuries to be unable to recover.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath as they looked at Nine Nether with respect. Evidently, no one expected that the three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns of the Greatlaw Alliance would be so easily defeated by her.

After defeating the three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns, Nine Nether did not stop. Her eyes flickered and she turned into another black flare, intending to beat her opponent while they’re down.

When the three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns saw Nine Nether coming in their direction, they were startled. They knew from the previous confrontation that they weren’t Nine Nether’s opponent.

“You dare!” When Nine Nether appeared before the three Spirit Heavenly Sovereigns, a holler resounded.

When the enraged voice resounded, Venerable Violet Thunder disappeared and reappeared before Nine Nether with a jab covered in violet lightning flying out.

The power of an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign wasn’t something that a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign could compare to.

As the violet lightning expended in Nine Nether’s eyes, Mu Chen appeared before her and the pagoda appeared in his eyes, which instantly converted all his Spiritual Energy.

Clenching his fist, he brandished a jab with a crystal glove on his fist.

Mu Chen’s fist crashed with the violet lightning and the violet lightning suddenly collapsed. In the next instant, Mu Chen’s fist had pierced through space and smashed against Venerable Violet Thunder’s chest.

With an explosion, Venerable Violet Thunder’s body suddenly trembled and he flew out, leaving two deep marks on the jade plaza.

Venerable Violet Thunder’s face was pale as he stabilised his figure and looked at Mu Chen with a pale expression. Instantly, fear rose in his heart. He could sense how terrifying Mu Chen was from their earlier exchange.

Their exchange was only a brief instant, and everyone recovered when they saw how Venerable Violet Thunder was beaten back by Mu Chen’s fist and instantly burst out in commotion.

Although Mu Chen had great fame in the Great Thousand World, not one had witnessed how he defeated the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign. After witnessing how Mu Chen defeated Venerable Violet Thunder, all of them were shocked.

“Venerable Violet Thunder, if you’re itching for a fight, you can look for me. Why bother bullying a girl?” Mu Chen slowly retracted his fist and gave a faint smile to Venerable Violet Thunder.

However, Venerable Violet Thunder did not speak as he gave a ferocious look at Mu Chen.

When the uproar started to weaken down, everyone saw the four other Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns on the thrones standing up.

As they stood up, the entire region turned dark.

The Ghost Emperor stared at Mu Chen as his voice resounded, “Mu Abode’s Ruler, we know that you’re powerful, and none of us will be able to defeat you in a one-on-one battle.”

The Ghost Emperor’s voice caused many people to be shocked, since the Ghost Emperor was a Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm. Compared to Mu Chen, he was an entire realm ahead, but even so, he had admitted that he couldn’t defeat Mu Chen. So how powerful was the latter?

However, Mu Chen maintained a calm expression, showing no complacency from the Ghost Emperor’s praises.

“Our objective is clear by inviting you to this banquet. Our Greatlaw Alliance wants to rule the entire Greatlaw Continent. If you can agree, we will compensate you.

“But if you insist on fighting with us for the Greatlaw Continent…” As he spoke, a ferocious light flickered in the Ghost Emperor’s eyes as his tone instantly became filled with killing intent, causing the surrounding temperature to drop. “Then the five of us can only challenge you.”

At this moment, the Greatlaw Alliance had revealed their ambition.

Everyone wore grave expressions. The five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns were intending to gang up on Mu Chen. Thus, everyone could see how fearful they were towards Mu Chen.

“Looks like your Greatlaw Alliance is throwing your reputation away.” Nine Nether mocked as she stood behind Mu Chen.

After all, it wasn’t good news for Mu Chen to face five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns.

But the Ghost Emperor smiled. “The winner makes the rules, and I don’t dare about the process.”

His grey pupils looked at Mu Chen as he smiled. “Furthermore, I am also treating the Ruler of the Mu Abode seriously, which is the reason why we did this. If this spreads out, I’m afraid that Mu Abode’s Ruler’s fame will rise again.”

When Nine Nether heard that, her eyes turned cold. “Shameless!”

Waving his hand, Mu Chen interrupted Nine Nether and smiled while facing the Ghost Emperor. “Then I have to thank the five of you.”

“You still have to get through today before saying that.” Venerable Violet Thunder coldly said.

“It seems like the five of you are confident in dealing with me?” said Mu Chen.

The Ghost Emperor’s eyes flickered as he said, “Do you feel otherwise?”

As he spoke, a grey Spiritual Energy surged out of his body as he swiftly converted to his Spiritual Physique. His eyes were flickering with a terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure that enveloped the entire city.

At the same time, the Pellet Sun Ancestor, and the three other Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns had also done the same. At that moment, the entire region was shrouded in pressure as it enveloped towards Mu Chen.

Five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns had made their moves at the same time with a wave that startled the entire heavens and earth.

Everyone around the plaza had their faces change. Facing five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns, even the terrifying Mu Abode’s Ruler would feel pressured, right?

Under everyone’s gaze, the smile on Mu Chen’s face slowly retracted as a bone-chilling cold replaced it.

“Since you like to bully with numbers, then I will show you the true meaning of bullying with numbers…” Mu Chen’s cold voice resounded throughout the plaza.

When the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns heard that, they instantly locked their brows together, while faintly feeling uneasy.

But while they felt uneasy, Mu Chen stretched out his hand and swiped across the ring on his finger. In the next moment, a boundless black radiance swept out.

While the entire region was enveloped in silence, everyone looked at the plaza with shock to see an entire army donned in black armor appearing behind Mu Chen.

When this army appeared, it emanated a terrifying Battle Will that caused the heavens and earth to fluctuate, causing the entire region to tremble.

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