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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 1472 - 50,000,000 Battle Runes

Chapter 1472 - 50,000,000 Battle Runes

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When that grey bone compass appeared in the hand of the Ghost Emperor, there was a smooth side that looked like a mirror. The edge of the mirror was engraved with ancient runes that faintly emanated a terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

When that mirror appeared, Mu Chen narrowed his eyes and his expression turned grave. “This fluctuation… an Immortal Grade Peerless Saint Artifact?”

That fluctuation was powerful even amongst Immortal Grade Peerless Saint Artifacts. He never expected that the Ghost Emperor would possess one… and this must be where the Ghost Emperor’s confidence lies.

“Mu Abode’s Ruler, I didn’t want to use this item, but since you’re so stubborn, then you can’t blame me.” Holding onto the mirror, the Ghost Emperor coldly smiled. “But don’t worry, you have a strong backing. So I can’t kill you, but I will make you pay a considerable price today!”

Without any fluctuation on his face, Mu Chen faintly replied, “You’re still not qualified.”

Although the Ghost Emperor was at the Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm, he was inferior to Huang Xuanzhi. After all, the latter was someone who could challenge someone above his cultivation. Since he could defeat Huang Xuanzhi, he naturally wasn’t afraid of the Ghost Emperor.

Evidently, the Ghost Emperor knew about this fact, which was the reason why he had joined forces with four other Initial Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns to fight Mu Chen.

“Then give it a try!” Hearing Mu Chen’s indifferent voice, a sinister expression flashed on the Ghost Emperor’s face and his hands swiftly joined together. The bone mirror in his hand flew into the sky and expanded to a thousand feet.

“Together!” The Ghost Emperor hollered and looked at the four other Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns.

The four other Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns naturally knew how powerful this bone mirror was. Thus, they nodded their heads and the five Sovereign Immortal Bodies unleashed five massive pillars into the massive bone mirror.

A ripple set out across the surface of the mirror and an indescribable fluctuation gathered within the mirror.

The space around the mirror also showed signs of collapsing, as if it couldn’t bear the Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

When Nine Nether and the Profound Sky Ancestor watched this scene, their faces changed. They could sense that the bone mirror had actually gathered the power of five immortal Heavenly Sovereigns.

One must know that the five of them were powerful, and with their power combined together, it would naturally cause rejection. However, the bone mirror actually managed to combine it all together.

Thus, this attack was no longer comparable to before. It was a complete fusion between five powers. It was something that could even slaughter a Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm.

This should naturally be the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns’ trump card.

The other forces around the plaza had also noticed this situation and their expressions turned grave.

They knew that the outcome of this battle would determine the Overlord of their Greatlaw continent…

“Looking at this situation, the Mu Abode’s Ruler is in danger. The five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns have combined their powers through that bone mirror. Not to mention a Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign, even a Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign, would be killed if their careless.”

“The Mu Abode’s Ruler is too young, while the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns are all cunning foxes. If they did not have a trump card or two, why would they provoke him…”

“If the Mu Abode’s Ruler is defeated here, then the Mu Abode can only retreat from the Greatlaw Continent with all their hard work going down the drain…”

However, Mu Chen had disregarded all the commotion and squinted his eyes at the bone mirror. The Spiritual Energy fluctuation gathering there was something that even he couldn’t be careless against.

Boundless Spiritual Energy gathered into the bone mirror before turning into lightning. It flickered and permeated a destructive fluctuation.

Standing beneath the bone mirror, the Ghost Emperor’s face turned cold from the Spiritual Energy, before he glanced at Mu Chen, then gently waved his hand with a smile.

“Then, I’ll let you test the might of this Ancient Divine Union Mirror.” The bone mirror trembled and locked onto Mu Chen.

In the next moment, brilliant Spiritual Energy violently gathered around the bone mirror before rapidly shrinking down. Ten-odd breaths later, a pillar that was a few thousand feet turned into a palm-sized beam and flew out.

Although it had been reduced in size, the silver beam tore through the heavens and earth, destroying everything in its path.

Looking at the beam, Mu Chen’s expression turned grave. He could feel a chill down his spine from the threat it posed to him.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen’s hands joined together and a torrential Battle Will soared into the sky then poured into the Battle Will Spirit dragon.

As more Battle Will was added in, the massive being started to grow in size.

Most importantly, the amount of Battle Runes started to increase as well.

10,000,000… 30,000,000… 40,000,000…

With Mu Chen’s current strength, he could already create Battle Runes in the tens of millions. Generally speaking, 10,000,000 would be equivalent to a Spirit Heavenly Sovereign.

Reaching 40,000,000 Battle Runes, it would be comparable to an Immortal Heavenly Sovereign!

At this moment, Mu Chen had brought out all the power of the Black Dragon Army without holding back.

In the next moment, that palm-sized silver beam had shot over.

Unleashing a roar, the Battle Will dragon opened its mouth and breathed out a dragon breath that had over 40,000,000 Battle Runes.

Torrential dragon breath clashed with that silver beam. But when it fought, the torrential dragon breath had started to collapse. The silver beam was destroying everything in its path.

“Although 40,000,000 Battle Runes are terrifying, it’s still too naïve for you to think that you can defeat the five of us!” The Ghost Emperor sneered as he watched the silver beam.

Looking at the dragon breath collapsing from the silver beam, Mu Chen had no expression on his face. He then took a deep breath and flicked his finger. A radiance burst out from his ring.

As the light spread out, 5,000 more warriors of the Black Dragon Army appeared.

Initially, he wanted to hold back. But from the current situation, it looked like he had to bring out his best.

“Bring out all of your Battle Will!” Mu Chen’s voice resounded near the ears of every single warrior in the Black Dragon Army and their eyes gradually turned red as they hollered.

Fifteen thousand beams of light soared into the sky and every single beam was refined as they charged into the dragon of Battle Will.

The dragon unleashed a roar and continued to grow once more. At the same time, the amount of Battle Runes on it grew as well…

40,000,000… 45,000,000…

Along with the insane speed of the increasing amount of Battle Runes, a terrifying pressure also permeated that caused the sky to darken.

Looking at this scene, the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns’ faces changed. 45,000,000 Battle Runes was something that even a Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign would feel troubled with.

“This fellow is truly troublesome!” The Ghost Emperor gritted his teeth as his hands joined together. The silver beam increased in speed as it shot towards the dragon.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked at the dragon with his eyes covered in blood veins. He had reached a limit in his control of Battle Runes.

His gaze was fixated on the dragon. The Battle Runes were still increasing. Along with the increment of Battle Runes, more blood veins appeared in his eyes…

50,000,000 Battle Runes…

It finally stopped after reaching this amount and a drop of blood fell from Mu Chen’s eyes. He wiped it off and let out a long breath.

It was practically the limit of the Black Dragon Army. Perhaps it might be inferior to their peak, but it was something that not even a Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign would underestimate.

As for those beneath the Middle Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm, they would be immediately slaughtered.

“Go.” Mu Chen rubbed his temples in exhaustion with killing intent surging in his eyes as he pointed his finger down.

In the next instant, the dragon had turned into a streak of grey light and clashed with the silver beam from the five Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns…

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