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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 1511 - Peace

Chapter 1511 - Peace

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As the current of Spiritual Energy surged, it caused splashes and permeated pure Spiritual Energy, which turned into a mist that spread out. It turned the entire region into a fresh and clean atmosphere.

Stone platforms were located beside the current with youthful silhouettes sitting on them, absorbing the Spiritual Energy here to purify their bodies…

There was a martial field further away with hollers sounding out.

The Ancient Haven Palace was no longer silent. It had a gradual influx of vitality. It was so much so that the atmosphere was comparable to the peak of the Ancient Haven Palace.

After all, the Ancient Haven Palace might be famous, but it was entirely relying on the Heavenly Emperor himself. Despite the Hallmasters being talented elites, they did not have the opportunity to reach their full potential before the Fiend Clans invaded…

Further away, there was a silhouette on a towering hill lying indolently as he looked at those people around the lake ⁠— it was Mu Chen.

Seeing those delicate and youthful silhouettes, Mu Chen’s eyes flickered with satisfaction. The Mu Abode has gradually grown more powerful in his hands. Although he wasn’t directly managing it most of the time, it still gave him a sense of achievement.

After all, he never expected that the Mu Abode, which he established back then, would grow into a powerhouse in the Great Thousand World.

As Mu Chen spent his time relaxing, an elegant figure slowly walked over that attracted everyone’s attention.

That figure wore a black dress with golden threads that fluttered along with the wind. It was a symbol of nobility. Her figure was curvaceous and her delicate face had a smile while looking at this place.

Every single youth looked at that elegant figure. But when her gaze swept over them, their faces blushed and they did not dare to look directly at her.

As for the girls, they all held expectations when they looked at the woman, since they also wished to possess her bearing in the future ⁠— elegance and gorgeousness.

As that figure left, all the gazes that lingered on her were retracted with reluctance.

With a smile on his face, Mu Chen looked at this elegant figure that was walking over. When she stood beside him, she looked around at the Ancient Haven Palace and smiled. “This Mu Abode of yours is pretty nice.”

Nodding his head, Mu Chen replied with a serious expression, “It’s something that I made for our children.”

Hearing his words, Luo Li’s face blushed with shyness as she glanced at Mu Chen. “You… what nonsense are you talking about?! Who’s having your children?!”

Luo Li, who was usually elegant, had her face blushed from Mu Chen’s words. They did not even take the last step yet, and this fellow was already thinking about taking it another step further…

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked at her blushing face with a fire blazing in his heart. He suddenly pounced forth and wrapped his arm against her waist as they laid on the grass patch.

When they fell backward, Mu Chen fell first and Luo Li landed on his body.

The sudden assault startled Luo Li and she pushed against Mu Chen’s chest with her arms. Her upper body was arched backward with her gritting her teeth while staring at Mu Chen.

Sensing the tenderness on him, Mu Chen’s gaze flickered with flames as he looked at Luo Li. “Why don’t we work hard for it?”

“Work hard for what?” Luo Li was taken by surprise.

“A child!” Mu Chen spoke with a straight face.

Hearing his words, the face of the girl in his embrace grew even redder.

Thereafter, Luo Li’s elbow struck Mu Chen’s stomach, which caused the latter to suck in a cold breath, and his face distorted.

“Try and be a rogue again!” Luo Li’s face was red as she glared at Mu Chen.

Since young, she was the Empress of the Luo God Clan, and now, she’s the Holy Maiden of the Ancient Spirit Clan. Everyone was respectful to her, and no one dared to offend her.

But facing Mu Chen’s rogue actions, Luo Li was suddenly caught by surprise.

Suffering a blow, Mu Chen’s face turned bitter as he whined, “Can’t I become a rogue with my wife?”

Rolling her eyes, Luo Li chuckled, “Say that after you propose marriage to the Luo God Clan.”

Rubbing his stomach, Mu Chen’s face sank as he lost himself in a daze while staring at the sky.

Seeing his expression, Luo Li couldn’t help smiling before feeling a little heartache despite knowing that he was faking it.

Hence, she suddenly lowered her head and kissed Mu Chen.

The sudden warm sensation left Mu Chen stunned before he stuck his tongue out with greed and he licked his lips while looking at Luo Li’s rosy lips.

But facing his gaze, Luo Li ignored it and she got up then elegantly sat to the side.

Looking at the slender figure and the aroma that came from her, Mu Chen suddenly smiled as the fire in his eyes receded. It was replaced with tranquility.

Stretching his body, he placed his head on her lap and closed his eyes. “I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since you left the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

Luo Li’s body trembled as she lowered her head to look at the youthful face. Although it was still filled with sharpness, there was a noticeable exhaustion in his eyes.

She suddenly felt her nose turning sour. Mu Chen was now a true powerhouse in the Great Thousand World with his fame spreading far and wide. But no one knew how much effort he put in to achieve what he had today.

She still remembered how desolate that youth looked when Luo Tianshen took her away…

At that time, the youth told her that one day, he would become a supreme powerhouse. At that time, no one would be able to take her from him…

At the same time, it was a path filled with danger.

She fell for that youth she met in the Spiritual Road. His confident smile would always infect her, giving her the courage to face any trouble.

Thus, she was worried that Mu Chen might lose that smile in his path to become a supreme powerhouse and be covered in wounds.

Fortunately, that did not happen.

Caressing her hand on Mu Chen’s face, Luo Li smiled. It was a smile that made even the horizon pale in comparison.

“Mu Chen, do you know what the most fortunate thing that ever happened to me is? Not saving the Luo God Clan or becoming the Holy Maiden of the Ancient Spirit Clan… it was meeting you in the Spiritual Road.” As a gentle breeze blew across the mountain, the girl’s gentle voice resounded, striking a blow to Mu Chen’s heart. He felt an emotion spreading through his limbs.

Opening his eyes, Mu Chen looked at her before looking at those countless tender silhouettes by the lake and smiled.

There were so many fine things in life that were worthy of his protection.

So how could he allow anyone to ruin them for him? Even if his enemy was the terrifying Fiend Clans…

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen turned to Luo Li. “Luo Li, if we successfully get through the Great Thousand Alliance Treaty, marry me.”

Looking at Mu Chen’s smile, Luo Li bit her lip and her face turned red. She nodded her head with her face reflecting the sun’s radiance. “Okay!”

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