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The Great Ruler (Web Novel) - Chapter 1512 - Demonic Traces Appears

Chapter 1512 - Demonic Traces Appears

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Three months gradually passed.

Within three months, the atmosphere in the Great Thousand World gradually turned heavy and the origin was the endless battles that were occurring on the borders between the Great Thousand World and the Fiend Clans.

It was so much so that the Fiend Clans were targeting even the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm with countless demons sweeping over, unleashing their attacks at the Great Thousand World.

Although those attacks couldn’t shake the two forces with the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor around, the motive behind their actions soon spread throughout the Great Thousand World.

Evidently, the Fiend Clans have started their movement after tens of thousands of years.

After knowing about that, everyone in the Great Thousand World was astonished. It was impossible for them not to feel afraid. After all, the Fiend Clans were too infamous, and they created an ocean of blood in ancient times, causing countless powerhouses to fall from battle.

Now that the Fiend Clans were staging a comeback, they would undoubtedly sweep blood in the Great Thousand World, and they might even be annihilated.

Everyone felt a catastrophe in their years with fear.

The Mu Abode’s Head Quarters in the Greatlaw Continent

Mu Chen looked at the experts of the Mu Abode with the leader being Nine Nether and Mandala. The Mu Abode had now become the Overlord of the Greatlaw Continent, with all the forces submitting to them. Especially when Mu Chen’s achievements in the Ancient Maha Clan spread out, all those forces that still held other thoughts instantly gave up.

They knew that Mu Chen had completely grown, and in terms of strength, he could be ranked amongst the top in the Great Thousand World. Paired with his background, ruling the Greatlaw Continent wasn’t an issue.

So all the leaders of the forces stationed in the Greatlaw Continent have arrived. It was a luxurious formation.

“I will be heading for the North Desolate Grave, and all of you have to protect the Greatlaw Continent. Keep your guard up at all times and prepare for battle.” Mu Chen looked at everyone and said with a grave expression.

This trip won’t be calm, and the Fiend Clans will do anything necessary to destroy the seal. So there would surely be a war, and no one knew the outcome. Regardless of anything, he had to be prepared for the worst as the Ruler of the Mu Abode. This was the reason why he reminded everyone to be prepared for battle, so that they wouldn’t follow the Ancient Haven Palace’s example.

“Yes!” Everyone responded with grave expressions. They knew about the disaster that was on-going in the Great Thousand World. Facing this tribulation, no one could afford to slack. After all, the slightest mistake might cause the entire Great Thousand World to fall.

Facing this tribulation, they had to place down all their differences. At this moment, the leaders of the various forces in the Greatlaw Continent rejoiced, since they had an Overlord.

Otherwise, the Greatlaw Continent would be in a mess, and if the Fiend Clans invaded, the Greatlaw Continent would be annihilated.

Right now, Mu Chen was an existence comparable to a Saint Heavenly Sovereign, with mighty strength. Under his leadership, the Greatlaw Continent should be able to resist the Fiend Clans if they invade.

So when facing Mu Chen, everyone was fully convinced with traces of revere in their hearts.

Nodding his head, Mu Chen turned around and Mu Feng smiled at this scene. His own son was just a weak youth without any background when he left the Northern Spiritual Realm. But at this moment, he had his own force, and he had to admit that his son was much stronger than him.

However, he was also basking in pride. His strength didn’t matter, since his son was a dragon amongst dragons.

“Pops, you should stay in the Mu Abode in this period.” Mu Chen smiled. He had picked up Mu Feng over a month ago. After all, this place was safer than the Hundred Spirit Continent.

Nodding his head, Mu Feng knew that he couldn’t drag his wife and son down since he couldn’t help.

“Stinking brat, do what you must. But remember to take good care of your mother and Luo Li. As a man, you must bear the responsibility.” Mu Feng patted Mu Chen’s shoulders.

Mu Chen nodded his head with a smile. His father might not be strong, but he had a strong sense of responsibility. Back then, he had brought Mu Chen up by himself, which was the reason why Mu Chen’s character was also influenced by his father.

“Let’s get moving.” Mu Chen did not delay anymore and looked at Qing Yanjing and Luo Li.

The two of them nodded their heads and Spiritual Energy fluctuations surged around them. They turned into three beams that soared into the sky and disappeared into the horizon.

When Mandala and Nine Nether saw their departure, they exchanged a glance with graveness in each other’s eyes. They knew that this trip to the North Desolate Grave concerned the fate of the entire Great Thousand World.

When Mu Chen and company made their moves, many Spiritual Energy fluctuations soared into the sky, streaking towards the horizon.

All of them were moving towards a single direction, the North Desolate Grave.

The Great Thousand World, Endless Fire Territory

This was a crimson continent with a high temperature. There would occasionally be volcanic eruptions with blazing magma flowing out.

At the center of it, there was a massive city in the shape of a lotus, giving a bizarre charm.

At this moment, there was a silhouette standing on the high platform with an unrestrained bearing — the Flame Emperor, Xiao Yan.

He looked at this continent and space would constantly distort with torrential demonic aura pouring out. It was as if a gaze filled with killing intent and greed were flickering.

“The Fiend Clans have really set our Endless Fire Territory as their target.” An old man narrowed his eyes behind the Flame Emperor with a familiar countenance. It was the Master of the Flame Emperor, Yao Chen.

“It’s because of the Great Thousand Alliance Treaty. The Fiend Clans came to keep Xiao Yan here.” Standing to the side was a woman with a slender figure and impressive curves, looking extremely bewitching. Even her tone contained a charm to it.

That woman was one of the Endless Fire Territory’s Mistresses, Cai Lin.

“Since they have made such a decision, that means that the Fiend Clans are confident with the North Desolate Grave.” Another gorgeous woman said as she stood beside Cai Lin. She wore an emerald dress and had an outstanding appearance. Her bearing was ethereal. She was the other Mistresses of the Endless Fire Territory, Xiao Xun’er.

Hearing the words of his wives, the Flame Emperor gently nodded his head and he looked at the demonic aura that surged in this region. “Issue my orders. The Endless Fire Territory will go on red alert, and all Heavenly Sovereigns are to stand by for orders.”

Behind him, a silhouette disappeared along with the Flame Emperor’s words.

When the Flame Emperor issued his orders, space suddenly started to split and countless demonic figures gushed out like locusts, coloring the entire horizon black.

At the same time, three massive demonic figures stepped out from the crack with their demonic pressures engulfing this region.

Raising his head, the Flame Emperor smiled. “So it’s three Patriarchs of the thirty-two major clans. I wonder if the Fiend Clans are viewing me greatly or underestimating me?”

In the Martial Realm

When the Martial Ancestor, Lin Dong, looked at the demonic beings pouring out of the crack, three demonic figures appeared as well.

Behind him, there were two figures. One was donned in a white dress and had a slender figure. She had a veil over her face, but it couldn’t conceal her impressive curves. She held onto an azure longsword and her bearing was akin to a goddess of the moon.

On another side, there was a woman in a deep-blue dress. Her skin was fair and a boundless cold aura permeated from her. It was as if the chill could freeze anything.

That frost made her look as if she was still a young girl.

These two beauties were the Mistresses of the Martial Realm, Ling Qingzhu and Ying Huanhuan.

“I’ve brought the Heavenly Sovereigns of the Ice Spirit Clan here as well.” Ying Huanhuan’s voice clearly resounded, containing a chill.

“All the Heavenly Sovereigns under the Martial Realm are ready for battle.” Ling Qingzhu’s soft voice resounded as well.

Nodding his head, the Martial Ancestor stretched his hands out and grabbed onto the two ladies with a smile. “I never expected that we would be able to fight together again against the demons.”

“Don’t worry. If there is another accident, I will use my life to protect you this time.” Ling Qingzhu smiled.

Hearing those words, the Martial Ancestor’s face sank as he begged, “My goodness, please don’t do that again. I can’t take it a second time.”

Ling Qingzhu smiled and Ying Huanhuan’s lips also rose, before she snorted, “I didn’t call you to save me back then.”

Hearing those words, the Martial Ancestor could only shrug his shoulders.

After the three of them joked around, the Martial Ancestor’s expression returned to normal and he raised his head, looking at the three demonic figures. Stretching out his hand, a scepter engulfed in lightning appeared. Sharpness also grew in his eyes as a terrifying fluctuation slowly swept out from his body.

“Don’t worry. This time, I won’t let anyone harm the two of you under my watch…”

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