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The Great Thief (Web Novel) - Chapter 1141: Team Uniform

Chapter 1141: Team Uniform

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“Some people don’t actually live here. These converted homes are no different from apartments, so many people save up their money to find a better place nearby. They occasionally drive here for meetings,” Soul Eater said.

“I see,” Lu Li nodded as he began to understand more about the operation of a big club.

There were dozens of elite groups in Peerless City. The number of people was actually quite amazing, and these players were not different from the white-collar workers in society. Naturally, it was impossible for this many people to live in a dormitory. In fact, this was exactly what Ruling Sword was doing right now. They had tried to give everyone a small room, which could be bigger if they had family.

After visiting the layout of Peerless City, Lu Li planned to return and build two apartment buildings with Square Root 3 to ensure that everyone had a place to stay.

Fortunately, the technology has now been developed enough that the construction industry had achieved artificial intelligence in their machines. This means that buildings didn’t take long to construct and the Ruling Sword club would not have to wait long for a new home. However, Lu Li was still hoping to see the different layouts of more clubs.

“This is a gym. This is probably the busiest place of the whole location,” Soul Eater said with a smile, “Some would say that this is one of the locations where singles spend their time. The refectory is another one of those places.”

“Ah, so this is a necessity then,” Lu Li blinked and quickly nodded.

Video game players generally didn’t get out of the house very much. If you didn’t have many contacts within the game or in real life, then finding a partner would be very difficult. Now that he had been inspired by Peerless City, Lu Li also planned to enrich the social culture of the club.

For example, he was going to add a gym, sports, board game rooms etc. In short, he was going to make it easier for men and women in the guild to get along.

If both a husband and wife were in Ruling Sword, then the cost of leaving would be greater. Perhaps their children would even form part of the reserve for the club.

According to the predictions of the gaming industry report, future gamers would go from being professional players to support members and eventually pensioners in the guild. When more clubs introduced health related facilities, this would be an indication of the aging gaming population.

“These levels are all battle analysis rooms. The large ones can accommodate up to 600 people, while the small ones can only fit up to a dozen,” Soul Eater explained in front of the big screen. “But this kind of large-scale analysis meeting is very rare. It is said that once Dawn introduces Strongholds, we will be able to have a virtual conference room that can accommodate all members of a guild.”

“Thank you very much Elder Soul,” Lu Li said, changing the way he referred to Soul Eater.

Soul Eater had been very candid. Since he had agreed to take Lu Li around, he had been very thorough in explaining everything. He even told him that it was a waste to build big meeting rooms.

The times were always moving forward, and the game was also changing. This kind of conference couldn’t really play a role as it was difficult to gather thousands of people in one place. It was usually enough to make a small room for the usual club members to meet in.

“Everything will eventually just be within the game in future. Perhaps even us humans will be in it too,” Soul Eater said somewhat emotionally.

After this, Lu Li walked with Soul Eater to visit many other places in Peerless City.

The Peerless City members knew that it was Lu Li who had defeated them, but their relationship with Ruling Sword was still quite harmonious. Since the club boss was the one accompanying them, no one really bothered them.

In fact, Soul Eater was also planning to engage in a networking event, but it was rejected by Lu Li. If the winners made this suggestion, it would be a generous thing to do, but it would also feel like they were taking advantage of their position. Peerless City had just lost a match against them, so the question was how would their relationship be going forward?

After having a bit of food in the morning, Ruling Sword concluded their trip to Qiantang.

The next match would happen in two days. Ruling Sword was still playing against Peerless City, but this time, the match would be located in Jiangnan City. The team that would have an advantage was Ruling Sword.

The fact that Ruling Sword had won that match was celebrated both in game and outside of it. After all, it was the result of their hard work.

Lu Li was really busy, not because he was busy farming, but because he was busy planning a uniform for the team. After all, Ruling Sword’s clothing was in a mess. Peerless City had a slick light-blue home team uniform.

Generally speaking, regular clubs had two kinds of uniforms. A lighter-colored home team uniform and a dark-colored away team uniform. The team logo and number would be on the uniform, in addition to some club slogans.

“Hey, does anyone here understand fashion design?” Lu Li asked in the guild channel. He was going to ask anyone in the guild that had experience in costume design so that he could gather their opinions. However, now he had given up and was just going to ask for a designer to do it.

There were so many people in Ruling Sword that there was no way he could know what they all did.

“Why are you looking for this?” Azure Sea Breeze was curious.

“I’m trying to find someone to design a uniform for us,” Lu Li said.

“Oh, can I try?” Azure Sea Breeze tried to accept the offer.

“Get out of here!”

“I have won an award for art in primary school,” someone said.

“I studied a bit of design in university,” another offered.

This was unreliable as well. Azure Sea Breeze’s less-than-ideal start to the conversation led the guild members to offer skills that they didn’t really have.

“Can we get someone reliable please?”

Square Root 3 had to stop everyone. Although Ruling Sword seemed like it was managed quite strictly from the outside, there was always a light-hearted atmosphere.

“Is there anyone here involved in the fashion industry? If not, students in fashion design are also okay,” Lu Li asked, lowering the standard.

Several members put forward that they were students or were in some way involved with the fashion design industry.

With tens of thousands of people in the guild, they were bound to eventually find someone who could do it.

“If you’re looking for a designer, don’t you know that I can do it?” someone type among the mess of text It was by sheer luck that Lu Li saw it.

The player’s ID was Spring Breeze, which was an unfamiliar name. They were level 13 and was only Advanced in the Tailor Trade Skill. Obviously, this was a Trade Skill player, but they had not been doing particularly well. Although they filled the quota for the guild, they weren’t receiving any benefits. These players were also not very active, but the member list had never been cleaned out properly.

“Who are you?” Lu Li didn’t feel guilty asking that because they seemed so weak.

Dawn’s game target demographic was very wide. Many people would enter the game just to see what the new technology was like. There were many who didn’t take the game seriously, and just took it as a means of entertainment.

Perhaps this Spring Breeze was a designer who just used the game to pass some time.

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