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The Great Thief (Web Novel) - Chapter 1296: Train King

Chapter 1296: Train King

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Translator: Halcyon Translations, Exodus Tales Editor: Halcyon Translations, Exodus Tales

Healers needed Mana to continue healing, which was why Azure Sea Breeze couldn’t drag the fight on indefinitely. Moreover, the longer they dragged it on for, the higher the chance of the Boss going Berserk.

As the Boss’ HP slowly dropped, Pyroguard Emberseer realized that these players were not to be trifled with.

He began to try and escape. At this time, his aggro towards the Main Tank was unstable and he attempted to return to the altar. He was trying to get to the flames that had been used to incubate the Black Dragon’s eggs.

The Fire Elementals of Azeroth had come from Fire Elemental plane, which was a mysterious place.

It was said that the Fire Elementals that died would be resurrected in this plane, but they would no longer be the same as before as they would have lost their memories and feelings.

Emberseer didn’t want to go down that path, so he started to go Berserk.

“You don’t know the true power of the flame. Now you will see the Emberseer’s fury!”

The Berserk Boss’ attack power increased greatly. The fire damage aspect of his attacks was particularly strengthened, but this wasn’t fatal for the players. They had piled up fire resistance equipment which was finally demonstrating its value.

“My fire resistance is quite high, but can you guys fight a little faster? I can’t keep burning like this,” Azure Sea Breeze called out.

The others didn’t want to let him die, so they sped up the rhythm of damage output and healing.

“My master will avenge me,” Emberseer cried out as he waved his arm and left a box behind. After all this time, he hadn’t even killed a single opponent.

This was a level 60 Instance Dungeon Boss, so it was a little sad.

“Hey, you guys finally defeated it. Seems like it was difficult,” Fat Monkey said as he ran over with a wide grin.

“Can’t believe you needed to rely on the girls to fight the Boss for you,” Hachi Chan quipped at Fat Monkey.

“Pfsht, say what you want, but if I had participated in that fight I would be fighting with the Boss. At that time, I should have asked you to call me daddy, and threatened to heal the Boss if you didn’t.”

“Alright, that’s enough. Let’s quickly loot the Boss. This is only the first one, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Lu Li said.

As such, Remnant Dream began the loot the Boss.

There were a few Strengthening Stones, a Synthetic Stone with Critical Damage, and a Skill Book with a Fire Mage skill that Fat Monkey had already learned. All they could do with the book was leave it for people in the guild who needed it.

“This stone gives such a small buff that it feels like a waste of a slot,” Wandering said as he shook his head. “It seems like someone has killed the first Boss before we did at Nightmare Difficulty. The Rewards don’t seem that good, but I’m not sure what other guild has the capacity to do it.”

“That sounds pretty normal. We didn’t lose a single member to this Boss, so how can we expect that no one else can defeat it?”

Lu Li realized that these players thought too highly of themselves, and expected that no other guild in Dawn would take these Instance Dungeons before them.

This wasn’t a good thing.

“Well, you said it. All the equipment is pretty average,” Remnant Dream announced.

There was a total of three equips – two Gold and one Dark Gold. This was indeed the normal drop rate of a Nightmare Instance Dungeon Boss after the First Clear had been taken. They would be dreaming if they thought they were receiving an Epic item here.

This was why Epic items were still very scarce.

The drop rate were too low and the demand was too great. All the major guilds and mercenary groups were relying on repeatedly farming the same Instance Dungeons to find Epic equipment. Even Glory Capital’s Epic equipment wasn’t completely theirs. They likely had some arrangement of borrowing equipment just as Ruling Sword borrowed from Drizzle Court and Peerless City.

“If you want good equipment, we’ll have to work harder. Let’s go to the next one,” Lu Li urged.

They hadn’t been inside this Instance Dungeon for very long and they hadn’t died yet, so everyone was still in a good mood. There was no point delaying their progress.

After killing Pyroguard Emberseer, the left door opened and led them to a room full of dragon eggs.

“Don’t get too close to the eggs. Let me try first,” Lu Li said as he carefully approached an egg. These dragon eggs weren’t dead; they were arranged in a very deliberate way and would occasionally shake to prove that there were things inside them.

“Good luck,” Azure Sea Breeze whistled and waited to see what would happen.

“Well… I don’t think a Thief is suitable for this. Breezy, you come do it. You should be able to tank the monster,” Lu Li laughed, passing on the role to the Main Tank.

“Don’t do that to me please; I made a mistake Boss,” Azure Sea Breeze pleaded, regretting what he said when he looked at the egg.

“Oh, come on. You make it look like they’re not just dragon eggs,” Lu Li said as he went up and kicked one of them. The egg cracked and a small dragon came out of it.

The thing that Lu Li had kicked out of the egg wasn’t a real dragon, but a Dragonspawn developed by Nefarian.

He had obviously intended to create a Dragonspawn legion, but they had no idea how these eggs were produced. These Dragonspawn were one part human and another part dragon.

After the little dragon hatched, he rushed over towards them.

Almost all creatures weren’t ugly when they were born. This little Dragonspawn was so cute that the female players weren’t willing to fight it. Not much was expended to kill this baby dragon amd it was quickly dealt with.

It dropped a broken scale which was a common item that all dragon mobs dropped, so they weren’t worth much.

Then Lu Li went up and kicked another dragon egg. It wasn’t the same shape as the other one, but the hall was only filled with these two kinds of eggs. Lu Li wanted to test them both.

This time, a little dragon hatched out of the egg.

It was quite similar to a Dragonspawn, but it had a different form. The little Dragonspawn was running on the ground but the little dragon could fly.

Remnant Dream tightened her grip on the longbow in her hand and stood by Hachi Chan’s side.

“Hachi Chan, lets fight this one together.”


“I want to make it my pet; the little dragon is really cute.”

“I can’t help you.”

“If you don’t help me, I will cast Tame Beast on you. Did you hear that there was a Hunter in the Horde that made a Taren Druid their pet? The Tame Beast skill have a certain chance of working on Druids…”

“You’re a liar; I am not a child…”

“Hey, you know how strong my Tame Beast pets are. I have added two more things to increase the success rate of my Tame Beast.”

“I’ll… help you. Just make sure you don’t target the wrong thing with Tame Beast,” Hachi Chan said as she pulled her Magic Staff and knocked at an egg that would hatch a dragon.

Although she didn’t hit it very hard, the dragon egg still cracked.

A little dragon fluttered its wings and flew up from the broken eggshell. After it came out, it flew at Hachi Chan. Hachi Chan was very experienced and turned into a bear. In her Bear Form, she had a significant increase in Armor.

The little dragon was incapable of dealing much damage to Hachi Chan.

However, after Remnant Dream attacked it a few times, Hachi Chan couldn’t hold the dragon’s aggro. After all, she wasn’t a professional Main Tank. Fortunately, Wandering took the time to give the dragon a Taunt. The others watched on as these two little girls gave the dragon a beat down.

Remnant Dream was now able to cast Tame Beast against the dragon.

Hachi Chan’s bear face went pale as she hid behind March Rain. She could clearly see Remnant Dream’s Tame Beast flying over her head.

When Remnant Dream caught the dragon, a little jingle played. Meanwhile, Lu Li was calculating the damage and HP of these dragons.

“If we can kill them one at a time, why not do that?” Wandering didn’t understand. If he was commanding and they had run into this strange dragon egg hall, he would definitely just kill the dragons individually. He had no idea why Lu Li wanted Azure Sea Breeze to pull all the dragons at once.

“We can just save a bit of time. I’ve already tried it and the dragons are pretty easy to kill, so let’s just do it. Everyone, help Breezy pull the dragons. You can use area of effect skills to clear the mobs later,” Lu Li ordered.

What if they got wiped? Wouldn’t that waste more time?

Although Wandering didn’t agree with this approach, Commander Lu Li had issued the instructions, so he had nothing to say. Even if the group got wiped, there wouldn’t be any substantial losses.

There were only a few melee players, and they had to run around breaking the eggs. One by one, either a dragon or a dragonspawn would hatch, chasing the person that had broken their egg. They were obviously annoyed to be woken from their sleep.

Soon, the entire hall’s worth of eggs were broken.

Everyone ran to Azure Sea Breeze so that he could use his Taunt to pull the monsters away. With Azure Sea Breeze in the centre, all the mobs were now swarming him.

Lu Li stopped the Magic profession players from casting their skills to explain, “I read in a book once that if you could kill more than 99 dragons in a very short period time, you might get an achievement. However, the dragons had to be of a higher level than you are.”

Everyone knew what Lu Li wanted to do, so they held back on casting their skills.

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