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The Great Thief (Web Novel) - Chapter 1299: Family of Egg Thieves

Chapter 1299: Family of Egg Thieves

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Not only was Gaith harder to deal with than Rend, but he was also a Chromatic dragon.

In Dawn, the Dragon race had five main types, as well as a few other subtypes.

Firstly, there was the Nether dragon. In the Second War, Deathwing stole the dragon eggs and went into the Nether. There, they were exposed to arcane magic, mutating into the Nether Dragons. Those that did not mutate were killed off by Gruul the Dragon Slayer.

During this time, Deathwing was defeated by Khadgar and escaped back to Azeroth. Because of the special conditions, Nether dragons were not affected by the Ancient Gods and therefore, they were no longer members of the Dragonflight.

Then, there were the Twilight Dragons. This time it wasn’t Deathwing that stole the eggs, but Sinestra, the consort of Deathwing who was often referred to as the Mother Dragon. When the Mother Dragon stole the eggs, she hid in Grim-Batol and created the Twilight Dragons, assisted by the Windrunner Zendarin.

The Blood Elf was able to extract the essence of Nether Dragon Eggs and infused it into the Black Dragon Eggs, creating the Twilight Dragons.

The Twilight Dragon developed very quickly and fed on the energy of crystals, only requiring a few weeks to reach full maturity. Sinestra planned on ruling over Azeroth with her new creations and defeating all the Dragons, including her own consort Deathwing.

The most powerful of all the Twilight Dragons was Dargonax, the first of their kind. Sinestra treated him like her own child.

Dargonax was the most powerful Twilight Dragon because of the Demon Soul that was infused within him. He could probably take on Deathwing by himself and so he was dearly loved by Sinestra. However, Dargonax proved too cunning and powerful for Sinestra to completely control. Eventually he fought his own ‘mother’ and the two of them were both slain.

Deathwing further experimented with Twilight Dragons to improve the species, but eventually, this also let to his demise.

This couple had brought upon so much chaos, not only to others, but also to themselves.

The last kind were the Chromatic Dragons that Lu Li and the others were facing against.

Chromatic Dragons had nothing to do with Deathwing or Sinestra, but were actually created by Deathwing’s eldest son Nefarian.

Nefarian wasn’t as powerful as his father, but he was much better at experimenting and innovating.

Chromatic Dragons were the most powerful dragons of all types. They were created with the blood of dragonlings of all the different species.

The blood mixture was infused into a mature Black Dragon, giving him an incredible amount of power, but the disadvantage was that he would have a shorter life span.

The strongest of them all was Chromaggus, who had five different heads, each possessing the power of the five main dragon species. Similar to Dargonax and Sinestra, Nefarian treated Chromaggus like his own son. However, Chromaggus did not murder his ‘parents’. Unfortunately, before Nefarian could achieve anything with Chromaggus, he had already passed away, leaving behind nothing but a body.

Unfortunately, Nefarian could not find a way to bring him back to life.

Archbishop Benedictus suggested that if he found a way to channel an immense amount of energy into his corpse, he would be able to be revived. Then, he would become the strongest creature on the face of Azeroth.

Eventually Benedictus found a way to funnel all the Arcane energy from the Arcane War into Chromaggus, reviving the five-headed beast.

Ysera the Emerald Dragon foresaw that the other four Dragon Kings will die at the hands of Chromaggus.

This was a terrifying vision.

The entire family were geniuses and wanted to create the strongest Dragon in Azeroth. If there were nobel prizes in Dawn, they would have probably each won one.

“Be careful of his mount. Wandering, prepare to take aggro of it.”

Lu Li knew not to underestimate the mount.

The Chromatic Dragon had two heads; one was slightly red and the other was green.

“You will all die!”

Rend charged towards the players and even Azure’s taunt couldn’t stop him as he went straight for Fat Monkey.

Usually, Mages had two options in this situation – either teleport away or use Ice Block.

Fat Monkey was very calm. As a tournament player, if he couldn’t even handle this situation, then Lu Li should consider kicking him out.

Fat Monkey did not teleport away because he could still have the aggro after. Therefore, he decided to use Ice Block and became completely invulnerable.

This time, Azure Sea Breeze casted Taunt again and successfully drew the aggro.

“He’s pretty strong but I can tank this,” Azure Sea Breeze concluded after taking a few hits. His words made everyone felt safer.

As long as he didn’t have some kind of overpowered skill, it would be an easy clear.

However, the Boss cleaved him on the head and if it wasn’t for Lu Li’s reminder to activate his defensives and March Rain’s quick reactions, Azure Sea Breeze would have died.

Mortal Strike – Inflicts physical damage to target and reduces effectiveness of healing by 50%. Duration 50 seconds.

Enrage – Increases Rend Blackhand’s attack speed and attack damage by 60%. Duration 1 minute.

These two skills combined together could inflict massive amounts of damage and would mostly result in certain death if they weren’t careful.

The first stage was the easiest for teams to be wiped.


The Chromatic Dragon wasn’t doing much before, but it suddenly let out of huge puff of smoke.

Moonlight was completely frozen and he continuously took damage.

“Dont…” Lu Li cried out, but he was too late.

When Hachi Chan tried to heal him, she was also instantly frozen and began taking damage. Even Remnant Dream who was nearby was also affected.

March Rain hesitated but her healer instincts made her heal Hachi Chan. Expectedly, she too was frozen and died.

Two out of the three healers were dead and the rest were all frozen.

Warchief Rend Blackhand managed to wipe them out completely and bowed respectfully. He was very proud of his achievement.

Nefarian scoffed and walked away.

Rend was still useless in his eyes because it had taken him so long to finish off his opponents. The one who won them the battle was clearly Nefarian’s own creation, the Chromatic dragon.

Rend stood there awkwardly and followed behind.

“Those that are frozen can’t be healed because it can spread to others. Let’s start again. Whoever gets hit by Freeze, just pray that you’ll survive,” Lu Li instructed.

“Hachi Chan was losing more HP than Moonlight and I barely had any time to react. I think the more it spreads, the more damage it deals,” March Rain agreed.

In order to counter Contagious Freeze, Lu Li organised a new formation.

Rend was a very challenging Boss that required individual skills. Not only did the freeze deal a significant amount of damage, but they also couldn’t rely on ally healers.

“Curse you, mortals!” Rend shouted as he faced off against the same people again.

The second time around, they managed to get past the first stage with ease.

Everyone agreed that it was best not to heal those that were affected by the freeze in the second stage.

The Chromatic Dragon cast Freeze again and Azure Sea Breeze was directly affected.

Lu Li brought along three healers this run. March Rain was responsible for healing the main tank, Hachi Chan was responsible for the melee players, and the Shaman healer was responsible for the rest of the team.

Restoration Shamans specialized in AOE healing. They might not be as good as Priests, but their AOE heals were definitely the strongest.

Azure Sea Breeze was in a dangerous position. Without the Main Tank, the team had lost its defensive anchor. Rend took advantage of this and used this opportunity to relentlessly attack him.

Azure Sea Breeze used up everything he had but still couldn’t hold on.

The third time they returned to the Boss, it was clear that he wasn’t very intelligent. Otherwise, he would be questioning reality upon seeing the same group of people coming back to life for the third time.

“The dragon only enters the fight in stage two. Before then, he cannot be targeted,” Wandering said.

“Then see if you can taunt it at the right time.”

This was the benefit of doing dungeons with intelligent teammates. Wandering wanted to Taunt the Chromatic Dragon away so that he cannot freeze Azure.

Wandering was a tank with high HP and defense, so he probably won’t die from the Freeze.

From his past life, Lu Li obviously knew what the strategy was to clear this Boss. However, this wasn’t beneficial for himself or the team. He wanted to train up his teammates so that they could learn through their failures and clear dungeons independently.

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