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The Great Thief (Web Novel) - Chapter 1300: Fire and Ice

Chapter 1300: Fire and Ice

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In theory, Wandering had the right idea, but practically, it didn’t really translate.

For example, he couldn’t taunt all the rainbow dragons at the right time and the team wiped. The second attempt was even worse. He taunted too many at once, causing all the melee classes to die instantly.

Wipe after wipe.

Rend Blackhand wasn’t too powerful and Gaith was still a baby dragon. However, the two of them together were almost unstoppable.

Lu Li has attempted this once in his past life on a random team. It wasn’t even on Nightmare mode, so he had no idea the Orc-Dragon combination was so overpowered. However, based on what he had heard in his past life, a strong random team would still have a decent chance at defeating these two Bosses.

Lu Li was sure that these two Bosses would get nerfed in the future.

He was certain that no one in the game could defeat the Rend and Gaith combo.

Wandering’s method was right in terms of dealing with them. In his past life, when Lu Li attempted this dungeon, there were also two tanks. Each of them was responsible for a Boss and they were able to clear it pretty easily.

However, this was a completely different story since Gaith had yet to be nerfed.

Lu Li thought about it and knew that the possibility of them clearing this dungeon was quite slim, unless if Wandering got lucky and was able to perfectly taunt every single time.

Lu Li did not want to waste his time gambling on a small chance of clearing. First Clears were often based on luck, and if you were lucky, you could even pass with a weaker team. If you were unlucky, then all you could do was pray for better luck next time.

In reality, there was a side path that could be taken that most people didn’t know of.

“This is impossible, there must be another way….”

“Lu Li, I think you’re just…”

“Shut up!”

“Okay, okay.”

“I know what you mean but we’ve tried pretty much everything here. The Boss is still freezing us to no end,” Wandering said, finally using his head.

“If we get frozen, then we obviously need fire… Look around us.”

The arena was lit up by huge fire torches. There were also statutes of stone wolves which breathed out fire from their mouths.

No one would think to touch these flames because the fire in the game would deal damage to players.

Wandering did not question Lu Li’s suggestion and realized that it could work. Although the burn dealt damage over time, it probably wouldn’t hurt as much as Gaith’s ice breath. In reality, the burn debuff only dealt around 10 HP per second. Lu Li and the others all had around 3,000HP at this point, so it was more of a tickle.

When players first joined the game, they learned pretty early on not to touch the fire because the burn damage dealt a significant amount of their HP. After playing the game for so long, it had been ingrained into their minds. The fear of watching your HP bar burn away was still deep in their hearts.

“Both of you go and get the burn status. March Rain will keep your HP up,” Lu Li said.

“Thats it?” Wandering laughed bitterly.

“What else?”

“It looks like it’s really hot.”

Everyone looked at Hachi Chan weirdly. It turned out that she didn’t turn off physical sensations in her options. Although it didn’t hurt as much as real life, she was still very scared of touching fire because of the psychological barriers.

With the new strategy, Lu Li decided to stand close to one of the fire pillars.

“Boss, why don’t you just stand directly next to the pillars.”

Fat Monkey was being cocky. As a Fire Mage, he was resistant to burn debuffs, which was why Fire Mages were prefered over other mages.

“Isn’t it better for me to stand near one so that I can react to the Boss rather than continuously take damage from the burn?”

Lu Li was confident in his reaction time to stand next to the pillar when Gaith was about to cast his ice breath.

“You right.” Fat Monkey’s cockiness was immediately shut down.

Those that were confident in their reaction did the same as Lu Li. Even though the burn only dealt a small amount of damage per tick, over the course of the entire fight, it was still significant and it placed more pressure on the healers.

They managed to reach stage two of the Boss fight again and everyone became nervous.

Lu Li saw how nervous everyone was and decided to let them in on a secret.

“When dragons are about to breathe out fire or ice, they must breathe in some air first. Look at the hair around his nose. If it’s moving, then it means he’s taking a breath in. If it’s not moving, then his skill is probably on cooldown.”

These observations were not created by Lu Li .

It was a tip that most players knew from his past life.

There were some people that enjoyed finding out little tips and tricks for certain Bosses. They also enjoyed the satisfaction of telling others and feeling appreciated, which was why there were players that liked to write dungeon guides.

“Look, look at the hair! It’s moving!” Remnant Dream cried out. Ever since Lu Li mentioned it, she had been staring this whole time and had dropped on the DPS chart.

Everyone reacted quickly and stood next to a pillar.

If Lu Li’s theory was right, then they might have a legitimate chance at clearing this dungeon. They could also sell the guide for a large sum of money.

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