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The Great Worm Lich (Web Novel) - Chapter 377: True Color

Chapter 377: True Color

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The tent’s camouflage canvas fell to the ground. Zhang Lisheng found himself surrounded by armored warriors wearing menacing-looking masks.

Liu Jiaqing, the commander of the A0001 campsite, symbolically held a light-duty sub-machine gun as he glared at the young man. At this time, the sirens in the campsite rang, the light from the lamppost in the center continued to become brighter, and in the end, it turned into a glaring bloody red color.

Powerful current gushed into the electric fence from the lamppost. Instantly, the electric fence covering the entire campsite began to be pulled taut as it sparked with thick electrical arcs on the surface. At the same time, a bloody red color gradually surged out from the ground of the campsite like magma.

“What a high-tech camp! What a huge battle formation…” With a curl of his lips, Zhang Lisheng did not move. A crack suddenly appeared on his fingers which pointed downwards, appearing to be a square-shaped bug covered entirely in black thick armor as it emerged out of the finger.

The head and tail of the bug were indistinguishable. When it landed on the ground, it expanded to become as huge as a square table that could fit eight people before charging forward. When it moved, its body continued to expand, and by the time it reached the several armored soldiers surrounding Zhang Lisheng at his west side, it had already become as large as an armored van. Forcefully, it slammed onto those warriors whose backs were spouting bright white flames as they hovered in the air, trying to fight against it.

After that, the giant black-shelled bug used its sixteen strong limbs to support its head as it slammed into the ground of the camp. In a moment, a laser with a diameter of more than half a meter ignited and rose into the air like a pillar of fire, almost burning its hammer-like head into charcoal.

At this time, the armored soldiers whom the crash had sent flying had already recovered their balance midair. Agilely, they controlled the direction of the flame injectors behind them as they made a beautiful cross-dive toward the giant bug. Their chests split open, and it threw over ten plasma bombs at the bug.

In less than a second, the white plasma, tinted with a hint of blue, surrounded the beetle right away. Sensing that the beetle’s vitality had dropped to an all-time low, Zhang Lisheng said with a smile, “Ah, I see. Iron man, huh?”

Then, he commanded the wizard gu to summon its strength onto its limbs to rise into the air along with the plasma on its body. Its carapace stretched out as thin wings fluttered out before it charged towards the top of the electrical fence.

On the last blow, the wizard gu relied on its powerful impact and made a dent on the electrical fence. Unfortunately, the electrical arc then baked and dried it before turning into a mass of charcoal that fell on the ground.

The entire process of Zhang Lisheng commanding the wizard gu to test the internal defense of the A0001 camp only took about seven to eight seconds. However, despite the short time, the incident still ended with the wizard gu dying. Nevertheless, the mysterious and powerful ability he demonstrated was already enough to make the soldiers in the camp, who were originally sure of their success, to not dare act rashly.

Sensing that the originally damp and hot night wind had suddenly become gloomy and cold, Liu Jiaqing shuddered with chills running down his spine when he imagined how they might subject him to punishment if Guo Caiying and Xu Naijia received some injuries.

After a moment of silence, he intoned, “Dr. Xu, Assistant Guo, Assistant Ai, come over here…”

“I’ve already said that it will be dangerous here, so leave now, Senior Sister! Go back to your tent and have a good night’s sleep. You can go home already tomorrow,” Zhang Lisheng smiled and responded at the same time.

Xu Naijia, who was standing by the side, could hear the meaning implied in Zhang Lisheng’s words. He hinted that it was not convenient for him to unleash his moves if Guo Caiying was here. Once Guo Caiying left, he could then break through the ring of encirclement and destroy the entire defense system of the base before he left; in that case, everyone else could pack up and return too.

The young man’s confident tone and calm attitude made Xu Naijia’s heart sank. Even though she could guess that Guo Caiying’s presence here would make both parties hold back from taking any actions, she still did not dare take such a risk. With no other choice, she forcefully pulled her cousin’s arm and strode away.

At this time, the people from the Gate of Witchcraft outside the tent, who heard the commotion, could also guess that something was not right, prompting them to walk out of their tents one after another. When Liu Jiaqing, who originally did not want to rely on an external force, saw this, his heart gave a jolt as he said loudly and solemnly, “Director Chen, Director Du, Assistant Su. There is a spy among the students you brought with you. Don’t you think the three of you should discuss with me how we should handle this matter?”

Chen Guanxing, Du Shancha, and Su Deli were originally in their tents, but when they heard the shouts, they hurriedly came out.

The Gate of Witchcraft had already sacrificed too much for the sake of taking a share in Oasis World. As it turned out, this world was indeed very suitable for the wizards to train for their survival. Since this was a serious matter, none of them dared to take this lightly at all.

“Commander Liu, I’m afraid there’s a misunderstanding here. We know the students we brought with us very well. How can there possibly be any American—” After walking out of the tent, Chen Guanxing’s mind whirled as he explained away while looking at the current scene. He looked past the weird-looking black-armored soldiers and when he saw Zhang Lisheng who was being surrounded, his heart thumped loudly with his words stuck in his throat.

“Director Chen, why did you stop talking?” Upon seeing his strange behavior, Liu Jiaqing immediately asked.

“T-this student has lived in the US for a few years, b-but…” A series of expressions ran across Chen Guanxing’s face. With no other option, he could only tell the truth with a wry smile.

“In that case, there’s no misunderstanding here. Mr. Xu has a reliable source of information to prove that your student is a Ph.D. holder at Stanford University in the United States. Not only that, but he’s also a very famous biologist who presides over Stanford’s biological laboratory of Shrimp B1 Island. Think about it, what good would a scientist, with such an identity, do by sneaking into the frontier base of our country in Oasis World through hiding his identity with all sorts of tricks and hocus-pocus?” Liu Jiaqing said coldly.

Upon hearing the words of the A0001 camp’s commander, the two Grand Wizards and the Deacon of the Gate of Witchcraft, who was staring at Zhang Lisheng with utmost concentration, became dumbfounded. After a while, Du Shancha finally murmured, “T-this little fellow has brought disaster to our Gate of Witchcraft!”

Zhang Lisheng shrugged and smiled as he retorted, “Master Du, it’s Deacon Su who wanted to snatch the Yin energy of my Zhang Family’s ancestral house and forced me to join the Gate of Witchcraft. In the end, it’s also him who sought after my living experience on Shrimp B1 Island and insisted on bringing me to Oasis World. If we’re talking about the disaster here, then it’s your Gate of Witchcraft who brought disaster to me instead! Why would you suddenly accuse it the other way around?”

“Y-you’re a spy! How dare you spout nonsense on the verge of death…” Even though the strength of the Gate of Witchcraft had already weakened, as a lineal descendant of an Old God who had been chosen as a successor during his youth, Su Deli’s entire life had been perfectly smooth since he had never suffered from any difficulty before. When he heard Zhang Lisheng’s words, he could not help but howl with smoke billowing from his head and fire raging in his body.

Even so, this Gate of Witchcraft’s wizard, who exercised self-restraint because of his identity, did not make any move. With a glance, his trusted disciples immediately transformed and commanded their wizard gus to charge towards the young man.

Upon seeing the several wizards, who charged towards him with either poisonous bugs, round-headed knives, or buck toothed armored bodies, Zhang Lisheng shook his head and smiled. “You call this witchcraft? Ah fine, let me show you the true color of witchcraft cultivation then…”

He reached out a hand to rip off the Mask of the Comedy King stuck on his forehead gently.

In an instant, the fierce, brutal, and menacing aura that had accumulated for several dozens of days surged out from the young man, prompting to bellow at the sky.

While he was bellowing, Zhang Lisheng could feel that the wizard power in his body surged and bubbled. At once, he stretched his body, and it caused square-round scales, colored alternately in blue and yellow, to appear on his skin. His flesh and bones began to expand and transform into a terrifying-looking giant, that had a square mouth, bulging eyes, and four black holes in the place of his ears and nose.

At the same time, hundreds of all kinds of small bugs gushed out of his flesh. They expanded in the wind and turned into terrifying giant bugs that were 40 to 50 meters long before flying in the air around the camping grounds above the young man’s head, covering the entire night sky.

After a series of bellowing, Zhang Lisheng, who had removed his disguise and showed his demonic figure, felt nothing but a sense of liberation. Ignoring those wizards who had already slumped onto the ground at his feet, he smiled at Su Deli with a bloodcurdling aura. “Deacon Su, don’t be impatient. What do you think of the battle doctrine that I created myself?”

Under the gaze of the young man’s ferocious face, it stunned Su Deli dumb in bewilderment. With his entire body shuddering, he could not even form a word at all. Chen Guanxing was beside him, and his face had already become grave as he took a step forward to block Zhang Lisheng’s sharp aura. He then said loudly, “Sir, it looks like you’re already a powerhouse who has inherited ancient witchcraft, so it’s no wonder that you dare to come play in our Gate of Witchcraft. Even so, despite your extraordinariness, you’re wrong if you think you can win against two Grand Wizards…”

“Master Chen, in my self-created Gu Sea’s battle doctrine, I’ve only shown you 400 overflying insects, and there are 1000 more crawling gus I haven’t shown you yet. Would you like to look at them?” Zhang Lisheng grinned and interrupted Chen Guanxing’s words.

Chen Guangxing choked a little and turned to look at the dumbfounded Su Deli. Bitterly, he said in a whisper, “Deacon Su, you’ve really been reckless in this matter.”

Then, he turned around and said loudly, “Sir, even if you manage to defeat Senior Sister Du and me, there are still over 20 elite disciples from the Gate of Witchcraft and a camp full of soldiers armed with high-tech weapons here…”

“I also have the transformation power of four ancient strange gus. Before I’ve mastered the Gu Sea Method, I might have not been able to transform in time, but now, you might say that I have a few extra lives in my hands. Master Chen, do you really think they’d be able to stop me?” While Zhang Lisheng was speaking, he turned his transformation power into a wyrmdragon. His nose and mouth gradually bulged out, and his ears turned into antlers; countless green scales appeared on his body, and his palms became dried and bony, as though he had turned into an eagle.

Then, water vapor condensed over the campsite, causing the electrical fence to emit an electrical arc continuously which was accompanied by loud sizzling sounds. Slowly, rain began to drizzle.

“The True Dragon’s Energy! Y-You’ve actually incarnated the True Dragon’s Energy!” At this moment, even Chen Guanxing shouted in horror, for he could no longer maintain his composure.

“It’s only a wyrmdragon and not a true dragon. Even so, it’s still enough for me to cast the omniscient power of ‘Dominate the water as it wields, soaring the sky as it reigns’.” As the cloud formed below his feet, Zhang Lisheng stepped onto the ground and soared into the air three feet away from the ground, before saying, “Master Chen, wizards have always acted as they like and kill unruly. However, I’ve obtained many benefits from the Gate of Witchcraft this time, so I really don’t wish to battle with any of you. In fact, this applies to the soldiers at the campsite as well. We’re all Chinese descendants, so it’d be better if we could avoid any battle that would benefit none of us. However, if any of you really want to make things difficult for me, I’d have no choice but to battle to my heart’s content, and by that time, there will be many people whom I would bury here in a foreign land…”

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