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The Great Worm Lich (Web Novel) - Chapter 378: Loud Thunder, Drizzling Rain

Chapter 378: Loud Thunder, Drizzling Rain

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The reason Zhang Lisheng could create the Gu Sea Method was because, first, among the spells he had obtained before transformation, he had the two spells of ‘assemble’—that allowed him to search and refine wizard gus with a speed that was a thousand times faster than an ordinary wizard, provided that he did not carry out a fine selection—and ‘refine’, that allowed him to turn something evil into something pure easily by turning those weak wizard gus that they did not carefully select to become strong and fierce.

Second, it was because, after he had become a wizard, he had once sealed the ancient strange worm statue into his body before; thus, it allowed him to command the wizard gu by just solely relying on the strength of his wizard gu, regardless of his own mental strength.

Third, the wizard gu he picked when he first underwent his transformation was the Money Toad that possessed the omniscient power of ‘Devour the earth and sky, resize itself as it might’. This spell allowed all of his wizard gus to expand by 36 times by just consuming only a negligible amount of wizard power.

Fourth, he had repeatedly transformed using the ancient strange worm that possessed omniscient power after their transformations, so the wizard power surging in his body was no longer inferior to the ordinary Grand Wizards.

Finally, coupled with the magical skill of turning his body into a Gu nest, he could finally carve a new path and succeeded in it. The bizarreness, the twists, the turns of the process, and the ingenuity and danger of the situation were completely indescribable. It was because of this that the young man thought highly of his own battle doctrine. The billowing power he caused also made this proudness live up to its reputation as it heavily pressured others.

Unfortunately, some people would know when to retreat in the face of pressure, but some would try to overcome difficulties while some disputes would leave no option for people to retreat.

Upon hearing Zhang Lisheng’s threatening words, Grand Wizard Chen Guanxing could not help but clench his teeth as he looked at Liu Jiaqing. The A0001 camp’s commander’s face had already become flushed with a slight tinge of green. Slightly hysterically, he tore open the collar hook of his military uniform and hissed under his breath to Cheng Maoguo, his partner, with force, “Old Cheng, I propose that we launch the Nine Provinces Dragon C7 and C8.”

“Jiaqing! This is a serious matter! Shouldn’t we at least consider letting the leaders from the China Academy of Social Sciences handle this matter first before we make our decision? This Nine Provinces Dragon is here in a battalion base like ours for a very special reason. If an accident occurs, the consequences w-will be unimaginable!” Cheng Maoguo, who was in his middle ages, felt that his mouth had turned dry, and his breathing hitched. Unbuttoning the collar hook of his military uniform, he looked at his young and energetic partner while speaking with a trembling voice.

Liu Jiaqing became silent with a series of expressions flashing on his face. Gnashing his teeth, he whispered, “Old Cheng, is this situation within our expectations? You’ve also heard of the discharge intensity of the electrical fence. Even if it’s a nuclear battery, it will not last long. If we don’t solve this problem as soon as possible, how should we write the report if he escapes? How do we explain it to the commander and political commissar…”

After eavesdropping on the camp commander’s decision to fight, Liu Jiaqing* sighed and began to open his mouth and stamp his feet while he continued to inhale. His body swelled up like a balloon, and soon, he stretched his suit open.

(*A typo by the author coz Liu Jiaqing is the commander)

As he tore his clothes, bald living corpses without facial features began to reach out their bird toe-like dry fingers and tore themselves out while they twisted their bodies, struggling to climb out.

“W-what the f*cking hell are these monsters?” When Cheng Maoguo, who was still hesitating, saw this horrifying and bizarre demonstration of this so-called leader of the China Academy of Social Sciences, he could not help but curse under his breath with a shudder despite already knowing what they were.

“Old Cheng, do you think it’s feasible for us to rely on these f*cking things to handle this matter? What if they are evenly matched? They’re from the same Gate, and if they suddenly have a fallout with us and want to kill us to shut us up, then they’ll catch us off guard! This is…” Liu Jiaqing seized this moment to lower his voice and whispered sullenly.

“T-this i-is…” Horror dawned on Cheng Maoguo. After stuttering for a while, he said with trembling lips, “I-I agree. I agree to launch the Nine Provinces Dragon C7 and C8!”

After saying so, he felt as though all the strength in his body was being sucked out completely before he almost slumped onto the ground.

Liu Jiaqing ignored the faltering body of his partner and said in a hurry, “Political Commissar Cheng Maoguo and I have jointly authorized the launch of Nine Provinces Dragon C7 and C8. I order all pilots to be in place within ten seconds and launch it after thirty seconds…”

Nobody knew how the order of the A0001 camp’s commander was being conveyed but ten seconds later, ten to twenty troops, that appeared to be small in comparison, charged out of the tents with their entire bodies and heads covered in milky white leather jackets and went to the two hill-like black iron boxes; Zhang Lisheng found it to be a miracle for them to be transported to the foreign world.

Somehow, when the iron boxes, that was a metal solid form, touched the leather jackets of the soldiers, they seemed to become soft and began to be squeezed as though they were liquid.

Half a minute later, the two huge black iron boxes began to emit a faint yellow light. The flat surface split into a full surface of irregular blocks and began to slide; it changed its shape in a series of ‘kachak kachak…” noises like legos before turning into two toweringly large, square robots.

The robots were about 70 to 80 meters high. Their heads had already propped the electrical fence up, but the electric arc of the electrical fence did not seem to be able to sense their existence.

Zhang Lisheng, who gathered his clouds to exhaust the power of the base, and felt slightly in debt towards the Gate of Witchcraft, did not make the first strike. When he saw the giant steel robots appear from afar, he muttered to himself in bewilderment, “The robots are six or seven times larger than the US Steel Warriors. Looks like we really shouldn’t talk big…”

After that, he no longer hesitated anymore; he shook his body, and his flesh began to slice open, unleashing thousands of crawling bugs as he planned to command the wizard gus to expand so he could fight to his heart’s content. Suddenly, he could hear a thunderous roar from the depth of the Oasis World’s jungle, closely followed by the trembling of the ground and a gush of a faint breeze blowing from behind his head.

It filled the soft breeze with a moist warmth, but it seemed to make Zhang Lisheng’s body, that was reincarnated from a dragon, freeze right away. Feeling as though his heart had clenched into a ball along with that low roar, the young man clenched his fist and gnashed his teeth before he could finally compose his mood.

After that, he looked at the two Grand Wizards, who was standing on a living corpse, that was fat like they built it from a flesh mountain, with a height of 10 meters tall, with three heads and six arms, before suddenly shouting, “Master Chen, Master Du, the incomers are not friendly.”

After hearing the roar, a horrified look replaced Chen Guanxing and Du Shancha’s originally grave expression before it finally turned into a maniacal look. Chen Guanxing laughed out hoarsely and said without reservation, “So what if the incomers are not friendly? At most, some monsters will just eat us after both parties have suffered from great losses. That is still much better than being refined into a living copse by the Old Gods for holding up the Gate’s matter.”

“How optimistic! I, on the other hand, refuse to benefit the third party with our quarrel…” Zhang Lisheng looked at the determination in the Grand Wizard’s eyes and suddenly shrugged. Then, the several hundred giant bugs flying in the camp’s air suddenly shrank and returned to the young man’s body along with the crawling bugs that had just dropped onto the ground as though they were returning to their nest.

Zhang Lisheng, on the other hand, also returned to his normal state. Naked, he bent over the ground and picked up a canvas before tearing it open and wrapping his nether region.

The scene in front was like seeing a sky full of dark clouds, billowing thunders, heaving hurricanes, and horrifying thunderstorms that were about to fall but dispersed in a snap instantly, leaving behind a clear, cloudless, blue sky. It was so absurd that the heartstrings of the soldiers and wizards in the camp, that was so taut they were trembling, abruptly loosened; they were so dumbfounded that they did not know how to react.

When it stunned the two Grand Wizards, they exchanged glances with each other, but their expressions did not relax. Instead, they became even more vigilant when they looked at Zhang Lisheng.

Zhang Lisheng smiled at Chen Guangxing and Du Shancha’s complicated gaze and listened with attention. Just like he had expected, there was no more roars from the jungle, and the ground was no longer shaking slightly, nor was the breeze blowing from behind.

He breathed a long sigh of relief and looked around before locking his gaze onto the A0001 camp’s commander and saying with a smile, “Commander Liu Jiaqing, don’t be nervous. I surrender.”

“Y-You surrender?” Liu Jiaqing blurted out in astonishment.

“Yes, because of the powerful strength of the Chinese army, I chose not to have a direct confrontation. In such a situation, even if I was really a spy from the US, I believe that you should give me reasonable humanitarian treatment, right?”

Upon hearing the young man’s words, Liu Qiang became stunned for a while, not knowing what to do.

Now that Zhang Lisheng had given up in resisting, if he forcefully ordered his troops to order, then it would differ completely from the nature of preventing the young man from escaping. Not mentioning the fact that it would also violate the principles of the international convention of such; if this caused many casualties, then he would have to shoulder all the responsibility by himself.

However, it would be even more absurd if he let go of his vigilance just after hearing Zhang Lisheng, who resembled the great demon in ancient mythology, that could yield great power, saying that he had surrendered.

The situation became stale. Zhang Lisheng, the people from the Gate of Witchcraft, and the camp’s soldiers stopped talking amidst the subtle atmosphere. After a long time, the young man sat cross-legged on the ground and turned to look at the jungle filled with giant trees. There was a contemplating expression on his face.

Seeing that it would soon become a joke if they continued the situation to drag on, the camp’s Political Commissar Cheng Maoguo suddenly came up with an idea. With a light cough, he said, “Ahem, D-Dr. Zhang. Your situation is very special. If you surrender sincerely, we must place you in solitary confinement.”

“Just do as you like, Lieutenant Colonel Cheng. If you need such psychological comfort, I’m willing to cooperate with you,” Zhang Lisheng shrugged and said those words. His arrogant manner was annoying, but he appeared to be cooperative. Under Liu Jiaqing and Cheng Maoguo’s personal escorts, they locked him up in a specially built metal cage in the compartment of a huge engineering vehicle.

“Dr. Zhang, this is the cage designed and built by our China National Defense University Research Institute for the imprisonment of powerful creatures from the foreign world. It has many functions, such as plasma self-destruction, powerful limb anesthesia, and death-proof escape. You’ll be under 24 hour monitoring, so I hope that you know your place well…”

“Commander Liu, please be rest assured that I’m very willing to stay here. You’ll soon find out that, in fact, it’s safer here than outside…” Zhang Lisheng interrupted Liu Jiaqing’s words with a strange smile on the corner of his lips as he said out of the blue.

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