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The Great Worm Lich (Web Novel) - Chapter 381: Pure Violence

Chapter 381: Pure Violence

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Zhang Lisheng saw that Xu Naijia had succumbed to silence, he smiled nonchalantly, unbothered, and turned his attention back to the outside of the compartment.

Since the function of this engineering vehicle he was standing on was mainly to pull the cage specialized in capturing the powerful living beasts from the foreign world during an emergency, it was conventionally parked at the corner of the campsite. For this reason, its geographical advantage allowed Zhang Lisheng to have a broader view and a relatively safe position to get an overview.

Pieces of hill-like boulders filled the broad moat of the campsite. Even the smallest boulder had a height close to ten meters. They had been tightly placed together while surrounding the camp like a prison.

Besides the boulders on the ground, some boulders were even on the perimeters of the electrical fence, defending the campsite. Several giant yellow-furred apes, that had two sharp fangs on both edges of their lips, were punching and kicking them, which was causing the boulders to roll around with dazzling sparks. Gradually, black smoke appeared as the boulders turned into magma, burning the electrical fence.

Fortunately, even though the electrical fence that played a role as the core defense in the entire frontier base looked as though they only made it from ordinary steel wire, it was actually very sturdy. No matter how much the giant apes jumped, how the boulders rolled around, and how much magma was burning into it, it could withstand all of these and showed no sign of breaking at all. Not only that, but the electrical arc flashing on the grid was constantly giving a heavy blow to the enemy.

However, the group of apes attacking the campsite was not an easy target too.

Under the gaze of the monkey king, that was only overlooking the entire camp without making any aggressive moves, with his head appearing from behind the pile of mountain-like boulders surrounding the camp, they endured the pain given by the intense electric current and continued to crawl and run back and forth on the electrical fence. Other than a minority of them, who were rolling the boulders around, the rest of them were holding wooden sticks that they used to pierce all over the camp through the gaps in the electrical fence.

The wooden stick that the giant apes used seemed to be the tree that they had just plucked out from the jungle. One end was full of leafy crowds while the other end had roots that were still covered with soil.

However, the weird thing was that the smallest trees of the Oasis World also had a height of over 100 meters tall, with a diameter of over five meters. The wooden sticks in the hands of the apes were only about seven to eight meters long, with a diameter of two adult male fists placed side by side. The difference in the size of these two were completely multiple degrees apart.

When Zhang Lisheng first saw this, he could not help but find it to be strange. However, when he saw that the wooden sticks actually became longer and larger after they passed them through the gaps of the electrical fence, with the giant apes forking up the dying, struggling Chinese soldiers one by one by piercing the fluffy roots into the tent before lifting it up to put it into their own mouths like skewers, he finally understood that these strange apes had a magical ability to control the size of the trees.

The humans might look miserable while defending its campsite, but they were not completely powerless without the electrical fence defense. The two Grand Wizards from the Gate of Witchcraft — Chen and Du — unleashed their two three-headed, six-armed, giant living corpse that they had accumulated and merged for 100 years. With their sharp claws, they would find an opportunity to leap up high and extend all six of their arms to stab the giant apes, sending dark blood flying everywhere.

Other than this, there were also hundreds of soldiers wearing black metal armor, flying rapidly by relying on the flames spouting out of their back while holding large-caliber heavy machine guns to shoot at the apes constantly.

This locked the war situation in a stalemate. The Nine Provinces Dragon C7 and C8, which had been moving for over ten hours during the day, were finally forcefully cooled and could now be reactivated again.

When the two large black iron boxes radiated a yellow light and transformed into the steel giants that could make Zhang Lisheng become scrupulous last night amidst the ‘kachak kachak…’ sounds, the human’s counterattack became more and more powerful.

The steel giants of 70 to 80 meters high continued to smack their hands on the electrical fence. They sent whichever ape they hit flying to at least several dozens of meters away into the jungle; no one knew whether they were dead or alive.

Even so, those giant apes still continued to shout and jumped around on the electric fence while enduring the current flow while stabbing their wooden sticks around at random, making the situation become more dangerous.

At this time, most of the human beings in the base had felt that victory was close. The camp’s commander, Liu Jiaqing, even had the spare attention to warn Zhang Lisheng using the communication device in the construction vehicle.

“Dr. Zhang, Dr. Xu Naijia is the deputy chief engineer of our entire Oasis World’s exploration program and Assistant Guo Caiying has a special identity. I believe you also know that if something happens to them—”

“Commander Liu, something will not happen to them, but something will happen to all of you though. I really can’t believe that you still have the spare attention to talk to me. Do you think the reason a brutish beast, who was bringing a group of fierce subordinates here to attack an unknown enemy for the sake of its population’s safety, was just doing so because it wanted to take the risk to eat some ‘human sashimi’?” Zhang Lisheng looked out from the car without blinking and interrupted Liu Jiaqing.

“Dr. Zhang, we have the upper hand now. As you can see, this group of strange beasts cannot penetrate the defense system of the base. What kind of other changes would there be in such a circumstance?” After a moment of silence, the voice changed to become Cheng Maoguo’s advice-seeking tone. It was clear that Zhang Lisheng’s accurate prediction just now had allowed him to hold some authority.

“Do you still not understand while looking at those attackers?” When Zhang Lisheng saw that the number of giant apes on the electrical fence was gradually decreasing, he felt his heartbeat quickening. Staring at the monkey king with utmost concentration, he said, “They only appear to be apes. From the ratio of their head to the body and their behavioral pattern, we can infer that they are a subspecies of primates. These guys have the same genus as human beings; they’re not much different from us. They are cruel and sly animals and not only that, but they also possess strong class characters. The only thing that keeps them apart from human beings is that their class division is not based on intelligence, means, and origin. Instead, it’s entirely based on their strength. So far, the monkey king that has repeatedly warned us has been standing idly while watching from aside…”

While the young man was still speaking, the monkey king, who was hiding behind the boulder outside the camp, suddenly bared its fangs, squatted down, and leaped up to a hundred meters high with a loud boom while holding a green lush wooden stick in his hand.

It roared thunderously in the air once again while both of its hands lifted the wooden stick up high.

In an instant, the wooden stick in the monkey king’s hand expanded at an unimaginable speed and rose straight up to the sky, transforming into a giant pole of wood that was thousands of meters long.

Zhang Lisheng had his attention on the monkey king, so he immediately felt an abnormality in the air. Horror dawned on him right away. Without giving much contemplation, he took hold of the three girls and leaped out of the engineering vehicle directly, before violently pressing Guo Caiying and the two others into the soil before quickly nihilating his body.

At that moment, when the young man’s body disappeared, the monkey king descended and brandished its gigantic pole of wood with an infinite power that swept across the ground.

When that gigantic wooden stick made its way across, it turned the boulders into stone bullets; the extremely tough electrical fence shredded like a piece of paper; the mysterious, strange living corpses that the Grand Wizards commanded could not dodge in time, and they transformed into a puddle of meat with a ‘pop’ sound before sticking on the floor; it sent the Nine Provinces Dragon robots, that symbolized the peak of Earth’s scientific and technological civilization, flying after being hit before having its limbs shattered into pieces of steel that were mixed with bright red flesh while the strong wind swept up the human soldiers and ordinary wizards in the campsite before it hit and sent them crashing along the small vehicles.

Even though the campsite did not have a huge area, the giant wood came to a sudden halt after breaking the lamppost in the center of the camp. However, after a series of a storm-like gusts, it completely destroyed the entire camp.

There was no dazzling technique or powerful magical powers; it was only such awfully simple brute violence that was both flabbergasting and bloodcurdling!

However, it was clear that casting such a devastating attack was also a huge burden for the monkey king. When it landed on the ground, it crouched on the huge pit caused by his landing impact and held onto the wooden stick while panting heavily, looking very much like a human.

Right at this moment, Zhang Lisheng, who felt that it had become calm, showed himself and dug Guo Caiying and the two other women out of the soil.

With her face covered entirely in mud, Xu Naijia, who had never suffered such grievance before, spat out some spit and rubbed her eyes. Shaking her head, she shouted loudly, “Ptui Ptui! Rascal, asshole, bastard! If it wasn’t because the base had just been relocated and the ground defense system has not been laid yet, we would have been scorched already! I want to curse you even if you break my limbs! How dare you…”

Wiping off the muck on her face, the lanky woman opened her eyes and saw the engineering vehicles in front of her that had been crashed together burning in a fire while the electric current covered them. The tents in the campsite were almost completely destroyed while the tragic howling gradually stopped resonating, prompting her to stop talking.

“L-Lisheng, w-what happened?” Guo Caiying who was by the side stuttered.

“A ‘Sun Wukong’ has joined in the monkeys, who were attacking the frontier base, but there’s no Gautama Buddha in the camp,” Zhang Lisheng said in a low voice. With an action as fast as lightning, he once again grabbed the three girls by his armpits and leaped up.

The nine scorpion tails on his back constantly elongated and extended to become long chains under the moonlight that pierced into the trees in the distant jungle. The young man leaped up to a place several hundred meters away and crawled up to the slanting branch of a giant tree like a ghost.

The branch was wide. Zhang Lisheng released Guo Caiying and the other two and looked out to the camp far away. Breathing a sigh of relief, he casually remarked, “We can watch the show now. Master Chen and Master Du are both Grand Wizards, so I don’t believe they will just die like that. There’s still a long time to go before I’m required to make my move.”

“Lisheng, w-why don’t we hurry and leave?” Guo Caiying asked with wide eyes.

“Senior Sister, it’s too boring if we just sneak away like that. We’ve finally encountered such a strong enemy, so I should at least have a match with it to test the strength of my freshly created battle doctrine!”

“Y-You want to fight with those monkeys?” Upon hearing Zhang Lisheng’s words, Guo Caiying looked into the distance and asked. Right now, many of the giant apes that the Nine Provinces Dragons sent flying began to leap out of the jungle and rushed towards the campsite that had its defense line broken through. Limping and hobbling away, they began to catch the injured men.

The wrecked electrical fence, that had either fallen onto the ground or was being propped up in the air by the vehicle wreckage, sizzled with flashes of brilliance. However, its intensity was no longer as strong as before.

Some clever apes grabbed the wounded living people and began to brutally, yet cleverly, strip off their clothes before barring a smile and holding them near the electrical arc. Under the final shrill cries of these wounded people, the apes peeled the scorched skins of these half-baked people and stuffed them into their mouths in satisfaction.

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