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The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! (Web Novel) - Chapter 512: You Have No Right to Judge Her (6)

Chapter 512: You Have No Right to Judge Her (6)

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For some unknown reason, Mr. Liu’s legs felt like water; that voice intimidated him.

Turning to the door in a panic, he saw Lu open it in a hurry and bow to the person outside with a respectful tone. “Mr. Song.”

Mr. Song?

Before Mr. Liu could recall who that was, Mr. Song smiled broadly at him. “So, this is how you treat your students. A teacher is supposed to be the model of virtue for students. Aren’t you ashamed of your conduct?”

“Who are you?” Mr. Liu was confused. “I’ve only disciplined a student according to school regulations. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Heh… You have no right to judge her, let alone hit her!” Mr. Song’s imposing manner had a murderous intent to it. “You insulted and beat a student, as well as made personal attacks and false accusations against her… And you call yourself a teacher?”

Mr. Liu now knew that what he had done was inexcusable. His arrogance from when he had excoriated An Xiaxia earlier was all gone and he now had a dull look in his eyes.

One of the teachers in the office suddenly cried out in surprise, “Gosh, that’s Mr. Song! The one who donated two laboratory buildings to us!”

A hush fell over the office at those words.

A man of his status had come here in person for a student; they could only imagine how prestigious that student was!

Instantly, the looks the other teachers gave Mr. Liu were full of sympathy.

One of the teachers phoned the principal’s office and in less than two minutes, the principal rushed in, covered in sweat and smiling obsequiously. “Mr.. Mr. Song, to what do we owe this pleasure…”

Although the Song family was not among the “Big Four” of Yu City, their power had far exceeded that of those four families!

The Song family owned banks all over the country and had practically limitless funds. It was safe to say that they were a business empire!

Mr. Song had casually donated hundreds of millions to the school last time and his only request was for the school to take good care of a girl… The principal had been over the moon. Who said that there were no free lunches?

“Mr. Yue, is this what you call ‘taking care of her’? She was slandered, verbally abused, and beaten… Even her upbringing was questioned… Mr. Yue, I’m beginning to doubt if it had been a wise decision to donate to a school with such a teacher!” Mr. Song said in a domineering tone.

The principal felt his knees buckle. He glanced at Mr. Liu and bellowed, “What is this all about? What have you done?”

Lu immediately repeated what Mr. Liu had said to him. Mr. Liu was going to explain it away when Lu removed a button from the pocket of his suit. “To prove the truth of my words, here is the video footage of our conversation. I recorded it with a minicam!”

Mr. Liu’s face drained of all color and he almost collapsed to the ground.

Mr. Song snorted and stormed off, followed by an ingratiating principal who muttered appeasing words.

In the office, all the other teachers eyed Mr. Liu with pity. “Mr. Liu, I don’t think you’ll be with us for much longer!”

Only then did Mr. Liu realize that he seemed to have pissed off the wrong man…

The hospital.

After her wound was treated, An Xiaxia asked Mr. Song’s assistant to take her back to school after some consideration.

As soon as she stepped into the classroom, she was surrounded by her classmates. “An Xiaxia, have you heard? Sheng Yize is browbeating the maths teacher. He’s probably peeing his pants right now…”

What the hell?!

An Xiaxia hurried to the office right away. She heard Sheng Yize’s cold voice before she walked in. “Free feel to jump off the building if you’re not happy with this life. You really don’t need to keep breathing.”

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