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The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! (Web Novel) - Chapter 513: The World Will Know I Love You (1)

Chapter 513: The World Will Know I Love You (1)

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His tongue seemed to have turned more vicious…

An Xiaxia listened in embarrassment before she pushed the door open. She walked into the office to find Mr. Liu sitting gingerly at his table, typing something on his keyboard. Sheng Yize stood next to him with his arms crossed as he bombarded the teacher with a myriad of sarcastic comments.

The rest of the teachers in the office acted as if they could hear nothing and played dead in unison.

Seeing An Xiaxia come in, Sheng Yize went up to her with a scowl. “Where did he hurt you?”

An Xiaxia pointed at her forehead.

Flames of fury filled Sheng Yize’s eyes. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Where else?”

“That’s it…” An Xiaxia shook her head honestly. Sheng Yize sneered and kicked the chair Mr. Liu was sitting in. “Are you done with the paper?”

Mr. Liu clicked “print” with shaky fingers, then gave Sheng Yize a few sheets of A4 paper with both hands.

Sheng Yize patted An Xiaxia. “Go sit there and solve these problems.”

“Oh… alright…”

Sheng Yize then turned to a female teacher and asked politely, “Miss, can you monitor the exam for us, please?”

“Sure.” The teacher nodded.

An Xiaxia sat there and answered the questions, while Sheng Yize went on verbally abusing Mr. Liu. His remarks were so mean that Mr. Liu was on the verge of shedding tears.

From the murmurs of the other teachers, An Xiaxia gathered that Sheng Yize had thrown his desk after hearing that Mr. Liu had hit her. He had wanted to come to the office and smash a chair over Mr. Liu’s head. It had taken several men to finally stop him.

Mr. Liu had just been told off by Mr. Song. At Sheng Yize’s threat, he had collapsed to the ground and nearly wet his pants.

An Xiaxia solved one problem after another as she listened in on the gossip. About forty minutes later, she looked up. “I’m done.”

Sheng Yize picked up the paper and smacked it on Mr. Liu’s desk, saying coldly, “Correct the paper!”

It was a request Mr. Liu didn’t dare say no to. He began correcting it right away and soon came up with the final mark, which he announced in a weepy voice, “79…”

It wasn’t significantly different from the mark An Xiaxia had gotten in the mock exam.

Sheng Yize kicked Mr. Liu’s chair over and the man fell down on his ass, but he didn’t dare make a sound.

“You came up with the questions yourself both times, so the level of difficulty should be the same! Did she get those marks because she could actually solve the exam paper or was it like you said: she stole it? I think anyone in their right mind can answer that question!” Sheng Yize now reminded one of a devil from hell. “Of course, with that useless brain of yours, I don’t think you have enough intelligence to answer it.”

Mr. Liu said in a trembling voice, “It was.. all a misunderstanding…”

“A. Misunderstanding?” Sheng Yize enunciated each word.

“Yes, I hit her… She’s just a student. How can you do this to a teacher…” Mr. Liu put up stiff resistance.

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow as if he had just heard a joke. “What have I done to you? Have I hit you or insulted you? Sir, since you’ve slandered me like that, how about I hit you for real so that we can make sure I’ve done exactly what you’ve accused me of?”

Slowly, he began to roll up his sleeves. Mr. Liu shrieked and shuddered, then a stench filled the air and there was a pool of liquid on the floor…

The teachers shook their heads and sighed. That was so humiliating — wetting himself because of a threat from a student…

Sheng Yize sneered at this. He held An Xiaxia’s hand and was about to leave.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and someone said, “May I come in?” It turned out to be Li Fanxing.

She came in with a gloating smile on her face and was ready to see how sorry An Xiaxia must look now… However, the scene inside wasn’t what she had expected at all…

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