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The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! (Web Novel) - Chapter 514: The World Will Know I Love You (2)

Chapter 514: The World Will Know I Love You (2)

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An Xiaxia was holding hands with Sheng Yize, while Mr. Liu was on the ground and looked frightened…

The smile on Li Fanxing’s face froze momentarily. How had this happened?

Wasn’t An Xiaxia supposed to be reprimanded by the teacher? It had taken her some painstaking effort to get her hands on that paper and she had waited for so long before An Xiaxia finally took the bait and solved the problems… She couldn’t believe this!

Sheng Yize casually shielded An Xiaxia behind him and what he said next sounded like it was directed at An Xiaxia, but was a warning for Li Fanxing at the same time. “Xiaxia, I promise I’ll get to the bottom of this! Someone stole the paper and put it on your desk to set you up! I’ll find the person and there will be consequences!”

Li Fanxing cleared her throat and looked away. Sheng Yize made a casual remark. “Senior Li, why do you look evasive? It’s not your guilty conscience, is it?”

“Hoho, what are you talking about? Yize, you’re so funny.” Li Fanxing forced a smile.

Sheng Yize shrugged. “It better not be you, or —” From his ferocious tone, there was no doubt that he wanted to tear the culprit into pieces!

Li Fanxing forced herself to remain as composed as a fair lady. After An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize left, she felt as if she had been to hell and back. The back of her shirt was soaking wet…

After school that day, Sheng Yize accompanied An Xiaxia home himself.

Both Papa An and An Yibei were infuriated when they were told what had happened. An Yibei adjusted his glasses and gave them a bone-chilling smile. “Just wait and see! I won’t rest until he’s behind bars!”

An Xiaxia stared with her mouth agape as An Yibei patted Sheng Yize on his shoulder affectionately for the first time. “Nice job. Keep up the good work.”

Sheng Yize said humbly, “I’m nowhere as good as Brother An. Next time, I’ll show no mercy.”

“Good, good. I see a very promising student in you!” An Yibei was pleased.

An Xiaxia listened to this conversation, looking baffled. Sheng Yize then caressed her forehead and asked in a voice filled with pity, “Does it hurt?”

An Xiaxia replied with an aggrieved “hm,” her sound as soft as that of a kitten.

Overwhelmed by pity, Sheng Yize pulled her into his arms and wished he had finished that teacher off this afternoon!

“Don’t worry. I’ll get back at him for you! Tell me, do you want him beaten up or his name dragged through the mud?” He was very sure of himself.

An Xiaxia chuckled. “You look like a rogue…”

“Hm?” He raised an eyebrow. “You don’t like it?”

Hearing his husky and mesmerizing voice, An Xiaxia felt butterflies in her stomach. Burying her face in his arms, she murmured, “No, I like it.”

I can find all the looks I like in you.

I like you no matter how you look.

Sheng Yize stroked her hair and kissed her between her eyebrows. He had made up his mind.

The incident came to an end during the flag-raising ceremony the following Monday.

The principal announced to the entire school that Mr. Liu had been fired and his name had been blacklisted by various schools. His career as a teacher was over!

After that announcement, the principal was going to dismiss the assembly when a drunk man in disheveled clothes barged in, yelling, “It’s not fair… Not fair! Why was I fired?! And that court summons… Why am I being sued? I did nothing wrong! Nothing!”

The crowd erupted. Someone then recognized him. “That’s Mr. Liu!”

“You’re still a student and you have a boyfriend! It’s all your fault! You wanton bitch!” With his career ruined, Mr. Liu found his future bleak. Desperate, he lunged at An Xiaxia with bloodshot eyes!

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