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The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! (Web Novel) - Chapter 515: The World Will Know I Love You (3)

Chapter 515: The World Will Know I Love You (3)

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“Pathetic!” Sheng Yize remarked in a deep, cold voice and kicked Mr. Liu away.

He didn’t hold back in that strike! Mr. Liu rolled around on the ground as he was seized by a coughing fit.

He struggled to rise to his feet, but he was too drunk to move his legs. After much futile effort, he lay on the ground on all fours and began to weep.

Jeers erupted in the crowd. Sheng Yize stayed poised and even retorted, “Having a boyfriend or not, that’s none of your business!”

Those were some very defiant words in the ears of the teachers, but the students quieted down immediately.

Mr. Liu said between broken sobs, “The… the two of you will come to no good end!”

Sheng Yize found his words ridiculous. “That would be very unlikely, for we’re so happy together. Have our grades dropped? Nope. I’m the first in my year and my girlfriend has been improving. Have our lives been affected? Nope. Both of our families support us and we live in harmony. Is our future going to be affected? We’ve been trying to become better people after we got together, so even if we don’t end up together one day, we’ll only be better versions of ourselves than now. Thank you for your curse. We’ll only be happier.”

A few students clapped passionately after those words, which seemed to wake up the rest of the crowd. Everyone then applauded!

The idol and the top student in the school… was truly remarkable…

The principal couldn’t take it anymore. He cleared this throat and spoke into the microphone. “That’s it for the flag-raising ceremony today. You’re dismissed!”

However, the students ignored him completely. They were all staring at Sheng Yize eagerly now.

An Xiaxia was right beside him and was a little shy with so many onlookers around them. However, Sheng Yize held her hand and wouldn’t let her run away. He was smiling with his eyes. “The whole world knows I like you. Why run away?”

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide.

Did he just… confess his love in front of so many people…

Had Sheng Yize forgotten to take his medicine or had he lost his mind?

“Wow — that’s so romantic!”

“Kiss her! Kiss her!”

“Gosh, I’d pass out from happiness if someone did this for me!”

Contrary to An Xiaxia’s expectations, instead of turning against her, everyone only expressed their envy of her.

As the uproar escalated, the principal had to clear his throat and ask the staff to turn up the volume of the microphone. “Mind your conduct, students. Don’t flaunt how lovey-dovey you are in broad daylight.”

The students cheered at the principal’s equivocal attitude.

The student ranked seventh in their year stepped out and asked calmly, “So, is it true what Idol Sheng, the first in our year, said just then? As long as our grades, lives, and future aren’t affected, we can begin a relationship whenever we feel like it?”

The principal was speechless. A few other students also stepped out after that. He briefly glanced at them and saw that they were all straight-A students…

Everyone then asked the same question. Cold sweat dripped down his face and he kept wiping at them.

“Um… Theoretically, yes. But we don’t encourage students to pursue a love life at this age…” he said vaguely. Someone shouted right away, “We’ll be the judge of when to pursue it! Why does the school have anything to do with it?”

The principal turned toward the voice and saw that it was Qi Yanxi!

He almost wanted to pretend to faint. Things were getting out of hand!

He tried his best to maintain his dignity as a principal. “Mr. Qi, with your poor grades, I think getting entangled in love will only have a negative effect on you.”

One of the curve wreckers suddenly saw the light. “Sir, so what you’re saying is, we’re free to fall in love if we have good grades?”

The principal said, “Um… No…” That wasn’t what he meant!

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