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The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! (Web Novel) - Chapter 516: The World Will Know I Love You (4)

Chapter 516: The World Will Know I Love You (4)

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However, all the students gave him a long “oh” in reply, so that there was no excuse for what the principal had just said.

Sheng Yize seemed to have foreseen this. He gave a soft smile, then led An Xiaxia away without attracting any further attention.

The principal felt abandoned.

Sheng Yize’s magnificent speech left a great impression on all the teachers and students.

However, it didn’t exempt him from being summoned to the teacher’s office.

Bai Ziyue almost looked distraught when the couple came. “What did you think you were doing? Fine, you have a girlfriend. You just had to let the whole world know about it… Gosh, you youngsters nowadays!”

Tang Yijun handed her a toffee. “Calm down, calm down.”

“Miss, permission to speak!” An Xiaxia raised her hand. Bai Ziyue had always liked her and said grumpily, “Are you trying to tell me that a fault confessed is half redressed?”

An Xiaxia shook her head adorably. “No, I was trying to say that a crooked stick will have a crooked shadow!”

As the objects of this insinuation, Bai Ziyue and Tang Yijun exchanged a look before quickly looking away.

Bai Ziyue cleared her throat and put on a straight face. “Anyway, what you did was wrong! Keep a low profile from now on!”

“Got it?” Tang Yijun added with a stern expression before he put a toffee in Bai Ziyue’s hand again.

“Yes…” An Xiaxia nodded obediently. However, Sheng Yize put on a curious face and asked, “Mr. Tang, why do you keep giving Miss Bai candies? What’s your purpose? Aren’t you aware that intimate relationships are forbidden among Qixia staff, too?”

Bai Ziyue almost spat out the toffee at his words. Tang Yijun looked like he couldn’t decide whether to cry or laugh. “That’s it! Let’s make a deal. We’ll keep each other’s secret, but we both have to keep a low profile, or —”

He slid a hand across his neck and Sheng Yize took the hint right away. He then snatched a toffee out of Tang Yijun’s hand, unwrapped it, and put it in An Xiaxia’s mouth. “Thank you, Sir. Goodbye, Sir.”

That was a student quick to draw inferences from one instance… Tang Yijun wiped the cold sweat off his forehead as he watched the loving young couple leave. He then turned to Bai Ziyue, who said through gritted teeth, “Don’t do that in front of my students next time!”

“Do what? This? This? Or that thing I did the other night?” Tang Yijun eyed Bai Ziyue mischievously and gave her cheek and chin a little suggestive pinch, which jogged her memory right away…

At the thought of the other night… Bai Ziyue’s cheeks flushed red. She switched on her computer and pretended to go over some PPT slides. However, her mind had long wandered off to god knew where.

During the physics class that afternoon, even the teacher began to tease Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia.

“Gosh, you teenagers nowadays are so bold. Back then, when I tried to give my future wife a love token, I hesitated so long and kept it a complete secret…”

“Wow —” The students erupted and the physics teacher began to tell his story with an animated expression. Without realizing it, he raised his voice so that it was louder than usual.

“Sir, can you keep your voice down a little?” Sheng Yize’s cool voice reached the teacher’s ears amidst all the hubbub.

The physics teacher looked his way. While Sheng Yize sat there ramrod straight, beside him, An Xiaxia had fallen flat over her desk and was sound asleep.

“Um… Sheng Yize, are you going to do something about your sleeping deskmate?”

Sheng Yize looked confused at first, but soon took the hint. While the physics teacher was feeling pleased at how perceptive Sheng Yize was, he heard the latter’s gentle voice. “Sleep tight.”

He even put up two textbooks to shield her from the glaring sunlight.

The physics teacher: … Someone save me!

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