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The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! (Web Novel) - Chapter 518: One Can’t Fight Fate

Chapter 518: One Can’t Fight Fate

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It was from the Sheng family’s private hospital.

“Old Master Sheng is in critical condition… We advise all family members to come soon, so that there’ll be no regrets…”

An Xiaxia saw the teenager who had been lazily teasing her suddenly sway and almost drop the phone. Panic was all over his face.

“What’s wrong?” She panicked with him.

Sheng Yize put away his phone and walked to the door. He then realized he wasn’t wearing his shoes and came back to put them on. After that, he clutched An Xiaxia’s hand.

“Xiaxia… my grandpa…” He stopped abruptly almost as soon as he started talking. An Xiaxia realized what happened right away and wrapped her fingers around his hand. “He’s going to be fine… Sheng Yize, pull yourself together! Is he in the hospital? We’ll go there now!”

The hospital.

The smell of disinfectant filled the air and everything was white, despairingly white.

When Sheng Yize arrived at the hospital with An Xiaxia, the corridor was packed. From the relatives of the Sheng family to the chief executives of the company, everyone was here. Some had even begun to chat in small groups. The scene was as lively as a banquet.

An Xiaxia only found it unseemly. Looking up at Sheng Yize, she saw that his face had indeed turned very grim and she was afraid he would take action.

“Let’s wait in the lounge.” An Xiaxia dragged him away immediately.

Finally, the world was quiet there.

An Xiaxia poured him a glass of water, but Sheng Yize’s hands shook so much that he couldn’t hold it. An Xiaxia had no choice but to take the glass herself and feed it to him.

“This is your family’s hospital and you have the best doctors and the most advanced technology in the country here. Grandpa Sheng is going to be alright… He’s such a kind person. I’m sure whatever god is up there will make him well again…” An Xiaxia babbled, trying to console Sheng Yize, but she was genuinely upset herself.

She had only met Grandpa Sheng a few times and even she couldn’t take this news, let alone Sheng Yize, who had been very close to the old man since he was little.

Sheng Yize smiled wryly, leaned back against the sofa, and said in a low voice, “Xiaxia, let me hold you.”

An Xiaxia snuggled up to him as requested. Sheng Yize sighed softly, as if he had found some comfort.

Putting his chin on her little head, he said slowly, “He and grandma doted on me since I was little, for I’m the only kid from my generation in the Sheng family. I heard that he used to be a very stiff man and didn’t like kids, but he was really kind to me… He cared for me when Sheng Qingyi wouldn’t… After my mum died in an accident, Sheng Qingyi sent me to this remote little town and my grandpa was the only one who found out where I was. He then traveled all the way there to visit me… He even brought me my favorite chocolate…”

An Xiaxia listened in silence. This was a history Sheng Yize had never told her before.

“Then something happened… Sheng Qingyi actually had someone break my leg and he locked me up in a sanatorium… My grandpa hit Sheng Qingyi with his stick and cried for me… Can you imagine that? That stodgy old man…”

“Yes, Grandpa Sheng is such a kind man…” An Xiaxia felt tears come to her eyes at the thought of the desserts Grandpa Sheng had made himself for her.

That was the first time she had ever met Grandpa Sheng and he had liked her so much. He had doted on her for Sheng Yize’s sake.

Love him, love his girlfriend.

However, death was a fate no one could escape.

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