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The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Web Novel)


Noir, third son of a “beggar noble,” lost his job and was at a loss, but fortune struck just as he was contemplating becoming an adventurer.

Hidden Dungeons that no one knows how to enter. Legendary places full of extremely rare magical beasts, magic tools for power beyond measure and items that would be considered a rarity all over the world.
To such a dungeon the entrance was opened.

“Without telling anyone about this place I’ll secretly become the strongest.”

This world is harsh to nobles of poverty.
Without authority or honor, if I could at least acquire power――

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 143: Second Semester2020-08-11
Chapter 142: The Unchaining2020-06-17
Chapter 141 It came to the town2020-06-13
Chapter 140: Sacrifice2020-06-05
Chapter 139: Another Olivia2020-06-01
Chapter 138: Pygmies Extermination2020-05-30
Chapter 137: Strange Pygmies2020-05-23
Chapter 136: Together with a childhood friend2020-05-17
Chapter 135 Goblin Thief2020-05-10
Chapter 134: Troubles on the way back.2020-04-26
Chapter 133: Level 6662020-04-12
Chapter 132: Those awaiting on the 13th floor2020-04-09
Chapter 131 Luna-san’s marriage interview Part 22020-04-09
Chapter 131: Luna-san’s marriage interview Part 12020-03-22
Chapter 130: The reason little sister is being cold2020-03-15
Chapter 129 12th floor exploration Part 22020-03-08
Chapter 129: 12th floor exploration Part I2020-02-22
Chapter 128: The way to save master2020-02-15
Chapter 127: Master’s anguish2020-02-14
Chapter 126: Return2020-02-11
Chapter 125: Understanding is impossible2020-02-09
Chapter 124: Versus S part 32020-02-08
Chapter 123: Versus S part 22020-02-07
Chapter 123: Versus S part I2020-02-06
Chapter 122: Leader Naina2020-02-03
Chapter 121: Investigation Start2020-02-02
Chapter 120: The Tyrant2020-01-24
Chapter 119: New Town New Dangers2020-01-19
Chapter 118: Hip hip hooray2020-01-09
Chapter 117: VS Gaien Guardian2020-01-02
Chapter 116: Exposing the Trick2019-12-27
Chapter 115: Monsters attack2019-12-19
Chapter 114: Master and Gaien2019-12-12
Chapter 113 Gaien’s Hidden Room?2019-12-07
Chapter 112: Strengthening friends’ abilities2019-11-29
Chapter 111: Cannibal Village2019-11-22
Chapter 110 Brother is in pinch?2019-11-15
Chapter 109: Relationship between Gaien and Master2019-11-05
Chapter 108: General’s Might2019-10-31
Chapter 107: Joined Practice2019-10-29
Chapter 106: Brother, that’s no good2019-10-24
Chapter 105 Want a Lick?2019-10-22
Chapter 104: Brother’s entrance2019-10-17
Chapter 103: Arrive at brother’s town2019-10-15
Chapter 102: Ways to use power2019-10-10
Chapter 101: Emma stopped moving2019-10-08
Chapter 100: Let’s return them to normal2019-10-03
Chapter 99: What is going on in this town?2019-10-02
Chapter 98 Laura-san’s secret2019-09-26
Chapter 97 On the morning of departure2019-09-24
Chapter 96 The teacher’s treasure is ****2019-09-19
Chapter 95 Rejected Man2019-09-17
Chapter 94 Explosive situation with rival guild2019-09-12
Chapter 93 Everyday life2019-09-10
Chapter 92: Showdown with magma fish2019-09-03
Chapter 91: Onward to the 11th Floor!2019-08-29
Chapter 90: A Letter Arrives2019-08-28
Chapter 89: Epilogue2019-08-22
Chapter 88: The Path of Fury2019-08-21
Chapter 87: Clear the 10th Floor2019-08-20
Chapter 86: The Champion’s Shield2019-08-15
Chapter 85: Reward2019-08-14
Chapter 84: Horny Boys are Powerful2019-08-13
Chapter 83: Arrival at the Hot Springs2019-08-08
Chapter 82: To Doubt is to Win2019-08-07
Chapter 81: Encounter with Pixie2019-08-06
Chapter 80: Let’s go to the hot springs!2019-08-03
Chapter 79 10th Floor Laser2019-08-01
Chapter 78: Playing with fish2019-07-31
Chapter 77: Pretty Girls Sandwich2019-07-30
Chapter 76: The Aftermath of the Fight2019-07-27
Chapter 75: You Can’t Fool Me!2019-07-26
Chapter 74: The Thief and the Phoenix2019-07-25
Chapter 73: Summoner2019-07-24
Chapter 72: Phantom Appears2019-07-22
Chapter 71: A Passionate Dance!2019-07-19
Chapter 70: A Shadow Creeps in to the Party2019-07-19
Chapter 69: To the Evening Party2019-07-19
Chapter 68: Meeting Again So Soon2019-07-11
Chapter 67: If it’s Too Big, Just Shrink Yourself2019-07-10
Chapter 66: Treasure Chest of Darkness2019-07-09
Chapter 65: Smell of Danger from the Treasure Room2019-07-04
Chapter 63: Where are bad kids?2019-07-02
Chapter 62: Layla-san and dangerous wall2019-06-27
Chapter 61: Let’s stop with malicious bullying?2019-06-26
Chapter 60: The Power to Convert Items2019-06-25
Chapter 59: Summer Break2019-06-20
Chapter 58: Peaceful Days2019-06-19
Chapter 57: Slay the Dragon!2019-06-18
Chapter 56: Battle Preparations2019-06-13
Chapter 55: Dinner with Luna2019-06-12
Chapter 54: Laura’s Therapy2019-06-11
Chapter 53: Back to a Familiar Place2019-06-06
Chapter 52: Showdown with the Boss2019-06-05
Chapter 51 The Bandits’ Mansion2019-06-04
Chapter 50: It Devours Anything2019-05-30
Chapter 49: The Magic Eater2019-05-29
Chapter 48: Becoming an honest person.2019-05-29
Chapter 47: That’s the Amon village!2019-05-23
Chapter 46: Luna-san’s savings2019-05-22
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