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The Highest Bounty (Web Novel)








Action Martial Arts Sci-fi

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It is an era of artificial superintelligences, interstellar travel, gene medicine, and virtual reality worlds. Far into Earth’s future, 15-year-old Gu Ding is a student of Cerulean Military Academy by day, and tavern waiter by night. His ambition: Become the space pirate with the highest bounty offered by the Universal Federation Government. With the help of Neptune, a neonate super-intelligence, Gu Ding finds himself thrust into a galaxy of shadowy organizations, political underdealings, and otherworldly forces that lie beyond human comprehension…

212 • 2020-06-08 08:49:17


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 175 A Kitten2020-08-06
Chapter 174 Bonita’s Evaluation2020-08-06
Chapter 175 A Kitten2020-08-06
Chapter 174 Bonita’s Evaluation2020-08-06
Chapter 173 Queen Of The Border River2020-07-30
Chapter 172 Closed Deal2020-07-30
Chapter 171 Hostages Are Used For Making Money2020-07-29
Chapter 170 Gu Ding VS Yarrow2020-07-29
Chapter 169 The Battle Begins2020-07-28
Chapter 168 Elsa’s Horrifying Combat Effectiveness2020-07-28
Chapter 167 Gu Ding’s Underrated Crew2020-07-28
Chapter 166 Gu Ding’s New Ability2020-07-28
Chapter 165 Lilliath, Let’s Go Home2020-07-23
Chapter 164 Lilliath’s Dream 22020-07-23
Chapter 163 Liliath’s Dream2020-07-23
Chapter 162 Liliath’s Grandfather2020-07-23
Chapter 161 The Addition Of A New Member2020-07-21
Chapter 160 A Spiritual Healer Who Cures Others2020-07-21
Chapter 159 You Look Really Weak2020-07-21
Chapter 158 Biggie Has Awakened2020-07-21
Chapter 157 Gu Ding The Local Tycoon2020-07-19
Chapter 156 The Target Of The Dark Sectors2020-07-19
Chapter 155 Gu Ding Vs Emily2020-07-19
Chapter 154 A Bet2020-07-18
Chapter 153 Crisis Everywhere2020-07-18
Chapter 152 The Chaotic War2020-07-18
Chapter 151 The War Begins2020-07-17
Chapter 150 What’s Giving The Army Marshal A Headache2020-07-17
Chapter 149 Goodbye, Grey-faced Buzzard…2020-07-17
Chapter 148 Destroy Every Interstellar Pirates’ Spaceship!2020-07-17
Chapter 147 Neptune’s Bad News2020-07-16
Chapter 146 Robert Turns The Tables On The Battle Outcome2020-07-16
Chapter 145 Pirate Biggie VS General Sharp2020-07-16
Chapter 144 Female Korazan Gorilla2020-07-15
Chapter 143 Gu Ding’s Plan For A Night Raid2020-07-15
Chapter 142 The Army’s Raid2020-07-15
Chapter 141 Sharp Is Not Dead2020-07-15
Chapter 140 Resurrection2020-07-15
Chapter 139 A Fallen General!?2020-07-13
Chapter 138 Bart’s Special Ability2020-07-13
Chapter 137 The Arrogant Bart2020-07-12
Chapter 136 Walter’s Plans2020-07-12
Chapter 135 Damn It!2020-07-12
Chapter 134 Nisoth’s Prophecy2020-07-11
Chapter 133 Invitation From The Holy Gospel Tribe2020-07-11
Chapter 132 The Aborted Emergency Backup Plan2020-07-11
Chapter 131 Neptune’s Plan2020-07-11
Chapter 130 Preparation For Battle2020-07-11
Chapter 129: An Ominous Divination Result2020-07-06
Chapter 128: Newcomers Get Together At The Food Street2020-07-06
Chapter 127: The Cursed Blade2020-07-03
Chapter 126: An Unexpected High Bid2020-07-03
Chapter 125: Raging In The Storm2020-07-02
Chapter 124: An Ax For Ten Billion Universe Credits2020-07-02
Chapter 123: Half A Sacred Object2020-07-01
Chapter 122: Double Rewards2020-07-01
Chapter 121: Gu Ding Versus The Army Senior Colonel2020-06-30
Chapter 120: Meeting Senior Again2020-06-30
Chapter 119: The Awakened Robert2020-06-29
Chapter 118: What Are You Trying To Do?2020-06-29
Chapter 117: Complete Victory2020-06-29
Chapter 116: If You Want to Challenge Me, Then Provide Some Reward!2020-06-29
Chapter 115: The Best Newcomer2020-06-25
Chapter 114: The End of Space-time Backtracking2020-06-24
Chapter 113: A 1 Versus 17 Fight2020-06-24
Chapter 112: Removing The Hypnosis2020-06-24
Chapter 111: A Major Crisis2020-06-24
Chapter 110: Arrogant Food2020-06-22
Chapter 109: You’re My Hostage2020-06-22
Chapter 108: Taboo Energy that Frighten Even the Gods2020-06-21
Chapter 107: A Bottle of Black Medicine2020-06-21
Chapter 106: The Army’s Meeting2020-06-20
Chapter 105: The Mighty Witch Tribe God2020-06-20
Chapter 104: The Irreversibility of History2020-06-19
Chapter 103: Two Conditions2020-06-19
Chapter 102: Encountering the Magic Race2020-06-18
Chapter 101: Backtracking Upon Space-Time2020-06-18
Chapter 100: Bye-Bye, Derisis2020-06-17
Chapter 99: The Best Ingredients in Honor of My Bestest Friends2020-06-17
Chapter 98: Actually, I’m Only Seventeen2020-06-16
Chapter 97: Biggie’s Past2020-06-16
Chapter 96: Derisis’s Brief Interlude2020-06-15
Chapter 95: Gu Ding’s New Abilities2020-06-15
Chapter 94: Cheers to Gu Ding2020-06-14
Chapter 93: I Didn’t Do Anything2020-06-14
Chapter 92: The Remaining Superweapon2020-06-11
Chapter 91: Escaping Death2020-06-11
Chapter 90: A Risky Decision2020-06-10
Chapter 89: Robert’s Plan2020-06-10
Chapter 88: The Main Battlefield Where The Order Fell Apart2020-06-09
Chapter 87: The Calm Central Battlefield2020-06-09
Chapter 86: Lex’s Purpose2020-06-08
Chapter 85: Blood Sac Pirates2020-06-08
Chapter 84: Roadblock2020-06-08
Chapter 83: Liberty Alliance2020-06-08
Chapter 82: The Perfect Player2020-06-08
Chapter 81: I Would Never Abandon My Partner!!!2020-06-08
Chapter 80: The Mysterious Old Man2020-06-08
Chapter 79: The Army’s S-Rank Mission2020-06-08
Chapter 78: Senior’s Abrupt Pullback2020-06-08


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