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The Human Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1253 - Finally Revealed, the White-Robed Confucian!

Chapter 1253: Finally Revealed, the White-Robed Confucian!

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“Hyah!” Outside the carriage, Xu Keyi solemnly shook the reins and set the carriage off in another direction.

Drunken Moon Pavilion!

This restaurant was not particularly famous in the capital, at least not when compared to Wang Chong’s Taibai Pavilion, or even the Yao Clan’s Vast Crane Pavilion. It could be considered a middle-tier restaurant. However, through its simple, delicate, and refined nature, it had won over many scholars and literati in the capital, and even a few officials in the court would occasionally patronize the establishment, sharing a few cups, composing a few poems, and even leaving behind some works of calligraphy.


In a deafening clatter, an ornate carriage of gold and silver stopped in front of Drunken Moon Pavilion.

Creeeak! The carriage door opened, and Wang Chong boldly stepped out, his robes fluttering around him. In front of Drunken Moon Pavilion, a figure stood half-bowed, apparently having been waiting for some time.

“Is it confirmed?’

Wang Chong placed his hands behind him as he looked up at the gold and black signboard of Drunken Moon Pavilion.

“Milord, we are completely sure. I personally investigated the matter! There can be no mistake!” Old Eagle respectfully said.

Ever since the men he had sent to follow those mysterious minor officials at the city gate had been killed, Old Eagle had learned his lesson and been much more cautious. He only sent his best men now, and he would occasionally participate personally. The target this time was far too important, and Old Eagle did not dare to be careless.


Wang Chong nodded and quickly drew back his gaze.

Many carriages were parked in front of Drunken Moon Pavilion, all of them the kinds usually favored by scholars and literati.

It was apparent that this was a place where typical Confucians liked to gather and dine.

Wang Chong immediately walked to the entrance, but before he could enter, a waiter came rushing out of Drunken Moon Pavilion, nodding and bowing as he attempted to stop Wang Chong.

“Milord, Milord, ah, it’s truly rather embarrassing. The restaurant is full. Young Master, please return!”

But in a gust of wind, Wang Chong strode past the waiter and crossed the threshold into Drunken Moon Pavilion.

The waiter was left dumbstruck, and just when he was about to rush after Wang Chong to try and stop him…


Two bags of silver were thrown out, one thumping against the counter and the other landing in the waiter’s hands. In a flash of light, Old Eagle’s muscular figure imposed itself between Wang Chong and the waiter.

“My lord has matters to attend to. He will not take up any seats in your restaurant, nor will he interfere with your business. Yield!”

As Old Eagle spoke, he flashed the dragon token in his hand.

“King- King of Foreign Lands!”

Although Old Eagle had withdrawn the token very quickly, the waiter’s sharp eyesight was able to instantly recognize the token. A hint of respect appeared on his face as he withdrew.


Wang Chong had already put aside everything behind him, leaving that matter to Old Eagle. He began to climb up the spiraling wooden staircase to the second floor.


When Wang Chong stepped onto the second floor, he suddenly felt a strange feeling surging up in his mind. Wang Chong could see that this second floor was packed with distinguished figures, countless major Confucian scholars. These important Confucians and young scholars were all of high virtue and erudite learning. Merely by sitting there, they exuded a thick air of learning and the smell of books.

These were clearly all renowned figures of the Confucian school.

Bizarrely, however, while the entire capital was clamorous as it celebrated Buddha’s birthday, the countless scholars gathered in Drunken Moon Pavilion also should have been immersed in a similar celebratory air, but when Wang Chong stepped onto the second floor, he heard no noise whatsoever. In contrast to the jubilation in the outside world, the mood in Drunken Moon Pavilion was solemn and serene.

All these Confucians sat erectly, their eyes all focused in the same direction. Even when Wang Chong appeared, they made not even the slightest move, as if they had not even seen Wang Chong.


Wang Chong’s eyebrows rose as he felt a strange feeling like he had intruded upon some sacred ceremony. Ding! At this moment, he heard a crisp clang of metal. Wang Chong turned to find the source of this noise, turning in the same direction all the Confucians were looking. In the center of the second floor, Wang Chong saw that a square area had been left empty.

In this empty square area, a young man wearing a black robe was dancing. His sword dance moved from fast to slow, slow to fast, and he moved with both lightness and force, grace and solemnity. This sword’s aura was divine and composed, seemingly imbued with hope and trust!

Wang Chong had spent ten-some years in the capital, and he knew a little about all walks of society within the capital. But he had never seen a sword dance like this.

What a high cultivation!

Even though this man had his back to Wang Chong as he performed his sword dance, Wang Chong could clearly sense that this man was spending at least ninety percent of his time floating in the air, the tips of his toes a sliver away from the floor. But to keep a tiny sliver of distance between oneself and the floor was incredibly difficult. Imperial Martial experts would not be able to do it, and perhaps not even ordinary Saint Martial experts were capable of such a feat.

One could say that a hair-sized gap was as wondrous as one thousand li!


As Wang Chong watched, the man performing the sword dance finally turned around. At that moment, Wang Chong could clearly see that this man was wearing a white mask on his face. This mask was devoid of any features, or even a mouth, having only two holes that allowed two incredibly sharp eyes to peer out.

When the man spotted Wang Chong at the stairwell, a hint of surprise could be seen in his eyes, but this person quickly regained their composure and continued the dance.


Wang Chong noted down the ripple in that person’s eyes, but he almost immediately turned in the other direction. After roughly scanning the second floor, he quickly settled his gaze on a scholarly young man of twenty-six or twenty-seven, wearing a white robe.

Unlike the others, merely by sitting there, this handsome young man naturally exuded the aura of a leader, standing like a crane amongst the chickens that were these learned Confucians.

When Wang Chong set eyes on this man, this white-robed Confucian scholar also noticed Wang Chong. Wang Chong grinned and walked straight over to seat himself in front of the white-robed Confucian.

Wang Chong carefully inspected the handsome Confucian and suddenly said, “We finally meet!”

Who would have expected that this white-clothed Confucian that seemed to lack even a sliver of martial arts ability was actually the person hiding behind the curtains, controlling everything, commanding the Grand Preceptor, King Qi, Li Linfu, and the First Prince, the schemer who had succeeded in recalling Wang Chong from Khorasan and stripping him of his military authority?

“Truly the King of Foreign Lands, to so quickly know of me.”

The white-clothed Confucian gently smiled as he calmly gazed at Wang Chong, not even a hint of surprise on his face.

“Hah, so should I call you Li Junshan, or Li Junxian?”

He moved his gaze to the scholar wielding a feather fan sitting next to the white-robed Confucian, and then moved his gaze back.

The scholar sitting adjacent was none other than the ‘Li Junshan’ that the City Guard had interviewed while Wang Chong had been observing.

“Haha, the King of Foreign Lands truly does have sharp insight. I knew that you would come to find me. Might I ask just where my flaw was?” the white-robed Confucian with the aura of a leader softly said. As he spoke, he took a cup of wine from the table next to him and took a sip.

“You were too impatient, too greedy. You should not have interfered in the matter of Zhang Shougui,” Wang Chong indifferently said.

Even though his investigation using the power of the City Guard had not been able to find the person he had wanted out of the thirty Confucians, Wang Chong had not come away empty-handed. In fact, he was sure that the person he wanted was in this group of Confucians. Alas, the City Guard’s investigation was too large-scale, alarming his foe and causing him to have a substitute take his place to conceal his identity.

In normal circumstances, if his foe did not engage in any new operations, Wang Chong would need a very long time to actually find him. But just as Wang Chong had said, his opponent had been too impatient, too greedy.

Wang Chong had been around eighty percent confident that the Confucians would intervene in the Zhang Shougui affair, hoping to use this chance to deal with the militarists. Thus, Wang Chong had ordered Old Eagle to place people near King Qi, the Grand Preceptor, and Li Linfu. Wang Chong had even borrowed the power of Li Heng and Li Jingzhong to place spies near the First Prince.

Wang Chong surmised that his opponent was extremely likely to act, and once he acted, Wang Chong was completely confident that he would be able to track him down, because Zhang Shougui’s status was simply too high. In order to deal with the number two figure in the Great Tang military, his opponent could not send any subordinates but would have to go personally.

The leaders of the Great Tang like the Grand Preceptor and King Qi, particularly the arrogant King Qi, would never receive ordinary people of inferior status.

This was the best opportunity to deal with the Confucians and find the schemer behind the curtain. But Wang Chong was not completely confident, because if his opponent didn’t take the bait, Wang Chong’s plans would all be meaningless. Fortunately, his opponent was unable to restrain himself!

“As expected! So from the moment we censured Zhang Shougui, I was already exposed, correct?”

The white-robed scholar was calm and emotionless as if the answer had been expected.


At this moment, a voice rang out at Wang Chong’s ear. Turning his head, he saw a young scholar walking over with a tray.

Bending down, the young scholar first placed a cup and chopsticks in front of Wang Chong. He then filled Wang Chong’s cup with wine, and then he took a black headband from the wooden tray and placed it down.

Wang Chong slightly frowned at the sight of the headband.

“This is…?”

The young scholar did not explain. After placing everything down, he quickly departed.

Wang Chong slightly frowned in confusion, but a moment later, he noticed a certain detail. All the Confucians on the second floor of Drunken Moon Pavilion, including the white-clothed scholar seated across from him, despite wearing different kinds of robes, all had a black headband tied around their heads.

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