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The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage (Web Novel)






Mu Jiujiu, 慕酒酒


Drama Romance

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After being betrayed by her fiancé and her cousin sister, she accidentally rescued an elegant but indifferent young master. Never did she expect to marry him and surprised many!

“Sir, Young Madam took a fancy to an expensive jade.”
He looked up and replied with a casual air, “No matter the price, buy it for her!”

“Sir, Young Madam is fighting with others!”
His face darkened and he immediately ordered, “Get her a few more men. Make sure she doesn’t lose. How dare they bully my wife?”

“Sir, Young Madam has been reported having an affair with a man!”
Upon hearing this, he could bear no more and dashed out without a second thought.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 133: The Distance Between The Ice Cube And The Lady-Killer2020-08-13
Chapter 132: One Or Two2020-08-12
Chapter 131: Little Liar And Big Liar2020-08-12
Chapter 130: A Polished Scoundrel And A Beast In Human Clothing2020-08-11
Chapter 129: Grandpa’s Pressing Questions2020-08-11
Chapter 128: Former Master and Servant2020-08-10
Chapter 127: Disfigured2020-08-10
Chapter 126: The Vicious Mother and Daughter2020-08-09
Chapter 125: The Feeling Of Being Cared Of By Him2020-08-09
Chapter 124: Exclusive News2020-08-08
Chapter 123: Reporters Who Acted Without Delay2020-08-08
Chapter 122: What Happened Back Then2020-08-07
Chapter 121: Each Holds A Sinister Design In Their Mind2020-08-07
Chapter 120: Not Giving Them Face2020-08-06
Chapter 119: The Means of Jiang Xuecheng2020-08-06
Chapter 118: The Chaotic Engagement Party2020-08-06
Chapter 117: An Unexpected Guest2020-08-06
Chapter 116: A Perfect Match2020-08-06
Chapter 115: Transfer to Headquarters2020-08-06
Chapter 114: Congratulations And Same To You2020-08-06
Chapter 113: A Definite Win2020-08-06
Chapter 112: To Covet Gains Ahead Without Being Aware Of The Dangers Behind (Part 2)2020-08-06
Chapter 111: To Covet Gains Ahead Without Being Aware Of The Dangers Behind (Part 1)2020-08-06
Chapter 110: Cool To Have Someone Backing2020-08-06
Chapter 109: Who Dares to Touch Her?2020-08-06
Chapter 108: Distress2020-08-06
Chapter 107: Su Wan, I Advise You To Be More Sensible!2020-07-31
Chapter 106: Break Up Their Relationship Regardless of Her Feelings2020-07-30
Chapter 105: I Can’t Dance2020-07-30
Chapter 104: Not Spared A Glance2020-07-29
Chapter 103: Attending The Dinner Together2020-07-29
Chapter 102: Jiang Xuecheng’s Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder2020-07-28
Chapter 101: Picked As His Female Partner2020-07-28
Chapter 100: Thunderstorm And Nightmare2020-07-27
Chapter 99: A Sudden Clap Of Thunder, It Was Her!2020-07-27
Chapter 98: Inexplicably Familiar2020-07-26
Chapter 97: Miss You Till I Can’t Sleep2020-07-26
Chapter 96: Such a Mean Tactic!2020-07-25
Chapter 95: Jiang Xuecheng’s Suggestion2020-07-25
Chapter 94: Lack of Inspiration2020-07-24
Chapter 93: As Long As You’re Not At the Losing End2020-07-24
Chapter 92: Abuse One Over The Shoulder Of Another2020-07-23
Chapter 91: A Possible Misunderstanding2020-07-23
Chapter 90: Accidental Encounter2020-07-22
Chapter 89: Shamelessness2020-07-22
Chapter 88: On-Site Investigation2020-07-21
Chapter 87: Wan Wan, Do You Like Me?2020-07-21
Chapter 86: Your Doing2020-07-20
Chapter 85: Given An Important But Tough Task!2020-07-20
Chapter 84: The Storm of Planning Department!2020-07-19
Chapter 83: Adding Fuel To The Flames2020-07-19
Chapter 82: Growing Suspicion2020-07-18
Chapter 81: Her Husband’s Treat2020-07-18
Chapter 80: Feigning Aloofness!2020-07-17
Chapter 79: A Miserably Abandoned Stepping Stone!2020-07-17
Chapter 78: Classmates’ Gathering2020-07-16
Chapter 77: A Day Off, An Unexpected Call2020-07-16
Chapter 76: She Sold Herself Just Like That2020-07-16
Chapter 75: Compared To Strawberries, I Wish To Eat You More2020-07-16
Chapter 74: Jiang Xuecheng’s Childhood2020-07-16
Chapter 73: Wan Wan, You Are Prettier Than Her2020-07-16
Chapter 72: Childhood Lover, Is She His First Love?2020-07-16
Chapter 71: Jiang Xuecheng Has a Brother?2020-07-16
Chapter 70: Who Does Su Wan Look Like?2020-07-16
Chapter 69: His Family2020-07-16
Chapter 68: Meeting His Parents2020-07-16
Chapter 67: Jiang Xuecheng’s Childishness2020-07-16
Chapter 66: Don’t Open Your Eyes, Surprise!2020-07-16
Chapter 65: Take This As A Gift2020-07-16
Chapter 64: Engagement Invitation2020-07-16
Chapter 63: Snatched By Force2020-07-16
Chapter 62: Unavoidable Confrontation2020-07-16
Chapter 61: Having Her Own Way2020-07-16
Chapter 60: Caught in a Dilemma2020-07-16
Chapter 59: A Shotgun Marriage?2020-07-16
Chapter 58: Love A Person And Those Related To Her2020-07-16
Chapter 57: Which School Are You From?2020-07-16
Chapter 56: Eternal Love2020-07-16
Chapter 55: I Like To Cook For You2020-07-16
Chapter 54: Practice Makes Perfect2020-07-16
Chapter 53: Accept My Gift2020-07-16
Chapter 52: Awkward Visit2020-07-16
Chapter 51: Hello, Deputy Director2020-07-16
Chapter 50: A Call From Senior Madam2020-07-16
Chapter 49: Brown Sugar Ginger Soup2020-07-16
Chapter 48: His Thoughtfulness2020-07-16
Chapter 47: Red Roses2020-07-16
Chapter 46: Guilty Conscience2020-07-16
Chapter 45: Being Pranked2020-07-16
Chapter 44: The Mischievous Lin Fei’er2020-07-16
Chapter 43: Registered For Marriage2020-07-16
Chapter 42: Are You Willing To Marry Me?2020-07-16
Chapter 41: Parents Who Have Been Insulted2020-07-16
Chapter 40: Scumbag and White Lotus2020-07-16
Chapter 39: I’ll Wait For You2020-07-16
Chapter 38: I’m Downstairs2020-07-16
Chapter 37: The Taunt of All2020-07-16
Chapter 36: The Furious Jiang Xuecheng2020-07-16
Chapter 35: Come With Me2020-07-16
Chapter 34: Deputy General Manager of the Highest Grade2020-07-16