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The Invincible Dragon Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1021: Passing Away

Chapter 1021: Passing Away

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Upon occupying the Barbarian Land of the North and Voodoo Land of the South, humans unifying the Heaven Reverse Universe had become a universal knowledge.

The entire Great Land was seethed with excitement. Lu Li’s reputation reached an all-time high. Before him, no human heroes could successfully infiltrate the four lands, not to mention conquer them.

The four alien races had always been the dagger hanging over the head of the human race. Emperor of Heaven Reverse did not make them extinct for the hope that the pressure could inspire more human warriors to grow.

The pressure was real. However, for all those years, the human race had been treading on eggs. After all, the four alien races had always been fighting for their way back to the Great Land, the center of this world. How many humans had died in the Demon-slaying Battleground? How many powerful warriors sacrificed their lives to protect the Great Land?

All of that was history now.

The four lands were conquered, and the four alien races were defeated. The human race had become the overlord of the Heaven Reverse Universe. They no longer had to worry about the four alien races sneaking up on them in the middle of the night or tearing humans into pieces.

In the homes of many civilians, there were statues of Emperor of Heaven Reverse. Now, the public placed Lu Li’s statues in their homes as well, paying their respect day and night. To the public, Lu Li was no different from a god.

Since Lu Li was not an immortal, he could not feel the energy of faith. He had been cultivating lately and those trivial matters did not come to bother him.

The Heaven Reverse Universe was being managed by Patriarch of Law Enforcement. Voodoo Land of the South needed little concern because Jiang Tianshun had been handling it well. Jiang Tianshun was sometimes feathering his own nest, but Patriarch of Law Enforcement did not say anything since it was Lu Li that named Jiang Tianshun to govern the Voodoo Land of the South.

With Han the Iron’s cooperation at the Barbarian Land of the North, He Yue had been having an easy time planting her subsidiary bodies. But because she could not perform her work too boldly, it would still take some time before the subsidiary bodies could spread across the Barbarian Land of the North.

As Master of the Barbarian Race, Han the Iron could collect all the information. He Yue’s subsidiary bodies were just a fail-safe.

Four months passed. Lu, Jiang, Kong, and Ye Family’s disciples had been relocated to the Prison of Wood, the majority of them. Many affiliated families also sent over many disciples. Ten large cities and dozens of small cities had been established. A large number of supplies had been delivered. The Prison of Wood had turned into a prosperous land.

The public and smaller families did not know if they would relocate there, but the major families were sure to move there.

Many of them were scared to death. All sorts of rumors were flying about. If it was some new treasured land discovered, then those families should only relocate their elite talents. Why would they transfer their entire families, including the weak, the old and the invalid…

They were clearly trying to run away from calamity!

The Palace of Immortal’s Inquiries, Palace of Heaven’s Roars and Red Lunar were nervous. They wanted to visit Lu Zhengyang but there was no trace of him. So, they went to Demon-slaying City to seek Patriarch of Law Enforcement.

Patriarch of Law Enforcement kept the information confidential. He only informed the forces and families to select some of their talented disciples and sent them to the Inferno.

Those families sprang to work. They gathered their elite talents who went to the Inferno under the instructions of the patriarchs of Demon-slaying Hall.

The disciples felt they discovered a new land when they came to the Inferno with rich Xuan Qi and a variety of Mystical Materials—some of which had become ripe. However, they were not harvested since Lu Li did not want Mystical Materials.

Several cities were built in the Inferno. The residents were all disciples of different families which were affiliated with Lu, Jiang, Kong and Ye Family. The four families’ own disciples had gone to the Prison of Wood.

Much information was learned by those disciples after they lived in the city for a couple of days. Those of the Palace of Heaven’s Roars, Palace of Immortal’s Inquiries and Red Lunar crushed a special jade talisman.

There was no exit so this was the only way to send information. There was only one way to use this special jade talisman—that was to let people know that the Inferno was a promising land and their families should send more people in.

Those forces and families went to beg Patriarch of Law Enforcement who did not refuse. He made it clear that their disciples were allowed to the Inferno. However, they must build the cities themselves. They could have a parcel of land of their own and develop it.

This was Lu Li’s instruction. Given his current status, he did not mind helping those forces and families. They would not pose any threat to the Lu, Jiang, Kong and Ye Family. On the off chance that some ill-intentions were demonstrated, Lu Li could crack down on them easily.

Lu Li’s original plan was to relocate everyone from the Great Land. That would be the best for when warriors of the nine universes came, he could fight with them, having nothing to fear.

It was evident that this plan was not practical. There would be a large population to be relocated. Many of them were civilians who could not bear Teleportation Formations constantly. If they were to be teleported in intervals, it would take them decades of time to arrive.

Therefore, Lu Li had settle for the second best plan, to send warriors of the families to the Inferno. If he failed to defeat his enemies, at the very least, there would be someone that could survive, some hope preserved for the Heaven Reverse Universe.

As four months passed by, Lu Li stopped cultivating the day before yesterday. He finally understood the Transcendence State after four months.

He had the right sense. This skill was not difficult because it was not in the offense or defense category. Giving that it was a skill mainly to assist others, the Transcendence State was not as complicated as Stone Golems.

In order to learn the Transcendence State, Lu Li cultivated for four months and merely stopped for one day to sleep when he could no longer bear the physical burden.

After he successfully studied it, he fell asleep on the ground before he tested its effect. Today, he finally woke up.

“Let’s see!”

When he woke up, Lu Li set off to test the effect of the skill before he had anything to eat.

He closed his eyes and focused his mind. His body quieted down. His heart rate was slowing, and so was his breathing. Even… the sense of his existence was weakening.

In the end!

Lu Li sat with his legs crossed on the ground, much like an old monk resigning himself to death. He was not breathing and his heart was not beating. It seemed like Lu Li had passed away.

His soul had entered an absolutely dark world. He could hear nothing, smell nothing nor feel nothing. His soul had sunk into the darkness. Apart from thinking, there was nothing he could do.

At the very beginning, Lu Li was filled with fear. Anyone in this state would be scared and frightened. But soon, he adjusted himself. He knew this could happen when he was studying this skill and he could exit this state at any time.

“Study the line diagram and see if I can progress faster in this state.”

The Transcendence State was a skill that could be conducive to cultivation. In this state, the warrior would be in an ideal cultivation situation, and the speed of learning would increase drastically.

Lu Li began to study the fifth diagram. Once the process commenced, Lu Li himself was taken aback.

As if… in this state, his mind was functioning better. The speed of how fast he cultivated was multiple times faster. In five days, he had finished a small component.


Lu Li was excited. He even wanted to continue studying the line diagram.

At this speed, it would only cost him three months to study one large diagram. The remaining eight diagrams would take him three to four years at most. By that time, he could become an immortal.

“Forget it. I don’t have time!”

Lu Li shook his head and decided to move on to the Slayer’s move. If he could successfully master it, he would be equipped with a powerful mode of attack, which he needed the most currently!

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