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The Invincible Dragon Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1175: Losing It

Chapter 1175: Losing It

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Lu Li urged Brother Three of the Chen Family to start at once. The latter did not rush, though. He walked around the tripod for a few times and then poured in some Xuan Energy. He wanted to take control of the tripod, only to realize that he could not.

He walked around it and then opened the cap. He studied it for an hour. Afterward, he said with frustration, “Lord, this must be a Relic tripod. But… I don’t know how to use it.”


Lu Li rolled his eyes. He had thought Brother Three of the Chen Family was an expert, seeing how the latter climbed all over the place. Now, he was telling Lu Li that he did not understand how to operate it after such a long time of bustling around?

“Wait here!”

Lu Li remembered there was a book introducing the tripod. He walked out and looked for the book. After the time for one incense stick to burn, he found the book. He took a glance and came back to give it to Brother Three of the Chen Family. “This book is about the Relic tripod. Read it now.”

Brother Three of the Chen Family sat down at once and went through every page carefully, word by word. An hour later, pointing to one paragraph, he asked, “Lord, what is it saying? I… cannot understand!”


Lu Li was speechless. He took over the book and studied it himself. In the book, many complicated words were written, explaining professional knowledge of Inhibition Formations. Fortunately, Lu Li had read over three hundred books on basic information or else Lu Li would not know how to interpret the words.

Some jargons were difficult to explain. Lu Li decided he would fumble about how to operate the tripod himself and asked Brother Three of the Chen Family to wait on the side.

Lu Li read through the book quickly. In merely four hours, he had mastered the usage of the Relic tripod. Lu Li sent the Deaf Taoist and the Immortal’s body in, but not Blazing Huo.

Lu Li poured out Xuan Energy toward a line on the cap. He did so for over a dozen times until the tripod cap began to glow and the lip flew up automatically.

“Immortal’s body, in!”

Lu Li said. The spiritual connection between the Immortal’s body and Lu Li was still there. The Immortal’s body dashed in and the cap fell to its place.

Lu Li walked out silently. He went to the second room and took out many fire-red crystals and some white crystals in the shape of diamonds and about 10 black stones.


Lu Li gave the Deaf Taoist the Interspatial Ring with the crystals inside and said, “From now on, throw the crystals in at my orders.”

The Deaf Taoist took over the Interspatial Ring and stepped to the side as he was told. Lu Li poured out Xuan Energy into the tripod as he walked around quickly. Each of his actions was precise. He aimed at some special lines and patterns on the tripod.

After dozens of rounds, the tripod began to tremble. Lu Li shouted at this moment, “Deaf Taoist, throw in 10 blood-red crystals.”

The Deaf Taoist did so quickly. Lu Li poured in Xuan Energy. Those crystals burst into fire. The flames created a high temperature. Lu Li, the Deaf Taoist, and Brother Three of the Chen Family were sweating down their necks due to the scorching heat.

But given that the three of them were powerful warriors, they could still stand it. Lu Li kept on pouring Xuan Energy into the tripod. After the time for one incense stick to burn, he shouted again, “10 red crystals and one white crystal.”

The Deaf Taoist threw the crystals into the tripod, and the crystals burned briskly in the flames. When the white crystal landed in the tripod, tongues of flames reached over and covered up the entire tripod. The temperature in the room increased by 10 times at once…


Brother Three of the Chen Family was so scared that he retreated to a corner, staring at the flames in terror. He could sense the horrifying temperature of the flames clearly. He was just a warrior at the middle stage of the Semi-God Realm. He could be burnt alive by the flames.

The Deaf Taoist stepped back as well. He, too, could feel the power in the flames. It was so scorching hot that he was sweating like a trooper.

Lu Li was uncomfortable as well, but he had to power through. The Dragon Armor isolated much of the heat. He knew that there must be an Inhibition Formation in the room that once activated, could cool the temperature down. Unfortunately, Lu Li did not know how to use the Inhibition Formation now.

He kept on pouring Xuan Energy. This tripod was a Relic. However, to activate the formation inside was a complicated process, one that Lu Li had not finished yet.

“Deaf Taoist, all the red crystals in and throw in one white crystal every fifteen minutes. Now, put in one black crystal!”

Lu Li said again. At the moment, Lu Li had let out the Relic armor in case he would be hurt. The Deaf Taoist was nervous. He even wanted to change his form into an orc. Per Lu Li’s order, the Deaf Taoist put all the red crystals in and then a white one and eventually, a black one.

“Bang, bang~”

When the black crystal was in, the flames rose again, increasing the temperature by 10 times again. Brother Three of the Chen Family could not stand it any longer. He cried out in misery. Since he was of no use here, Lu Li sent him to the outer hall.

“That is horrifying!”

Lu Li could still feel the heat even with the dragon scales covering his skin and the Relic armor. The Deaf Taoist had changed his form or else he could not stand the heat. He would at least be hurt, if not burnt to death.

“This is it!”

Once again, Lu Li poured out Xuan Energy for over a dozen times. Making sure that the tripod was operating automatically, Lu Li stepped to the Deaf Taoist’s side. The former stared at the tripod with worries.

The Relic tripod was used to cast Relic weapons. Would it be effective with the Immortal’s body inside? What would Lu Li do if not?

Time zipped by. As required by Lu Li, the Deaf Taoist would throw in white crystal and a black one at intervals.

Lu Li waited for a bit. Then, he sat down. Since he had no control of the tripod and had no spiritual connection to it, he could not tell what was going on inside. He could still feel the spiritual connection to the Immortal’s body, though, and with this, Lu Li could tell if the tripod was effective on the Bloodvine.

“Well… good!”

He noticed something soon. Now, the spiritual connection between him and the Immortal’s body was growing. Considering trade-off effects, the Bloodvine must be compromised.

After a moment, Lu Li went to that room and brought back more red, white, and black crystals for the Deaf Taoist. That room had enough supply of such crystals to support Lu Li for a few years.


Lu Li was relieved to sense the spiritual connection with the Immortal’s body growing. At this rate, the Bloodvine would be burnt to ashes. The Immortal’s body was strong. For the moment, he should be fine.

An hour later, Lu Li was completely relaxed to realize that the spiritual connection had almost reached its original state.

That being said…

At that moment, Lu Li received a message on his mind and it was passed to him through the spiritual connection with the Immortal’s body. Lu Li was startled, thinking that Emperor Zi had come back to life.

The message was simple, “Human, can we talk?”

Human? It was not a human sending the message. Lu Li knew what was going on at once. The Bloodvine could not stand it any longer. The Bloodvine was seeking to talk by sending a message via the spiritual connection between Lu Li and the Immortal’s body.


Lu Li snorted and ignored the Bloodvine. The Bloodvine almost stirred up great trouble and wanted to take away the Immortal’s body. Why would Lu Li negotiate with this evildoer?

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