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The Invincible Dragon Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1176: City Destroyed

Chapter 1176: City Destroyed

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Lu Li did not respond. A moment later, the Bloodvine’s spirit said again, “Human, I mean it. If you don’t want to talk, I will ruin the formations inside the immortal’s body, and that will make him useless. He will no longer be able to launch powerful strikes.”

Now the evildoer was threatening him?

Lu Li hated it when others threatened him. He could be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. Immediately, via the spiritual connection with the immortal’s body, Lu Li said, “Go ahead. I am more powerful than the immortal’s body anyway, so it doesn’t matter. As for you, don’t think you will be spared. I will burn you alive and wipe out both your soul and spirit so you can never be excused from death.”

The Bloodvine paused for a moment before sending another message. “Hmm, what can a human do? Even as an immortal, you would be much weaker than the immortal’s body. The immortal’s body is strong, and there are many potentials you have not dug out yet. But I… can help you tap into the full potential of the immortal’s body. Once he can release all his powers, I promise that he will be more powerful than many immortals and even kill the average ones!”


Lu Li was intrigued by those words. Emperor Zi mentioned that his physical body was the strongest under the Third Plane of the Divinity. However, Lu Li had noticed that the immortal’s body was not as strong as he had expected. The immortal’s body could defeat average warriors at the peak of the Semi-God Realm. However, he was not at an advantage when dealing with the stronger ones, such as the Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo.

Lu Li had doubts that he could not tap into the full potential of the immortal’s body. He was even bothered by the fact that the immortal’s body was just a puppet without intelligence. Bloodvine’s words had made him interested.

That being said, Lu Li would not follow the Bloodvine’s lead. He snorted and replied, “I don’t need it. Destroy the formations. The immortal’s body can get out of my control any time. In case anything goes wrong again, it’s better that I burn you completely.”

Negotiations had to be dealt with carefully. Though Lu Li was eager to dig out more of the immortal’s body’s powers, as of the moment, the immortal’s body would only be a potential hazard instead of a helper. Therefore, Lu Li made his position clear. It all depended on how the Bloodvine would make the choice. Lu Li took the lead. The Bloodvine must be suffering since it was the one that initiated the talk. The Bloodvine could be burnt to death by the tripod at any moment.

After the time for half an incense stick to burn, the Bloodvine gave up. “Human, what do you want? Set me free. How about I just leave the immortal’s body?” the Bloodvine said.


Lu Li was unwilling to show inferiority now that he had the upper hand. He sent back a message of determination. “Do you really think you can evade the solution of a problem by walking away from it? There are no such things in the world. Think now. If you can propose something to my satisfaction, I will spare your life.”

As a matter of fact, Lu Li did not know what to do with the Bloodvine. He wanted it but did not know how to achieve that.

In the past, there once was another Bloodvine in the Waters Region, and that one was brought to the Divinity by an immortal from the Waters Region. That Bloodvine was turned into a piece of treasure and then evolved to a mighty supreme Relic.

Lu Li did not understand how to take control of the Bloodvine. So he had to let the Bloodvine take the initiative. He believed that such a plant could grow a spirit and intelligence through cultivation. The Bloodvine wouldn’t want to give up its life so easily.

The Bloodvine was silent as if it was deliberating about its choices. After the time for three incense sticks to burn, the Bloodvine replied, “Make the tripod stop or else I will vanish. I… can serve you but on one condition!”

“Tell me about your condition first!”

Lu Li did not tell the Deaf Taoist to stop throwing the crystals or make the tripod stop. A moment later, the Bloodvine continued, “I can serve for now, but when you go to the Divinity, you must find me a complete corpse of an immortal’s body and set me free within one hundred years.”

The Bloodvine was highly intelligent. It must know humans well and the fact that Lu Li would go to the Divinity sooner or later.

Lu Li took a short moment before he replied, “How can it benefit me when you serve me? Why would I want you if you cannot do anything?”

“Of course I can do things!”

The Bloodvine seemed to be vexed as it sent another message. “I have been cultivating for ten thousand years. We Bloodvines are very skilled and I… can help you take control of the immortal’s body. With me steering the immortal’s body, I can help you take full control of him and his powers will be one hundred times stronger at the very least!”

“A hundred times?” Lu Li was startled. “Are you sure?”

Receiving confirmation from the Bloodvine, Lu Li felt his breath was shortening. He composed himself and asked, “How are you going to become mine? By becoming my spiritual beast?”


The Bloodvine answered, “Give me the time for half a day. I will combine myself with the immortal’s body. By then, I can have a direct spiritual connection with you. But… you must promise me that you will find me a suitable body within one hundred years!”

“Not one hundred years!”

Lu Li declined resolutely, “Five hundred years. You can live long. Five hundred years are not that different from one hundred years. Also, when I go to the Divinity, I cannot find a suitable body so soon. It’s meaningless to find you a weak one.”


The Bloodvine answered. Surprisingly, the Bloodvine did not ask Lu Li to take a blood oath. Lu Li did not remind the Bloodvine, of course. He told the Deaf Taoist to stop from putting in more crystals and poured out Xuan Energy to stop the tripod.

He was not afraid that the Bloodvine would be up to some monkey business. He shared a spiritual connection with the immortal’s body anyway and could activate the tripod to kill the Bloodvine. Lu Li had absolute control.

“What is it? Lord?” the Deaf Taoist asked in confusion.

“I am not sure yet. A moment!”

Lu Li explained and closed his eyes, waiting for the Bloodvine to surrender. The immortal’s body’s spiritual connection with Lu Li stood strong. The latter was not worried and waited calmly.

Half a day later, Lu Li’s spirit was lifted. He noticed something unspeakable in his spiritual connection to the immortal’s body. It was like… there was something more. Lu Li noticed added information on his mind about the Bloodvine.

“It’s done, my master!”

A lady’s voice came out in Lu Li’s soul directly. “I am the Bloodvine and my name is Blood Fairy. I have become your slave. Master, I hope you do not break your promise.”

Lu Li did not answer the Bloodvine. He checked his soul to make sure that the silver dragon did not have any strange moves and that his soul was fine. He put his mind at ease.

He and the Bloodvine shared spiritual connection. He was relieved to notice he had complete control of the Bloodvine. He patted on the tripod to open the lid. The immortal’s body flew out and dropped to one knee in front of Lu Li.


The immortal’s body did not have a soul previously and never knelt. It seemed that the Bloodvine must have completely integrated with the immortal’s body and the former could control the latter. Otherwise, the immortal’s body would not be on his knee.

Lu Li checked the immortal’s body. The latter was still the same as the Bloodvine tattoo on his neck. Lu Li waved his hand. “Stand up.”

The immortal’s body did so. Lu Li heard the lady’s voice again, and he trembled because of her words. “Master, we Bloodvines have a special skill and that is to break down formations. Master, don’t you want to breach into the city out there? I can make my humble effort.”

Lu Li opened his eyes wide as he shouted in surprise, “You can break into the Divine Imperial City?”

“I am only half sure.”

The Bloodvine replied, “I have been hiding in the immortal’s body for a long time and have studied the formations inside. At the end of the day, the Divine Imperial City is a Relic, and the core is the divine formation inside. If I can crack the formation in the Divine Imperial City, then taking control of the city will be a piece of cake for me…”

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