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The Invincible Dragon Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1177: Secret Actions

Chapter 1177: Secret Actions

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The Bloodvine said that she was fifty percent sure that she could breach into the Divine Imperial City, and this came as a surprise to Lu Li. Previously, he thought he had to become an immortal and then devise a way to crack the Divine Imperial City. That being said, would he be able to do it even if he were an immortal? In the past, a couple of immortals had made attempts, but they all failed.

Lu Li’s breath was shortening because of excitement. He replied at once, “Blood Fairy, what do you need? If you really can breach into the Divine Imperial Universe, I will find you a suitable body when we are in Divinity!”

The Divine Imperial City was too important for Lu Li. With the city in possession, the Lu Family could be safeguarded, and Lu Li could ascend to the Divinity with no further concerns.

Why could the Yan Family enjoy glory for hundreds of thousands of years? It was not that related to the fact that Yan Tiangang was a mighty warrior in the Divinity. After all, slowness cannot meet a hasty demand. Emperor of Heaven Reverse was also a mighty warrior in the Divinity. However, during the last battle, if it were not for Lu Li, the Heaven Reverse Universe would have been cleared out. Therefore, the key to the Yan Family’s prosperity was still the Divine Imperial City.

With the Divine Imperial City, the Yan Family could never be wiped out. Even when someone came to launch an attack on the Divine Imperial Universe, the Yan Family could take offense or defense at will. Previously, thanks to the Relic armor and weapon, the Yan Family Patriarch alone could easily execute his enemies.

It was sufficient to say that the Divine Imperial Universe was the most powerful support of the Divine Imperial Universe and the guarantee that the Yan Family could rule the nine universes. But without the Divine Imperial City, the Lu Family would no longer have to be afraid of being attacked. The Lu Family could grow and in hundreds or thousands of years, the Lu Family could become a superfamily just like the Yan Family.

Blood Fairy soon responded, “I do not need any assistance. But I do need to study it for a while. The formations inside the immortal’s body are abstruse. I can learn a lot in a month and will be more certain to breach into the city.”


Lu Li nodded and told Blood Fairy to go ahead. He opened his eyes and told the Deaf Taoist to settle down. Then, Lu Li told Blazing Huo and Brother Three of the Chen Family to cultivate in the outer hall for a month without giving any explanation before he started to cultivate himself.

In the Prison of Wind, Lu Li was inspired. He wanted to find out if he could achieve a breakthrough following this lead. He also let He Yue inform Lu Renhuang to wait for a month.

Things quieted down in the Wicked Bead while things were spinning out of control outside. Blazing Huo, the Deaf Taoist, and Brother Three of the Chen Family never came out from the Wicked Bead. The warriors outside waited a couple of days with anticipation but failed to see any progress.

Many warriors decided that they might just as well stop their actions. After all, the Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo were not around. The warriors were worn out after attacking for such a long time. They believed Lu Li would not say anything if he knew.

Lu Renhuang was still exerting a great deal of effort. He did not scold the others when they stopped. They were not aware that he was Lu Li’s father. Lu Renhuang knew the others would not listen to him.

But it was calm inside the Divine Imperial Universe. The warriors had been striking the city for over 10 months now.

At the very beginning, the city wall was crowded with patriarchs of the Yan Family and warriors from affiliated families. At the moment, there were only four or five people on the wall, and those inside the city no longer cared about the attack.

Yan Hu returned to the Divine Imperial Castle 10 days after the attack started. He stated that given the stored energy in the Divine Imperial City, the warriors outside should at least continue to attack for three thousand years before they could breach into the city. Though those were words of exaggeration, civilians in the city felt relieved.

That was understandable…

When those immortals came to strike the Divine Imperial City, didn’t they return in frustration as well after failing to crack the city? There were many Semi-God Realm warriors outside, but would the number of warriors matter?

The Divine Imperial City was a super city. The population in the city, including those of the Yan Family, affiliated families, and others that were related to the Yan Family by marital bonds, was over 10 million. Some elite disciples had returned to the ancestral lands or else the population in the city would be even larger.

The 10 million people did not feel crowded in the city; they were just bored. Faced with enemies, many entertainment offers were not allowed. The disciples could only gather around to chat and drink tea when they were not cultivating…

Lu Li’s return caught the attention of some higher-ups in the Yan Family. But they relaxed when Lu Li did not come out several days after he took the Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo into the Wicked Bead. Adding to that, many Semi-God Realm warriors outside had stopped their actions. Lu Li must be bluffing. If he could crack the Divine Imperial City, he would have done so. Why would he wait?

A month later!

Lu Li came out again with the Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo, but not Brother Three of the Chen Family.

The Semi-God Realm warriors resting or dawdling outside became nervous. They hurried back to action and things became noisy again.

Lu Li sent them a glance of authority and said, “Thank you all. Upon discussing with Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist, we have figured out a feasible way. We lack one critical material. Please keep going, and I will return in a month at most. I will lead you, and we will crack the Divine Imperial City.”

“Keep working. Guys, trust Lord Lu!”

“Right. Come on, guys!”

The Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo yelled. They flew toward the Divine Imperial City and began to attack with full strength.

Lu Li paid no further attention to others and nodded to Lu Renhuang without saying anything before he returned to the Wicked Bead.


The Wicked Bead glowed as the immortal’s body dashed out toward the Divine Imperial City. The immortal’s body resumed attacking the city. The others did not think much of it. They looked as the Wicked Bead whooshed away.


As soon as Lu Li left, many people began to whisper despite the presence of the Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo.

Lu Li had been bustling about for such a long time, and every time, he would say pretty words. However, he had let others down again and again. He never even took action himself.

The others’ confidence in him had been weakening. Some were even wondering if Lu Li was lying to them. Or… was he up to something else by gathering the warriors here?

“What is Li-er doing?”

Even Lu Renhuang was having doubts. He was tired of attacking for a long time. If he was not Lu Li’s father, he would have loafed on the job himself.

“One month!”

While many people wondered, they had to wait for a month since Lu Li said so.

Many people decided that if Lu Li would not come back with a solution after a month, they would propose to withdraw as a protest. They could not waste their time like this forever.

But there was something none had noticed—the red tattoo on the immortal’s body’s neck had disappeared. Something else escaped their attention as well—this time, the immortal’s body’s actions were different from before!

The immortal’s body chose a remote corner. He put one of his hands on the wall and pounded the wall with another hand.

From the hand on the wall reached out a blood-red vine. That shadow of a vine pierced into the shield outside the city. Since it had reached out from the immortal’s body’s hand, nobody noticed. The Inhibition Formation of the Divine Imperial City was not disturbed at all, and those in the city felt nothing different.

Lu Li did not leave to find any materials. He was covering for the Bloodvine. With him away, the Yan Family would not be on guard, and that would be a chance for the Bloodvine to work.

Lu Li left the Divine Imperial City. There could be scouts in the Divine Imperial Universe, so he went to a secluded place in the Region of Flowers to wait quietly.

The Bloodvine said that in half a month at most, she could tell if the Divine Imperial City could be breached.

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