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The Invincible Dragon Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1178: Breached

Chapter 1178: Breached

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Lu Li being away made Yan Hu and other leaders of the Yan Family wonder. Nobody knew what Lu Li was up to. He was so serious in his words. Could he really find a way to break the Divine Imperial City?

Yan Hu and some patriarchs met up. They decided to mobilize scouts to track down Lu Li’s whereabouts via a special messaging channel. They wanted to find out if Lu Li was really looking for some special materials.

However, the scouts could not keep up with the Wicked Bead given how fast it was. The scouts could only know that Lu Li had gone to the Region of Flowers. The scouts in the Central Imperial Universe did not have anything to report back. Lu Li had vanished.

Yan Hu reached out to the moles in the Central Imperial Universe via a special channel and also mobilized scouts in the Purgatory of Primordial Chaos to look for Lu Li.

It had been five to six days but there were no signs of Lu Li. Yan Hu and the others decided not to worry too much and wait till Lu Li returned. They were not convinced that Lu Li could really crack the Divine Imperial City.

Inevitably, patriarchs of the Yan Family leaked some information. Some disciples of the immediate Yan Family snorted when they heard and held that Lu Li was just bluffing. How could a warrior at the initial stage of the Semi-God Realm crack the city when not even immortals could?

Yan Yi, the most senior young master of the Yan Family, sneered. He believed Lu Li was at his wit’s end. By purposely making a mystery of simple things, Lu Li was just trying to make the Semi-God Realm warriors attack for a few months longer.

Yan Yi was bored as well as other young masters of the immediate Yan Family. They should have gone to the ancestral land. However, they did not wish to leave the prosperous Divine Imperial City. What was more, there would be too many seniors in the ancestral lands, and Yan Yi and the young masters would be scolded if they were monkeying about.

It had been 10 months since Lu Li started the attack. The young masters could do nothing other than chat when they were not cultivating. They didn’t even dare to have one party.

On the fourteenth day after Lu Li left, Yan Yi could not stand it any longer. Today was his birthday—32nd birthday.

As the most prominent young master in the Yan Family, Yan Yi liked to put on airs. With the secret planning of many young masters and young ladies, Yan Yi decided to hold a quiet party to celebrate his birthday.

After all, the Inhibition Formation in the hall he was in would be activated. The fact that they were partying in the hall would not catch the attention of Yan Hu as long as nobody said anything about it, and they did not make too much fuss in the party.

As some young masters planned, the young masters and young ladies that were bored in the city secretly gathered at Yan Yi’s residence. Afterward, they activated the Inhibition Formation in the hall and began to party all night long.

On his 30th birthday, Yan Yi received news that Yan Zhen passed away, which upset Yan Yi. He did not even dare to celebrate his 31st birthday.

Yan Yi and the young masters and young ladies let some steam off tonight after being held back for such a long time. They drank all night long in the hall. At dawn, the young masters each took a young lady from an affiliated family and entered their rooms and thus began to vent their grievances.

Yan Yi did not choose a party girl that would bed with anyone. He picked one young lady from the immediate Yang Family—an affiliated family. She was famous in the Divine Imperial Universe. She was fair as a flower and as beautiful as the moon. She would not have done something so easy. But she might be drunk, or she might have been upset. In the end, she followed Yan Yi to his room.

In the room, the candles were flickering, and the incenses were burning. The young lady wore a red dress. She was more delicate than flowers and shy at the moment, playing hard to get. Yan Yi was burning with desire. He forgot all about good manners and kissed Lady Yang directly…

“Young Master Yi, what are you doing? No… if my grandpa knows, he will beat me to death.”

Lady Yang was trying to get away shyly. She put her hands on Yan Yi but did not use any actual strength.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Yan Yi laughed. He tore apart Lady Yang’s clothes and said, “Don’t be afraid. Tomorrow, I will ask Uncle Three to bring up a proposal of marriage to your grandpa. Shuang-er, this is a moment of beauty. Be my lady.”


Lady Yang was still pretending, but the lust in her eyes sold her out. She murmured, “It is a critical time. There are so many Semi-God Realm warriors out there. What if the city was breached?”

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Yan Yi was laughing even harder. He took off his clothes and undressed Lady Yang completely. Looking at the stunning body in front of him, an evil glow appeared in his eyes. He sneered. “Lu Li wants to break the city. He won’t be able to even if he cultivated for one thousand years…”


Right at that moment, the ground trembled. Yan Yi, who was about to do his business, was shaken off the bed. Lady Yang jumped in fear, forgetting the fact that she was entirely naked. She then asked with fear, “What is going on?”

How could Yan Yi know? He was drunk. While blinking in confusion, he stood up. He shook his head and said, “I don’t know. Never mind. Let’s resume…”


The ground shook again. Yan Yi was about to jump onto Lady Yang. Because of that trembling, he banged his head on the bed. Luckily, he was strong or else he would bleed.

He covered his head and looked at Lady Yang. They were both stunned.

How could the ground shake? They were in the Divine Imperial City, a city floating in the sky. Even an earthquake would not affect the Divine Imperial City like this.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang~”

At that moment, someone came to knock at the door in a hurry. The Inhibition Formation in the room glowed. Yan Yi was wondering what was going on, so out of instinct, he poured out Xuan Energy and opened the Inhibition Formation.


The door was opened. A young master from the immediate Yan Family dashed in. When he saw that Yang Yi and Lady Yang were naked, he froze on the spot.


Lady Yang came back to her senses. She pulled the bedcover to wrap her body as she screamed. But she was soon stopped because the young master came with astonishing information. He yelled, “Stop screaming. The Divine Imperial City is breached. The Family Patriarch orders us to evacuate at once. Hurry… or it will be too late. The enemies are inside!”


Yan Yi was struck. He trembled. He was still naked so when he trembled, it looked indecent…

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

He heard a loud laughter coming from outside. To Yan Yi and Lady Yang, they felt it was a laughter from the devil. That person shouted, “The Divine Imperial City is breached. Lord Lu says that we can slaughter at will as long as we leave civilians outside of it. Let’s get revenge. Do not let go of anyone from the Yan Family. Charge—”


Many warriors bellowed at the same time, mixed with screams from the others and cries of the ladies. There were also blasting noises as well. In an instant, the entire Divine Imperial City descended into chaos.

“The city is breached? Breached? How can it be? How…”

Yan Yi did not run away. He acted as if he had lost his soul. He knew the Yan Family was doomed now. The ruler of the Yan Family would become a thing of the past from today on…

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