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The Invincible Dragon Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1179: No Escape

Chapter 1179: No Escape

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Lu Li was only away for half a month. The Bloodvine did not let him down. Exactly half a month had passed today.

Just now, the shield outside the Divine Imperial City was closed, and the gates to the Divine Imperial City were opened soundlessly…

The Bloodvine’s way of cracking formations was magical; so much so that Yan Hu, who had the core of the Divine Imperial City in control, had absolutely no idea from the beginning. He was finally alerted the moment the shield was closed and the gates were opened.

The Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo had been attacking the city. They noticed as soon as the shield was off and the gates were open.

Though they did not receive any orders from Lu Li, the Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo reacted fast. They dashed in immediately and killed the two Semi-God Realm warriors that had rushed over to block the gates.

The other Semi-God Realm warriors outside were smart as well. They did not know what the cause of the sudden change was. Even so, they swarmed into the city at once, and in an instant, all of them were inside the city. Yan Hu couldn’t close the gates even if he wanted to.

The over 90 Semi-God Realm warriors were just like tigers. They had been harboring some anger as they had been outside the city attacking for such a long time. When they were in the city and faced with many enemies, the warriors started slaughtering.

The Yan Family’s troops reacted soon. They were standing on guard on the city wall. With the gates being opened, they were stunned for a moment, but they soon came to their senses and rushed over, trying to block the gates.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~”

From inside the Divine Imperial Castle came out many powerful warriors and more flew out from some mansions in the city. Almost all the Semi-God Realm and Earth Immortal Realm warriors had come out except for Yan Hu.

The warriors of the Divine Imperial City were angered as their own people were being murdered. They knew that they had no other option but to die a heroic death in a fight. In this way, the younger generations of the family could be saved and time could be bought so that as many disciples could run away as possible.

As a matter of fact, the city had few powerful warriors inside. The few here were the senior warriors that were cultivating in the Purgatory of Primordial Chaos and were called back. They were from different families. In total, the number of powerful warriors in the city was about 30. At the moment, all of them were dashing toward Blazing Huo and the others fearlessly. They were ready to sacrifice their lives.

Over the course of history, the Divine Imperial City had not been cracked, but it was today. The number of warriors on Lu Li’s side was three times more than the warriors in the city. Warriors of the Yan Family and affiliated families were well-aware that the day would end badly rather than well. But they had no other choice but to fight with their lives.

“Charge, kill, kill!”

Violence filled the eyes of Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist. Many other Semi-God Realm warriors were thrilled and excited. The Yan Family had been ruling the nine universes for over one hundred thousand years and countless families were bullied by the Yan Family. Over half of the warriors here were enemies of the Yan Family, more or less. Why would they let go of such a good chance?

Over one hundred Semi-God Realm warriors were fighting in the city. Some of the buildings did not come with the city but were later erected. As the fire of the battle raged on, many buildings were flattened and many died unnatural deaths.

Including civilians!

Lu Li sent a message to the Deaf Taoist through He Yue, informing him that no civilians should be killed. But in such cases, there would always be collateral damage.

It was fortunate that most of the residents in the Divine Imperial City were disciples of various families. The civilians were limited to the servants and maids of different families. That was a small population…

In the time for dozens of breaths, over half of the buildings in the city were flattened. The ground was tainted red and covered with dead bodies. The Yan Family had two million warriors in the city, and that was where the greatest casualty lay. Groups of warriors were dying…

Blazing Huo’s pyro skills were terrifying and an effective tool to slaughter enemies. Pyro lotuses were flying all around, and the average warriors would drop dead as soon as they came in touch with the pyro lotuses!

The Deaf Taoist changed shape. He did not target the regular warriors but the Semi-God Realm warriors of the Yan Family. The Deaf Taoist’s actions gained momentum. He swung the stone column. The Semi-God Realm warriors of the Yan Family were either killed or wounded. None stood a chance to defeat the Deaf Taoist.

The immortal’s body was ferocious as well. He could rip one person up with one punch. The immortal’s body was so fast that the average warriors could not even see him…

Lu Renhuang joined in. He did not use powerful Profound Meanings and just participated in the slaughter because he no longer felt that doing otherwise was meaningful!

In the time for half an incense stick to burn, the end had been determined. Lu Li’s side had too many Semi-God Realm warriors, including those at the peak such as Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist. The immortal’s body was unusually strong. Only a few senior warriors of the Yan Family could stand for a moment, but none of the Yan Family could stand a chance.

It was complete chaos in the city. There were people flying all around. Some were headed toward the Divine Imperial Castle, while some were hiding in the corners. There were even people trying to sneak out from the city gates…

In the time for one incense stick to burn, conservatively speaking, at least three million people had died in the city. Every Semi-God Realm warrior possessed great powers. When over 90 Semi-God Realm warriors were slaughtering average warriors, in the time for one incense stick to burn, the former could end the lives of hundreds of millions of people!

Yan Hu never showed up. The Yan Family only had seven or eight Semi-God Realm warriors here. They had to retreat toward the Divine Imperial Castle.

“Deaf Taoist, Blazing Huo, take control. Do not kill at will!”

Lu Renhuang could see the Xuan Energy from the attacks of the Semi-God Realm warriors dashing around. At this rate, tens of millions of people in the city would all be gone. Lu Renhuang had to say something because he could no longer stand it.

Even though not too many in the city were civilians. However, now that things had quieted down, it was against nature’s will to go on like this.

Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist knew who Lu Renhuang was. They had to listen to him, so they did as they were told.

Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist did not charge toward the Divine Imperial Castle in haste. Instead, they assigned over a dozen people to guard the city gates and then shouted to the ones at the city not to take ill-advised actions, or they would be punished with death.

“I will not allow this!”

As Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist shouted, things settled down a bit in the city. But they heard someone yelling in a yard. Then, a naked young man flew up, holding a spear angrily.

This was Yan Yi. Just now, the impact of the attacks reached his yard, killing some of his friends and that Lady Yang. Yang Yi was so furious that he dashed out while naked.


A Semi-God Realm warrior snorted. He slapped Yan Yi down at once. The latter’s head was crushed. He died a tragic death.

There were more people coming out, swarming over and seeking their doom. In the end, they were indeed doomed.

“Alright. Do not stand around. Breach into the Divine Imperial Castle and destroy the altar. We will be in trouble if Yan Tiangang’s avatar comes!”

Blazing Huo shouted. He knew there was an altar in the Divine Imperial Castle and a statue. Yan Hu must be reaching out to Yan Tiangang since the former had not shown up.

The warriors sprang to work and flew toward the Divine Imperial Castle in a formidable manner. They had not arrived when the Divine Imperial Castle began to glow. Following that, a surge of energy came out from the Divine Imperial Castle and spread across the city.


Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist looked at each other and stepped back at once. They were worried about this. Yan Tiangang’s avatar had come.

Yan Tiangang was in the Divinity, and he would not always have time. It was not necessary that he would respond as soon as the Yan Family called him. Lu Li’s side was unfortunate that Yan Tiangang just happened to be free, so he could generate an avatar at once.

“Wow, you are something!”

An old voice filled with fury was heard all across the city. Yan Tiangang’s chilly voice made many people shudder in terror, “You have really outperformed yourself by breaking into the Divine Imperial City. None of you that took part will live. Yan Hu… close the gates!”

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