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The Invincible Dragon Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1180: Power of a Mighty Warrior in the Divinity

Chapter 1180: Power of a Mighty Warrior in the Divinity

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Yan Tiangang was hopping mad as if he were a lion that was challenged by a rabbit. Previously, when Yan Zhen was killed, Yan Tiangang was infuriated. Now, the Divine Imperial City was breached, and there came a bunch of Semi-God Realm warriors killing his people?

Why would the Divine Imperial City be breached? Yan Tiangang did not know. He only knew that over half of the buildings in the city were destroyed and millions had died, millions that were his offspring, his people.


Yan Hu came out from the Divine Imperial Castle. A jade talisman with beautiful patterns was glowing. The city gates were closed soon. The shield over the Divine Imperial City was activated again.


Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist looked at each other in surprise. How could the city gates be closed again? Was it not Lu Li that opened the city? Was it Yan Tiangang that let them in, so that the whole lot could be caught in one action?

But Lu Li was not here. If it were the Yan Family that was plotting, Yan Tiangang’s avatar would have come sooner so that not so many souls would be lost.

Nevertheless, the city gates were closed, and the shield was on. Lu Li’s warriors could not escape now. The only way out was to destroy the altar and kill Yan Tiangang’s avatar, wiping out the Yan Family completely. If Yan Hu could be killed so that the Divine Imperial City’s control core could be taken over, that would be a solution as well.


The Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo did not hesitate at all. They charged toward the Divine Imperial Castle. The other Semi-God Realm warriors made up their minds and did the same thing in a mad manner.

“Puny insects!”

Yan Tiangang said with contempt. The space above the Divine Imperial City was trembling as Xuan Qi in heaven and earth was gathering. A majestic man wearing a brown armor appeared in the sky. It was a shadow with a height of over one hundred feet. He had great momentum. He held a crescent saber as he watched the Semi-God Realm warriors charged at him with a sneer.

Yan Tiangang did not seem to have aged. He had reached a high realm at a young age, and he looked just like when he became an immortal. So many years had passed. His appearance had not changed much, but he had become more domineering.

The Deaf Taoist was the quickest. In a blink, he had arrived. He swung the stone column and smashed it at the avatar of Yan Tiangang. The stone column was covered by the circulation of a black air stream. Due to the high speed, the iron chain entangled around the column let out a shrill noise. The stone column made the space tremble.

“Child’s play. How can a monster from the Region of Doom act with such air? Piss off!”

Yan Tiangang snorted. He waved his hand in a gentle motion. The crescent saber flew out while spinning quickly and reached the Deaf Taoist in an instant.


The Deaf Taoist smashed at the crescent saber with his stone column. He was stunned; the crescent saber was large so the stone column should not have missed the target. However, as the stone column landed on the crescent saber, it was as if the latter was a mudfish and the stone column slipped.


The spinning crescent saber came toward the Deaf Taoist’s neck. Even before the saber landed on his neck, the Deaf Taoist had sensed its sharpness. If he could not move away, his neck would be cut off!

“Roar, roar~”

In that critical moment, the Deaf Taoist shouted, and he grew taller. Black air came out from his chest and soon formed a shield.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

The black shield was cracked. Then, the Deaf Taoist’s chest was ripped open. Blood spilled out, and the Deaf Taoist was smashed away. He vomitted blood in the air, and he looked sickly.

“Hiss, hiss~”

Many warriors were gasping. Even though the Deaf Taoist was strong, he was wounded within one move? Could an average Semi-God Realm warrior even survive a move from Yan Tiangang?

“Shower of Fire!”

Blazing Huo took action. Balls of flames rained down and dozens of masses of Corpse Candle were hidden inside as well. The entire city’s temperature was rapidly increased at once.


Many disciples of the Yan Family and affiliated families were gathered around the Divine Imperial Castle. They could feel the scorching heat from the flames. They were pale from fright as they felt they were going to burst in flames while the balls of flames were still in the sky. Would they be able to live if the balls of fire landed on the ground?

“Ha, ha!”

Yan Tiangang laughed coldly. He gathered Xuan Qi in one hand quickly and reached his hand toward the sky. A shadow of a hand with a length of over one thousand feet came into being and collected all the balls of fire.


Blazing Huo was astonished. His Ghost Fire was grabbed by that hand? Yan Tiangang’s avatar was that strong? He was not afraid of the special fire?

“No, spread out!”

The next second, Blazing Huo noticed the killing intent in the eyes of Yan Tiangang. The former now had an idea of the intention of the latter.

Just as he finished his words, the huge hand came at him. Countless fire and flames swarmed over, covering up many Semi-God Realm warriors.

“Ghost Claws!”

Blazing Huo himself was not afraid of the fire, but the other Semi-God Realm warriors were. At that dangerous moment, he sent out numerous claws to reach the masses of Ghost Fire.


His abilities were limited. Yan Tiangang’s moves were so fast that many Semi-God Realm warriors did not have time to run away. They were caught on fire. Over a dozen Semi-God Realm warriors had Ghost Fire stuck on them. They burst into flames, and they were screaming in the air. Their lives were running away.

“All hail the forefather!”

Yan Hu and the others shouted in great delight. Yan Tiangang leveraged the enemies’ force to strike the enemy. Within this one move, 13 Semi-God Realm warriors on Lu Li’s side were burned to death. Over two dozen were hurt. They were still breathing but in pain.

“Go to hell!”

Yan Tiangang turned to Blazing Huo. There came another shadow of a crescent saber. Blazing Huo hurled the saber. It whooshed out and reached Blazing Huo in an instant.

“Fire Shield!”

Blazing Huo shouted. Black flames emerged from him and formed a shield.


Blazing Huo was confident about his Shield of Fire. When the immortal’s body was attacking him or when he was faced with Lu Li’s Slayer’s move, Blazing Huo thought that Yan Tiangang’s crescent saber shadow would not be able to crack the shield.

Blazing Huo realized he was wrong. As the crescent saber was spinning, it cut straight lines on the Shield of Fire. Though much of the energy from the crescent saber waned as it reached the Shield of Fire, Blazing Huo’s chest was cut open. Even his internal organs were wounded.

“This move contains Profound Meanings related to destruction, space, and many others… a mighty warrior’s move is horrifying!”

Blazing Huo was frightened. Since he was smashed away by the crescent saber, he took the chance and stepped back. He no longer had the courage to dash on.

He knew very well that if he came close to Yan Tiangang’s shadow again, he would not stand the latter’s move twice. He would be crushed to death.

The Deaf Taoist made a similar decision. Though wounded, he was still capable. That being said, he did not have the courage to fight any longer. The other Semi-God Realm warriors were not bold enough to dash over head-on when Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist were wounded.

“Yan Hu!”

Yan Tiangang stopped taking action. He shouted to Yan Hu. When the latter flew up, Yan Tiangang said, “I will pass divine energy and skills to you. It will elevate your strength by 10 times for a short period of time. Go and cut off their heads. Later… hang their heads on the city wall of the Divine Imperial City!”

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